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Corporate Astrology: Rise and fall of Share Market

As for the commodities, the Zodiac signs also signify the same things as their Lords do. Therefore, a rise or fall indicated of things by a star is in relation to particular country and not necessarily a Global phenomenal. It applies to the country indicated by the sign. For example, Saturn in Capricorn created an historical rise in the share market of India whereas there was a Global recession in the World (in 1992 March). Capricorn rules India and hence the event. But as a rule a cruel star in affrication or in bad aspect with other cruel stars on the other hand creates fall. This too has happened in December 1992 during the Saturn, Mars in opposite direction with the Pluto on the last degree of Libra. Fall also took place on 8th January 1995 when the Sun opposed the Mars degree wise. Now the share market did improve slightly on the 14th January 1992 as the Sun (another cruel star) entered Capricorn. It improved further on from the 29th January as the Jupiter will be retry-grade. The improvement continued up to 12th February, 1993 and then started declining for two reasons. Firstly the cruel star Saturn shifted from Capricorn and entered Aquarium.

As a result Saturn makes the shares fall down on the last three degree i.e. 29th & 30th of any Zodiac sign and also on the 1st degree of any sign, except if Saturn form a good aspect with a star during these 29th, 30th & 1st degrees). By good aspects I mean 30 Deg. (semi textile) 60 Deg. (textile), 120 Deg. (trine). But the good aspect of Jupiter is not found to save the market from a fall, even a trine, 180 deg. aspect, i.e. the degree cal opposition of the Jupiter to the Saturn means the debacle, the D –day. In India, we faced this very tragedy of the Saturn on to 30 deg. and the 1st deg... Also unfortunately the share markets of the world and the commercial activities are largely influenced by Capricorn, though they have their separate and different ascendants and horoscopes to signify the unique features of their countries. A separate study is being taken up to shall go into the details of various Horoscopes of different share markets like those of New York, new Orleans, London.
Now let us see the ruling signs of the major countries and cities of the World as some of them have great importance.


  • Aries: England, Denmark, Peru, Syria, Germany etc.
  • Taurus: Asia Minor, Ireland, Poland, Persia, Dublin etc.
  • Gemini: Belgium, North Africa, U.S.A., Wales, London, Melbourne, Plymouth, Versailles etc.
  • Cancer: N.W. Africa, China, Holland, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Venice, Stockholm, New York, Manchester etc.
  • Leo: Bohemia, France, Italy, Sicily, Romania etc.
  • Virgo: Assyria, W. India, Paris, Switzerland etc.
  • Libra: Argentina, Austria, Tibet, Japan, Lisbon, Vienna, Burma a, China etc.
  • Scorpio: Bombay, Delhi, New Orleans, Brazil, Norway, N. Syria, Liverpool, Washington etc.
  • Sagittarius: Arabia, Australia, Spain, Hungary etc.
  • Capricorn: India, Afghanistan, Iran, Bengal, México Greece, Oxford, Brussels etc.
  • Aquarius: Russia, Prussia, Abyssinia, Hamburg etc.
  • Pisces: Egypt, Portugal, Lancaster etc
The countries and cities mentioned above are assigned the signs on the basis of the main events that occur and reoccur in them. All of them are not still finally acceptable to all the astrologers. Scholars do differ on the topic. For example, India’s horoscope on the basis of their Independence time shows Taurus ascendant and Cancer as the Moon sign and single factor exclusively. India is said to be ruled by Capricorn and there is substance in it too. We must therefore, take into consideration all the available data and factors. We must note the dates of all the historical events, natural phenomenal etc. of all the countries of the world to reach the truth.

In case of the large countries like India different States are found to be ruled by different Zodiacal signs. Not only are that different city also ruled by different signs. But the traditionally known signs must be seen for the transits. Mundane Astrology therefore is complex in nature. But the horoscopes of the Stock Exchanges are simpler and more decisive than those of the countries. Still we must know the Zodiacal signs of different place with a view it knowing the country of Boom and Recessions. This is a very important. If you speculate and expect Boom in the Wall Street and if the stars cause a Boom in London stock Exchange, how can it help you? The country of the event is signified by the Zodiac. Fr example a slow malefic shall on the last degree of Libra causes long recession in the India Stock Exchanges. But it is not necessarily a global event. This is my observation from my past experiences.

