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Fashion Astrology: Horoscope of New Year’s temptation

New Year’s eve is really magic and temptation time when each woman wants to look the most attractive and desired. How to light fire in the opinion of your elect? You will be helped by sex appeal secrets by the known fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

ARIES. He is involved with active, impulsive women with sharp movements, with the thin constitution, loving to argue and defend own opinion. The most important part of woman body for the man is a head, therefore it is necessary to give particular attention to a hair dress, means of cosmetics and, especially, headdresses. The short boyish hairstyle, an abundance of metal ornaments, earrings-carnations, piercing is desirable. You can choose a dress of red color in amazon style for New Year's holidays — on one shoulder, a gold or silver necklace, and also bracelets on wrists and ankles. Sexual stimuli for him are open fire at a fireplace, a candle flame, the hot dishes submitted with fire.

TAURUS. Man-Taurus use to be attracted by women with well-developed rounded figure, sometimes — inclined in completeness. He drew attention to the neck; therefore a function of sexual stimulus will carry out various collars, flounces, scarfs, tied round a neck, trailing earrings. Will act irresistibly playful curls on her neck, curls and elaborate hair styles. One of sexual episodes is a joint meal where the refined candied fruit and sweets, and also various cookies and a pie-ice-cream move. A beautiful interior with velvety coverlets and set of pillows, melodious classical music can cause love trembling in him.

GEMINI. This man gives values for appearance and a little for features of a female figure. Private world of the woman, her intellectual level, sense of humor more interests him first of all. Prepare for celebrating of New Year the performance: original competitions, charades and you will see, what interest this man will show to your person. Perfect well-groomed hands and lips are the sexual bait for such man. He is attracted by expressive gestures, a live manner of conversation, fast and distinct speech. Sexual stimuli are hair fluttering on a wind, an easy dress with a loop, long scarfs, high-heeled shoes and outsets on ankles, transparent lingerie.

CANCER. Man-Cancer is able to be attracted by woman with strong and reliable character which is capable to empathize and carry out all its whims can involve. Culinary abilities are an additional plus. It is not necessary to forget about it on the eve of New Year. He loves magnificent forms, especially a breast and a stomach; therefore it is necessary to think about decoration of this zone. Belts with the heavy brushes lowered below a waist, high cuts on a dress, piercing on a navel with that end in view will be required. It is possible to execute for it belly dance in the best harem traditions. The sexual moment is joint bathing, swimming, sexual stimuli are splashes, and water drops on a skin. The original celebratory dessert is licking of honey, syrup or a chocolate cream from your skin will result it in indescribable delight.

LEO. Leo is involved with bright, graceful women who are allocated from crowd. Being guided by such man, it is necessary to choose elegant and refined fashion, to wear expensive jewelry, to dance, to conduct easy conversation. By preparation of a New Year's feast you don’t need to incur a role of the careful mistress — let he brings and prepares all necessary things. Your main task is to submit yourself to the holiday package. To subdue Leo, you should show the cat’s flexibility and grace, to open the breast and back neckline, to wear long dresses with similarity of a loop. Sexual stimuli for Leo are a game in disguise, a hide-and-seek, skins, decorative compositions from coniferous branches and plants against which he feels the pioneer and the subjugator of his queen.

VIRGO. He is attracted by low-key, hardworking, somewhat awkward woman. The kind of the woman anxious by her affairs can tempt him more special tricks. Don’t hesitate to ask him: how are his affairs in business, what does he think about business partners, showing the present interest. To involve such man, it is necessary to choose a strict official style in clothes, to avoid diversity and abundance of accessories. Color of festive attire is not so important, as what is under it. Snow-white lingerie is the strongest sexual stimulus. It is involved also with a harmonious female waist which can be underlined a wide belt or several thin thongs, buckles, buttons, a fastener, a lacing, a corset.

LIBRA. He pays attention to harmoniously developed female figure with the regular features, well picked up clothes and accessories. It is necessary to speak an equal melodious voice and to keep benevolent mood communicating with him. Your behavior must be only in moderation. It is necessary not to overdo with sexual temptation. In appearance of a woman a man-scales pays attention to the upper thighs with an appetizing ass which should be underlined fitting tightly trousers or a rather short flared skirt. Sexual stimulus: balance preservation, for example, driving on a swing, visiting of attractions, dances. Even the rocking-chair, shoe rocking on a finger-tip can cause in it indescribable delight.

SCORPIO. He often operates at level of instincts and can pay attention to any woman who is allocated with the behavior, clothes, loud conversation, sobbing or laughter. Passionate whisper or significant silence, mystery or external inaccessibility too can raise this man. The important part of a body is «sex» area, i.e. everything that underlines an accessory to a female and openly expresses sensuality and passion. The mask, a veil on a hat, high boots to hips, and a belt for stockings, tattoos and birthmarks on a body irresistibly operate. Sexual stimulus: fires of fireworks, a cracker, an extreme situation — your small oversight by festive table preparation: have poured to it on trousers champagne or even the small fire in New Year’s evening from crackers or candles can result it in the raised condition.

SAGITTARIUS. The friend of this man should possess a certain open-mindedness, to know foreign languages. The woman should be ready to a variety in sex not to become him drearily. Sexually attractive area: the hips underlined by short magnificent or fitting skirts, narrow trousers. Shorts, tunics with cuts on each side, transparent inserts in vertical seams, stockings on a lacy elastic band, garters, underwear with furnish by lurex are rather attractive. Sexual stimulus: walk on the sledge harnessed by beautiful racers, riding, rocking by hips in dance, a passionate tango. Important scenery: walk on New Year’s Eve when you whisper to it on an ear about the secret imaginations in which it takes not last place.

