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Poor Sex Life and VASTU Science!

Institution of marriage is based on sex life in the initial years of marriage. Sex is the foundation of your successful marriage life. Many of us still talk in hushed tones on this subject but sex is the main pillar compatibilities and understanding of married partners after love and affection.
Issues in married life contribute to wedded satisfaction in addition to sex are age when married, physical attraction, compatibility and interests etc. But why do few of us well-matched married couples experiencing in their poor sex lives? The anonymous reason lies otherwise than in the mind which is where the VASTU science fit in this scenario.
It is true that VASTU science does not have anything elite on enhancing someone’s sex life but it does endow with some concealed environment to make your life best in bed. So, let us find the ways by exploring VASTU science to make our environment conducive for having acceptable and enjoyable sex life.  
Your bedroom and Sex life
Your bedroom is the most significant place in your everyday life. Its location in your house does influence your healthy sex life. Here are some important VASTU tips to improve your successful marriage life with full of satisfaction.
1.    South or south-west locations of your bedroom give stability in relationship, physical attraction towards each other and occupants always remain cool and in affection.
2.    South-east is the direction where VASTU associate it with fire which brings burning desires and instant sexual fulfillment. This direction also indicates an active and quick attraction sex life. Slightly negative aspect of this direction is that it makes you short tempered, leading to frequent arguments with each other during longer stay in this room. So, if there is no choice but to keep this room is to be your bedroom then be cautious and follow below mentioned rules.
a)    Don’t stay there for longer other then sleep or in love mood.
b)    Never discuss important family matters while in this room.
c)    Avoid very bright light and TV in this room. Fix cool low voltage soothing light in this room.
d)    Try to be keep busy by playing some game if not in a mood to be in love or sleepy.
e)    Put some good wall hangings of beautiful couple in affectionate and warm situation.
3.    North direction is the best suited to newly married couples. Sex life in this direction is not only satisfying but also long-lasting and enjoyable. Be careful about the placement of your bed. The head-board of your bed must not tip to the North side.
4.    North-west bedroom direction is the extremely good for newly married couples. They can enjoy good sex as the wind governs this direction and provides sexual energy during steamy seasons. Again this direction is not the best one to keep for your bedroom for longer period.
5.    West direction is the most luxuriant, productive and is a supportive tool for a satisfying love life. As per VASTU science there are more possibilities of girl child than a boy child being born.
Note: If your bedroom is not in any of above mentioned directions, not to worry. There are remedies to make your existing bedroom into satisfactory sex life corner of your home.


Best Sex Life and Vastu

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Vastu and Love Relations

House is T-shaped and the main building is located towards the south-east direction of the plot, it causes division of good energies that may lead the spouse to look beyond for satisfaction. Since, it may not be possible to make structural changes to this kind of a house; you can neutralize it by hanging a mirror at the junctions of the 'Ts'.

Vaastu Shastra suggests the placement of lampshades with soft or pastel coloured lighting in the South West direction of the bedroom in order to rejuvenate the flagging love life. Spreading pink or light colored sheets with flowery designs on it are good for people looking forward to marriage.

Mirrors directly facing the bed in the bedroom is the main cause of marriages getting crowded. Such a mirror encourages infidelity. And the larger the mirror, the more harmful it is to marriage! So, get rid of all such mirrors.

It is well known that water bodies, like ponds, fountains, swimming pools, and the like should always be located according to the principles of Vastu. If they are wrongly placed, men folk of the house are likely to develop a roving eye that can lead to infidelity. So, ensure that the water bodies are always located in the north-east of the house.

Unfaithfulness may also be caused by a depression in the ground towards the west. This exposes the spouse to excessive negative energies that work against marriage. You must fill up this depression. For example, if you have a basement constructed in the west, it is best to fill it up. If this is not possible, then hang a brass bell there. Its vibrations will help counter the effect of negative energies.