With all our knowledge of the truth, the rules are finally established. But at times, they need a lot of research and observation to confirm, reform or reject the theory part or wholly. God alone is perfect, purest and finally precise. We have to Endeavour to be so.

Shanker Adawal

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Maha Mrityunjaya Chant

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The deity one worships is also known, among other matters of life, from the Birth Chart. A look at the birth chart would indicate the position of Lagna Lord, Jupiter, 5th Lord and 9th Lord. All these factors combined with aspect of the Lagna Lord, 5th Lord and 9th Lord and by these planets on each other does help in knowing the spiritual- cum- religious bent of mind of the native. Further, persons born with Jupiter in 5th house or 9th house automatically get to the worship of Lord Shiva in one form or the other. Some say that Jupiter in Lagna also gives the same bent of mind and the natives get the institutive powers. Without multiplying the astrological principles, the delineation and analysis of the Mantra of Lord Shiva would be helpful for all to know the inbuilt strength in the Mantra and how it is useful in every walk of life.

2. Recitation of Mantra has come to us from ancient times and the power of a Mantra as laid down in Vedas, Tantra Shastras and other scriptures is well known. Rather, it would be apt to say that taking refuge in Mantras has come to stay as a way of life. Mantra be small or it may be a big and the smallest. The smallest and single but very powerful word is ‘Aum’, and small mantra can be ‘Om Nama Shivaye’, Little lengthy Mantra can be Maha Mritunjaya Mantra or Gayatri Mantra and still we have more lengthy mantras of Lord Ganesha and other divine forces.

3. Mantras have been recognized as one of the efficacious means to invoke the blessing of a specifics deity and the results achieved have to be with the devotion of the native concerned (Sadhaka’s devotion) and I would like to say that if a Mantra is recited without expecting any reward, the result would be more beneficial and automatic.

4. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra can overcome untimely death- rather it can help the native to come out of the jaws of death and also to get rid of death- like troubles. In addition, recitation of this Mantra can help the native to get all things including getting children, prosperity in business or profession, in getting happy married life, getting union of the separated couples if they show the intention for re- union, victory over enemies, getting favorable judgments in litigation and all matters troubling the native from womb to tomb.

5. It has been seen that some people, short of enlightenment, question the validity of this Mantra but in my opinion they have not honestly tried this Mantra with the needed devotion or they have not come in contact with genuine persons who could give guidance. Mantras are not more letters or group of letter but they have the divine force in their vibrations when recited. Lord Shiva himself said in ‘Chandi Vidhana’.

This means “He is the meanest of men who states that (the idol of) Chandi (a synonym of Sakthi or Parvathi, Lord Siva’s consort) is simply made of mind, Rudra Yamala is simply a book , and Mantras are simply a conglomeration of letter or characters.”

6. Here it is considered apt to refer to an episode in Shiva Puran in the context of Lord Shiva’s Mantra. Sage Dadhicha was struck by king Kshuva by his thunderbold. The broken limbs were joined by Sukra on invocation by the sage and having performed penance by reciting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, the sage got three booms, immunity from death and absence of distress.

7. On the basis of material published in various books aaabout this Mantra, it is stated that Mahamrityunjaya Mantra consisting of 62 syllables was given to Sukra by Lord Shiva. This Mntra is as under:

Om Haum Om Jum Om Sah Om Bhooh Om Bhuvah Om Svah,

Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam,

Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityor Mukshee ya Maamritat,

Om Svah Om Bhuvah Om Bhooh Om Sah Om Jum Om Haum Om.

8. Maha Mritunjaya Mantra from Yajur Veda consist of 33 syllables and this Mantra as obtained from Yajur Veda in the following from is popularly recited by devotes of Lord Shiva and others:

Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam,

Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityor Mukshee ya Maamritat.

9. In certain old texts including Prasara Hora, recitation of Mantra had been recommended for overcoming the bad and malefic effects of planets in their period i.e. Dasa. The effect of each malefic and even benefic would depend on the horoscope. Thus there is need to see the totality of the horoscope and its malefic content on account of signs, planets, strength of planets, how planets improve their position in divisional charts specially in Nnvamsa and Dasamasa.