Make sure that North East corner of the room is not cluttered in any way. Indoor plants, white flowers in the North corner and purple or red roses in the South West corner helps in improving the relationship and enjoying the ecstasies of love.

Feeling lack of romance in your life? Check for the clutter in the house. The clutter energy blocks the positive vibration and thus lacks love & happiness. Thus, "de-cluttering" is the mool mantra.

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Sex and Vedic Astrology

Sex is perhaps the strongest emotion known to us. It launched a thousand ships in Troy and created Taj Mahal in India. That was in the times of a king and an emperor. In the present, less autocratic age, such grand gestures are rare but that does not mean that sex has taken a back seat. Pick up crime records from any country and those related to sex top the list. Most people won’t kill for bread or for money but will definitely contemplate murder if betrayed by their beloved.

Sex is the basis of all conjugal and connubial relationships, whether hetero or same sex. For healthy people, it is the perhaps the best pleasure that they can get. Sex may not be happiness in the truest sense but it surely mimics it closely.

Sex, therefore is the first item in the wish list of an overwhelming majority. How much and of what quality is something that every one wonders about. Is there a way we can find out the answers to these questions? There sure is, and the answer, good and gentle folks is Vedic Astrology.

Prerequisites for healthy sex

Good sex requires a healthy body and a sound mind. Mind is important because although body does all the hard work it is the mind that registers the pleasure. Mind also controls the muscles which are involved in the process. 

A strong body is the gift of a strong Lagna (ascendant) and a strong, well placed well associated Lagna lord. If these requirements are met, a person will have an attractive body that is capable of giving and receiving pleasure.

The desire

The sexual urge in a person is high if Mars and Venus are together. The person tends to be oversexed. Similar results occur when the lord of the seventh house and the twelfth house exchange houses. (seventh lord in twelfth and twelfth lord in seventh house). This happens because seventh and tenth are both houses of sex. Seventh of the act itself and twelfth of the pleasure from it. Such a person would not care too much about time and place for sex. The extreme of this Yog will be the ascendant being Scorpio and seventh lord Venus placed in Libra in the twelfth. That would be something! We have the makings of a Don Juan, Lothario or Casanova here. 

Type and quality of sex

Sex also requires a partner (well, not always, but a partner sure beats everything else available) and that is seen from the seventh house which is really the house of sex but has been termed the house of marriage because sex without marriage has been frowned upon since ancient times.

The lord of the seventh house and the planet/s placed there will decide the looks and status of the partner. If the seventh lord is strong and beneficial, the partner too will reflect these qualities. A man having an even sign in the seventh house and Venus placed there will have a beautiful wife provided Moon also occupies an even sign. 

If the lord of the seventh house is a planet of Value, a person marries into a family of a very high status. An example would be a person born with Aquarius ascendant and Sun associated with Moon and Jupiter. In such a case marriage take place with royalty because Jupiter becomes the lord of two houses of value, the second and the eleventh. 

Multiple partners in sex

We have so far talked about the quality of sex. What about multiple partners and frequency of relationships. It must be understood that for that to happen, the stability in a relationship has to go. What are the factors that promote instability? For stability to go there must be an element in relationships which will keep bringing in foreignness. If in a horoscope, Rahu, the fifth and the twelfth house lords influence the sixth lord, the person will have multiple partners and extra marital relationships. I won’t go into the reasons as that will require a rather lengthy explanation and some knowledge of Vedic astrology on the part of the readers. 

Sexual weakness

In the case of males, if Venus is too close to Sun and Ast (combust), sperm motility and sperm count will be affected. This is because Venus rules over the sperm and her close proximity to Sun renders her weak. If the fifth house and lord are strong, a fertility clinic will be able to help.

In a female horoscope, the fifth house rules over the reproductive system, if the house and lords are weak and influenced by Mars, Saturn or Rahu, some gynecological problem is likely to surface. Sex life may be indirectly affected. 

The remedial measures

These will be dependent upon the planets which are involved in producing the adverse effects and will vary in each case.