10. The important point which need consideration is as to when one should commence recitation of Mritunjaya Mantra. It will be effective if one chooses to commence recitation on the day of one’s birth star or the 10th star or the 19th star. Regarding as to how many times, Mantra need to be recited, there is difference of opinion. Deva Karalam in his Chandra Kala Nadi has suggested recitation of this mantra one crore (ten million times) recitation of this Mantra to get rid of killer diseases and also overcome the danger of untimely death. Other have suggestion recitation of one Lakh, one lakh twenty five thousands and the minimum suggestion is to recite this Mantra 108 (one hundred eight) times. However, in view of modern times and less time available with the native, one can start recitation of Mantra 11 times, 21 times, 51 times, and so on though every person can spare time if he has the intention to do.

11. The place for recitation of Mantra is equally important. Preferably the Mantra should be done in a temple particularly dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the alternative, the place to be selected should be a clean spot or holy premises and the place to place so selected is called ‘Divya Desa’. Further, the place should be pure with calm surroundings. The Mantra of Lord Shiva recited before ‘Shivalinga’ or other image of Lord Shiva can give the results in a short span of time.

12. The native should start recitation of this Mantra after prayer to Lord Ganesha- the remover of all obstacles so that no obstacle is faced while starting and during the course of recitation of this Mantra.
13. The timings for recitation of this Mantra should be regularly and not haphazard manner though in the modern times native has to be permitted to recite this Mantra any time any where even shale in office during his spare time. What is needed is the devotion of the native in reciting this Mantra.

14. Normally, Brahama Mahurta i.e. at about 4.00 A.M. is considered beneficial for the recitation of this Mantra. Then at the time of Sun- rise when the native should be free after morning ablutions. The native should not sit on the plain floor as the vibrations produced from the Mantra shall be lost. However, the Mantra can be recited while walking or when the native is having some free time and free mind even while in office. In other words, the native becomes devoted and he can constantly go on reciting this Mantra to be termed as ‘Ajay Japa’.

15. The native should, before starting the Mantra, should lit ghee-lamp (Diya) to the deity and invoke Lord Shiva through this Mantra. The Lord- conquer of death, has three eyes i.e. the Sun, the Moon and the Fire.

16. The number of recitation of the Mantra should be uniform and should not be different on different days. One can start even with number 11 or so and this minimum should be done daily to the extent possible. Then the number of recitation can be increased. The native should lead a strict disciplined life in all manners during the period of recitation as per scheduled programme for this Mantra.

17. Sages have explained the inherent meaning of this auspicious Mantra and some meanings of the words of this Mantra are as under:

i) ‘Tryambakam’ denotes one under whose reign exist three mothers Creators of the Universe i.e. Ichcha Sakti, Kriya Sakti and Gnama Sakti.

ii) ‘Aum’ consisting of three syllables are also three eyes of Lord Shiva.

iii) ‘Sugandhim’ - lord instills auspiciousness everwhere.

iv) ‘Puahti Vardhanam- Lord endowed with the power of increasing ‘Pushti’- strength and potency. It also means Lakshmi.

v) ‘Yajaamahe’ means that the devotee surrenders himself to the Lord ‘Yagya’ is a sacrifice offered to the relevant deity with a specific vow.

vi) ‘Mukshee - ya’ - Ma Amritaat- With recitation of this Mantra, the native shall establish a relationship with the Lord and if once with the Lord, the relationship may not be broken.

18. Mantra of Lord Shiva is also connected with energies of the Lord- direction- wise:

East - Energy following from East is called Ambika (Trayamabakam Yajaamahe)

South - Energy following from South is called VAAMA (Sugandhim Pushthivardhanam)

West - Energy following from West is called Lord Mahadeva (Urvaarukmiva Bandhanan)

North - Energy following from North is called Draupadi of Lord Sanjeevaneesa. (Muksheeya Maamaritat).