Rajiv Sethi 

Jupiter: Effects and Remedies

Jupiter represents `Thursday' and the yellow colour. He is regarded as `Karaka' for 2nd, 5th and 9th and 11th houses. The Sun, Mars and Moon are his friends, where as Mercury and Venus are enemies to him. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn adopt neutrality to him. He stands exalted in the 4th house and the 10th house, is the house of his debilitation.
Jupiter provides good results if placed in houses 1, 5, 8, 9 and 12, but 6th, 7th and the 10th are the bad houses for him. Jupiter gives bad results when Venus or Mercury get placed in the 10th house of a horoscope. However, Jupiter never gives bad results, if placed alone in any house. A malefic Jupiter affects the Ketu (son) very adversely. Jupiter offers malefic results if he is placed with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in a horoscope.

Jupiter in 1st House
Jupiter in the 1st house makes the native necessarily rich, even if he is deprived of learning and education. He will be healthy and never afraid of enemies. He will rise every 8th year of his life through his own efforts and with the help of friend in the government. If the 7th house is not occupied by any planet success and prosperity will come after the marriage of the native. Marriage or construction of a house with one's own earnings in the 24th or 27th year would prove inauspicious for the longevity of the father's life. Jupiter in 1st house along with the Saturn in the 9th house causes health problems for the native. Jupiter in the 1st house and Rahu in the 8th causes the death of the native's father, because of heart attack or asthma.

1. Offer the things of Mercury, Venus and Saturn to the religious places.
2. Serving cows and helping untouchables.
3. If Saturn is placed in the 5th house, don't build a house.
4. If Saturn is placed in the 9th house, don't buy machinery associated with Saturn.
5. If Saturn is in 11th or 12th house, avoid use of wine, meat and eggs strictly.
6. Ward-off the evil effects of Mercury, by putting on silver in the nose.

Jupiter in 2nd House
The results of this house are affected by Jupiter and Venus as if they are together in this house, though Venus may be placed anywhere in the chart. Venus and Jupiter are inimical to each other. Hence both will affect each other adversely. Consequently, if the native engages himself in the trade of gold or jewellery, then the things of Venus like wife, wealth and property will get destroyed.

As long as the wife of the native is with him, the native will continue gaining honour and wealth despite the fact that his wife and her family may be suffering, because of ill health and other problems. The native is admired by females and inherits the property of his father. He may be benefited by lottery or property of a person having no issues, if the 2nd, 6th and 8th houses are auspicious and Saturn is not placed in the 10th.

1. Clearly and donations will ensure prosperity.
2. Offer milk to snakes for warding off the evils of Saturn placed in the 10th.
3. Fill up the pits if any on the road side, in front of your house.

Jupiter in 3rd House
The Jupiter in the 3rd house makes the native learned and rich, who receives continuous income from the government all through his life. Saturn in the 9th makes the native live long, whereas if Saturn is placed in the 2nd, the native becomes extremely clever and crafty. However Saturn is the 4th indicates that the native will be robbed of money and wealth by his friends. If Jupiter is accompanied by inimical planets in the 3rd the native is destroyed and becomes a liability on his closer ones.

1. Worship of Goddess Durga nad offering sweets and fruits to small girls and obtaining their blessing by touching their feet. Avoid sycophants.

Jupiter in 4th House
The 4th house belongs to Moon, a friend of Jupiter, who stands exalted in this house. Hence Jupiter here gives very good results and provides the native the powers of deciding the fate and fortune of others. He will possess money, wealth and large properties along with honour and favours from the government. In times of crisis, the native will receive divine help. As he grows old his prosperity and money will increase. How-so-ever if he has built a temple at home Jupiter will not give the above mentioned results and the native will have to face poverty and disturbed married life.

1. The native should not keep a temple in his house.
2. He should serve his elders.
3. He should offer milk to snake.
4. He should never bare his body before anyone.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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