19. As is known, the Mantra is in two lines. The first line introduces Lord Shiva along with Gauri placed in the right leg of the native. The 2nd line introduces Lord Vyapinesa (Shiva) located in the kept leg of the native. The two lines combined in the entire Mantra denote Lord Shiva as Sarvaakhyesa in the company of his energy called ‘Anaakhya’ spread all-over the body.

20. Mahamritunjaya Mantra is the most auspicious Mantra as per Vedas. Daily recitation of this Mantra alone is sufficient to ward off all evils and curses and has the divine strength to save the native from all difficulities and hurdles of life. The devoted recitation of this Mantra bestows health, wealth and power and also saves the native from ‘akal mrityu’ or untimely death. This mantra is also known as Amrit Sanjivani Nidhya Mantra. For attaining ‘Vidya’ (education), and also for fulfillment of other desires, recite the Mantra while pouring sweetened milk on Shiva Lagna.

21. If you want to recite Mantra, of Lord Shiva or to do any other remedy via Mantra, it is suggested that in Hindu Shastras, remedy should be carried out for a minimum of 40 days and maximum for 43 days continuously. Recitation should be carried preferably between sunrise and sunset and should be started on an auspicious day. Recitation should be done by others though in the case of a sick person, recitation may be done by others.

22. I shall be obliged if the readers may throw more light on the meaning and characteristics of the Mantra of Lord Shiva. The Mantra had been accepted as universal panacea for all diseases and to over- come all obstacles in life.

Shanker Adawal

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Air Crashes – Why? Know Astrologically!

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Unexpected deaths for many by way of rail/ road or air accidents is attributed to ruling planets for the day. Be that as it may, mass deaths are also attributed to Saturn though a friend and a foe but for such accidents, Saturn is taken and considered to be dreaded planet.

2. For air accidents, the planets responsible are Jupiter and Venus- both significations of Aero planes. In addition, the major role is played by Saturn and Mars in addition to two Nodes of the Moon i.e. Rahu and Ketu. The Sun when debilitated and when having no force also plays its part. Mercury- the Planets of Wings cannot be ignored. In addition, the outer planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also contribute to such tragedies.

3. The mode of death in personal horoscopes of the victims can be seen depending on the sign (rasi) of 8th house and position of the 8th Lord. But this cannot be considered here.

4. The Moon is controller of mind and it is to be seen how the mind of the pilot is affected at the moment leading to the tragedy.

5. Out of chronology of some major air crashes in India, I have selected few dates on which ‘Chandra Lagna’ has been prepared as the time of crash is known. Even otherwise astrologically prepared as the time crash is not known. Even otherwise, astrologically, predicative notes can be given on the basis of Lagna (Ascendant- rising sign) or Chandra Kundli or Surya Kundli. For the purpose of study of air crashes, the Moon has pivotal role to play being the fastest planet.

6. Normally, such tragedies take place on Saturday or Tuesday. In the study of various charts given below it would be seen that the accidents did take place on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Even the accidents on Monday/ Wednesday may be attributed to Tuesday as the time is not known and in Hindu Astrology the day/ night is from Sun- rise to Sunset. Even the accident on Friday may have the shadow of Saturday.

7. From the Charts, in most of the cases, the Moon was in the sign of Mars or Saturn on the fateful day. It may not be possible to discuss all the charts (selected dates for few accidents) but a mention is considered necessary to highlight the rules of astrology. Rising sign (lagna) ruled by Mars, Mars in turn inspecting sign of Jupiter and Retrograde Saturn. Sun, Venus, Mercury in 12th house (an inauspicious house) aspect by Rahu and with Ketu. Further the Sun in was in debilitation.

8. The rising sign belonged to the planet Mercury but in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. Venus, Saturn and Mars in 4th house aspect by Jupiter Retrograde and the Sun had feeble degree in the 6th house sign of Saturn and Saturn inspecting the Moon, Mars inspecting the signification Jupiter and also the sign of the Moon in 11th house- left side of the plane.

9. In chart No.10, all malefic influenced the Moon- controller of mind. Moon in sign of Saturn with Ketu, with Uranus and Neptune (Retrograde) inter- se aspect by Rahu, Sun and Venus. Here again the Sun was rising at feeble degree in Nakshtra of Jupiter who was with Saturn. Further Mars- Mercury combined together in another inauspicious house and Retrograde Pluto was in 11th house in the sign of Mars.

10. The common features noted are that the Moon was under affliction, one of the planets specially Jupiter and Saturn was in retrograde motion, the Sun was weak, and malefic specially Mars and Saturn played their role.

Shanker Adawal

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Instant Relief from the following remedial Measures

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

If any of the planets is afflicted in the horoscope, the following remedial measures shall to be beneficial:

The Sun -gur’ should be thrown in running water.

Propitiate the Sun including by ‘Surya Namskar’.

The Moon- A small container of milk (unboiled) or water be kept near your head at night and offered to kikar tree in the morning. In addition, donation of white things rice, sugar, ‘atta’ etc. may be given in donation or distributed among the poor on Mondays.

Mars- Sweets/ Patasha to be thrown in running water (river).

Mercury- A piece of copper with a hole should be thrown in running water.

Jupiter- Saffron should either be eaten or applied on forehead or naval especially on Thursdays.

Venus- Donation (offering) of cow, jower or milk may prove beneficial.

Saturn- Donation of mustard oil.

Rahu- Coal to be thrown in river. Offering of radish is also recommended.

Ketu- Part of your food be given to dogs.

For any specific problem,

Other Remedial Measurers:

1. (Mantra for removal of fear)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times on Deepawali day. One will forget what is fear in his life.

Om Namo Siddhanam Panchenam”

2. (Mantra for the cure of all disease)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times- morning, Noon and Evening. One will be free from diseases.

Om Aem Hreem Kleem Klown Klown Arha Nama”

3. (Mantra for mastery of all Siddhis and all-round success and for fear from snakes.)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times. One will have Sarva- Siddhi and all round success. Recite the Mantra for 7 times and put a knot in a cloth. There will be no fear of theft i.e. the theif cannot enter the place where this Mantra has been recited. It also remove fear from Snakes.

Om Arahantha Siddha Aayariya Uvajhaaya
Savva- Saahoo, Savva Dhammathi Thyaraanam
Om Namo Bhagavayeea Suyadevayaaye Shaanthi
Devayaanam Sarva Pavayanam Devayaanam
Dassanam Dissa Paalaanam Panchloka Paalaanam.
Om Hreem Arahantha Devam Nama.
Sree Sarva Jumooha kuru Kuru Swaha”

4. (Mantra for self protection and purification)

Recite the following Mantra at least once a day. The Sadhaka will be protected out of all evils.

Patamam Havaye Mangalam Brajamaye Shilaamasthakopari Namo Arahanthaanam
Anguahta yo Namo Siddhaanam Tarjanyo: Namo Aayariyaanam Madhyamayoo:
Namo Uvajhayaanam Anaamikayoo: Namo Loye- savva- Sahoonam Kanishtakayoo: Iso Pancha Nanoyaaroo Brajamaye Praakaaram, Savva- Paavappa- naasane Jalabrtharavaathika, Mangalaanam Cha Savvessi Khaadirangaara Poorna- Khathikaa.

5. (Mantra for the removal of fear from theft)

Recite the following Mantra for 21 times. Whenever one travels to a distant Place he may carry valuable things with him. It is natural, particularly now a days that one cannot have good sleep as the security of his belongings pass through his mind. As a safe guard against theft or loss of his belongings he may while entering the place as also enroot to that place, recite the following Mantra for 21 times. All his belonging will be safe.

Om Namo Arihanthaanam Aamiranoo Mohanee Mohaya Swaha.

6. (Mantra for the fulfillment of desires)

Recitation of the following Mantra daily in the morning as many times as possible will fulfil one,s desires. This is a very powerful and effective Mantra.

Om Hreem A Si Aa U Sa Nama: (Maha Mantra Supreme Mantra)
Om Si Aa U Saa Nama: (Mula Mantra- Root Mantra)
Om Hreem Arhathe Utpath Uthpath Swaha (Thribhuvana Swamini)

7. (Mantra for the Removal of evil effects Nine Planets)

Recite the following Mantras for 10000 times for the removal of evil effects of the Planets concerned. Concerned Mantra is indicated against each planet.
For the removal of evil effects of all the Nine Planets, recite the following five Mantras simultaneously.

Mantra for Sun- Om Hreem Namo Siddhaanam
Mantra for Moon & Venus- Om Hreem Namo Arahan- thaanam
Mantra for Saturn & Rahu- Krtu- Om Hreem Namo Loye Savva- sahoonam.

Shanker Adawal

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Remove all your worries with discipline Life

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Time management is the first step for removal of all worries. You can transform yourself to coincide with the modern times. What is needed is the concentration on your daily routine and unexpected problems. All depends on how you act, whether act intensively and vigorously. It is known to all that nothing substantial shall be achieved by taking any matter half- heartedly whether you are a student, a professional or a businessman or even an industrialist.

2. The tool for removal of worry is your daily or some pocket size- notebook. Some people are prone to forget many important things if not jotted down. Irrespective of the fact that you are born with debilitated Moon or afflicted Moon, keeping a dairy or small note- book and by jotting down your next programmed in all walks of life would be beneficial and would alert you for the next programmed. For secret matters, you may device some code- word but the same should not put any depression on your mind depending on the laws of the country and the society you live. You have to avoid all illegal activities and should not become a part to illegal activities.

3. The leading question is ‘ARE YOU WORRIED’. Perhaps, that normal answer would be ‘NO’ though you may be worried for some reasons or the other i.e. for health, wealth, parents, children, marriage and married life, litigation, and so on. At the same time it may be true that everybody is not worried all the time. However, there is no denying the fact that this world is full of woes and worries. Day and night, a native is confronted with so many problems and at times even petty matters, including petty family disputes and disputes on parking places with neighbor, that one fails to understand what type of life we are leading. Some persons pessimistically think that they are born to live a sub- human life and always curse their luck without thinking the dictates of fate/ destiny/ ‘karma’ etc. They only get depressed why they cannot reach a particular level of their ambition. Some persons think that they have come into the world just to get worried. It may be true for some persons that they have to suffer at the hands of fate and nothing can be done for example, death of father or parents in childhood and facing various problems by the native himself. If a particular native is under bad planetary position or bad Nakshtra at birth, it has been seen that the moment they do anything, they are in trouble. For examples, a person traveling with bad Saturn/ Mars in a particular car/ bus/ train etc. may end his life with many of his co- passengers.

4. Many persons think about their livelihood and get worried because they cannot make both ends meet. Others get worried because of jealousy i.e. looking to comfort of other persons, then we have category of wealthy persons who are worried because they may not lose their acquired wealth or they are facing problems in controlling the assets gained or acquired. Every body is aware of the proverb, the bigger your purse- the greater would be the headache for you. So we can say that the person who has too big house, has the problem of maintaining it. Practically also, it has been seen that parents want the daughter to be married in a family owning big house but the daughter may not even maintain the same by routine dusting etc.

5. You do not know when you are going to fall into an unforeseen tragedy. Some tragedies are beyond the control of human beings i.e. earthquake, storm, fire apart from man made calamities, war/ India- Pakistan potion, crimes etc.

Shanker Adawal

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Marriage Prosperity / Pitfals, Partnerships, Sex and Sexuals diseases via Lord 7th House

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Know about Houses & Signs
In astrology, 7th house is known for marriage, marital affairs, romance, sex and sexual matters apart from partnerships, joint ventures etc. In this horoscope we explain the position of 7th Lord i.e. planet owning the seventh house. For example, for Aries Lagna person, the 7th house is owned by Venus and if this Venus is placed in various houses from Lagna (1st house) to 12th house, it shall give different results. (For your guidance, houses have been marked in normal numbering. Results would change when Venus would shift from 1st House to 2nd House and so on.

2. All matters concerning marriage, divorce, separation, widowhood are looked from 7th house and 7th lord though other houses namely 2nd house, 4th house and 12th houses have also a say in the matter. But, here we are concerned only with 7th house. How cruel can be the husband or wife are also looked from the 7ththth house and is heavily afflicted by other planets including affliction of the Moon (controller of mind) house. A wife also become responsible for getting her husband murdered is also seen from the position of 7 Lord gets 8.

3. With the above chart and principles mentioned below with regards to 7th Lord, you can also check your horoscope but do not from any judgment as the totality of horoscope must be taken into consideration.

Lagna First house: When 7th lord is in Lagna it indicates good marriage and she will love her husband, although she will choose her husband but may have an arranged marriage; the husband need not be a relation.

In case of males, one will have intrigues with other women, also of sharp intellect, loose morals, is prudent, skilful, and may suffer from rhevmatism or gout particularly if Lagna rises in Scorpio and 7th lord is in Lagna. If Mars or Rahu are in 7th house, and Venus in Scorpio, the native may be a debauch. Similar results can be expected if Lagna rises as Libra and Venus, Saturn, Mars and Rahu are in 7th house.

Second House: Unconventional marriage or love marriage, may be to a relation. A happy married life but financial difficulties will be in life.

In male horoscope, one will be a henpecked husband. Result will be happy in case of Aries and Scorpio Lagna. In other Lagnas finances will be average. If for Aries Lagna, Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter and Mars in 2nd house, native will be very rich.

Third House: Marriage to close relations or close family friends. Late marriage after 25th year and preferably in 27th year, which will be happy. If Mars or Saturn aspects, relations will blame the girl for marriage.

In Male’s chart if 7th lord is combust, the wife of the native will either be short-lived or sickly. If 5th house lord and house are strong and well disposed favorable results indicated for children.

Fourth House: An unhappy conjugal life. The native will be truthful and various. If aspect by Mars, Saturn or Rahu, the marriage will be with a low caste man and unhappy.

In male chart, one will do well in business if 7th lord is not afflicted but accepted by favorable planet.

Fifth House: Marriage through profession with a self made man: A happy married life. Marriage will be approved by parents.

In male’s chart, native will be meritorious, wealthy and happy. The results will be favorable in case of Gemini Lagna when 7th Lord Jupiter in conjunction with Venus is in the 5th. Also in case of Scorpio Lagna when 7thth place from Lagna. lord Venus and Jupiter are in 5

Sixth House: Love or self- arranged marriage opposed by relatives, the native will love her husband but the marriage will be unhappy.

In male’s chart, his wife will be sick, he himself will become peevish, irritable and unhappy. Unless benefices aspect on the 7th house or its lord, his business or profession may be unsuccessful.

Seventh House: Generally this denotes love marriage. If accepted by Mercury or Jupiter, the marriage will be approved by parents, otherwise arranged marriage in early age. A happy marriage in early age. A happy married life.

In male’s chart, the native enjoys a happy married life, his wife will be faithful and pious. If 7th lord is with Rahu, Saturn or Mars, his wife will be uncontrollable, haughty and unchaste. She may be involved in an accident.

Eighth House: A most dreadful position. Late or delayed marriage. Marriage will be self- arranged, out of act of folly or foolish passions which may result in happiness. If malefic occupy 8th, she will become a widow unless Jupiter aspects.

In male’s chart, above results will be good. Gain from marriage. The native may suffer from disease of intestine or abdomen sudden accident.

Ninth House: Gain through marriage amongst relations and known family and generally happy marriage unless afflicted by malefic.

In male’s chart native may be benefitted by his wife or in laws shall be lucky.

Tenth House: A happy marriage chosen by the girl from amongst the colleagues and co- workers.

In male’s chart, native will be truthful, pious and happy. If Lagna, rises in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces and 7thth, native will be highly educated, will build his own career by his merits and efforts and will get power, authority and fame. In case of Aries Lagna, results will not be so favorably disposed. lord is in 10

Eleventh House: It is a house of gain. so a good and gainful marriage arranged by the parents and amongst the family members.

In male’s chart, unless 5th lord and house are strong, the marriage, will be unhappy, his children may be short- lived.

Twelfth House: Unconventional and self- arranged marriage. If the Jupiter is in 12 th house, the marriage will be approved by planets and will be average nature. A few people say unhappy marriage, but in my views aspects and role of other planets should be considered.

In male’s chart, loss of domestic peace. If 10th lord and house are favorable, family peace may be restored occasionally, bad health of wife, and short journeys etc. are indicated.

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