CAPRICORN. He approaches to a choice of the friend judiciously, thoughtfully and frostily. Therefore it is impossible here to be limited only to sex appeal elements. Tell to your man about the achievements on work, how you appreciate and respect colleagues. Knees are an important part of a woman body. Therefore the length of a coat, a dress, and skirts should reach a knee. Perfectly stimulate man’s interest bridges and golfs, high boots on a lacing, a rough line on footwear and on clothes. Other sexy area: an elbow and wrist bend, it is possible to underline them sleeves the in ¾ length, buttons, buckles and high bracelets. Sexual stimulus are the closed close space, a lift cabin, and your bedroom decorated under a cave of cave men in expectation of New Year, decorated with small lamps and compositions from dry plants.

AQUARIUS. The woman with unusual behavior or the manners which are running counter to the standard rules can involve him. The main thing: that she was pleasant personally to him. The love inclination can arise, like a bolt from the blue: for example, upholding of the opinion or belief in dispute, a victory in dances to I will fall, witty answers to questions of a house quiz, etc. sexually attractive area of a female body: anklebones, ankles. They can be underlined half boots, boots on a lightning, sandals with high thongs, and socks with unusual drawing. The boots-stockings, the closed shoes can involve his interest. The orange and cinnamon essence, added in celebratory mulled wine will become aphrodisiacs for your Aquarius.

PISCES. He doesn’t search for sex or passion at an opposite sex, he searches for secret and «he itself is glad to be deceived». If for a carnival suit you choose the foreigner dress, hiding behind a mask of your chances of a victory will increase a hundred times. Don’t hurry up to open to him your person. Closed female eyes inexplicably operate on men of this type, therefore in dialogue with it is desirable to avoid a direct sight and often to lower eyelashes. Also bare feet or open barefoot persons can be sexual stimulus. The hood, a veil, the long closed raincoat, deaf fasteners, a loose overall, a volume sweater too can excite its imagination. To tempt such man, it is possible to play together with him in Father Frost and Snow Queen, without hurrying up to remove masks, as expectation of exposure is more interesting the acquaintance process for Pisces.

By Veronica Tkachenko

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a) Strongest of the five and aspecting (any of Tajik aspect) AC lag.

b) If strongest not aspecting AC Lagna, next strongest aspecting Lagna is taken as YL.

c) If more than one aspecting AC Lag., strongest of them is taken as YL.

d) When Office Bearers have equal strength and all of them aspecting AC Lag. Then one holding largest no. of offices is taken as YL.

e) Munthesh (Muntha Lord – ML) as YL:

i) When no Office Bearer aspecting AC Lag.

ii) When the strength of the planet aspecting AC Lag. Is less than 5 VB.

iii) When all the Office Bearers have equal strength, all aspecting AC Lag. And all hold equal no. of offices.

f) Strongest not YL:

i) is mild and unable to govern. Therefore, even if strongest & aspecting AC Lag., Office Bearer next in strength aspecting AC Lag. – YL.

ii) In case is strongest and no Office Bearer is aspecting AC Lag. Then either:

i.i) Planet in isthala with is YL or if there is no isthala;

i.i.i) the dispositor of is the YL.

g) Combination for as YL:

i) strongest Office Bearer in Cancer AC Lag.

ii) strongest Office Bearer and aspect AC Lag. And Varsha Parvesh in night and is also Tri Rashi Pati.

h) Analysis of YL:

i) Strong, well placed and benefic associated – full fructification of Bhava and also of its Karkattwa.

ii) Ill placement in 6/8/12H, combust or ret. – reduced beneficence. The degree of beneficence according to its strength/PAC.

iii) See involvement in Tajik Yoga also.

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IV Varshaphala Dasha System:

1 Mudda Dasha:

a) (Completed Year + ‘s birth Nak. No.-2)/9- R gives 1st dasha starting from onward in Vinshottari sequence.

i) Period of dasha is = (Vimshottari years no. X 3) – Mudda dasha no. of days.

ii) If R=5, the dasha will be and the dasha period would be 16x3=48 days.

iii) Each month may be taken as 30 days while fixing dates of dasha.

b) Balance of dasha at Varsha Pravesha:

i) By uncovered portion of ‘s birth Nak. From 1st dasha period arrived above.

ii) In the end last dasha is shown., It is the remaining balance from the Dasha period of 1st planet after subtracting the balance of dasha in the beginning. The same is to be done for other Dasha systems- Yogini and Patyayini.

c) Antar Dasha:

i) AD period; (MD period x AD period)/360 – AD period of a planet.

ii) 1st AD period belong to the same planet as of Maha dasha.

2 Yogini Dasha:

a) First Dasha:

i) (Completed years+ ‘s Nak. At birth+3) /8: R – first dasha counted from:

ii) Balance of Dasha: (Period of 1st dasha x untraversed portion of ‘s Nak. At birth)

iii) While fixing exact dates the period of month may be taken as 30 days.

iv) Sub-period to be worked out proportionally.

3 Patyayini Dasha:

a) Krimshamsha – longitude of planets in ascending order.

b) Patyamsha – by subtracting the 1st long. from 2nd in the above sequence; 2nd from the 3rd and so on.

c) Patyamsha = highest longitude of Krimshamsha.

d) Dasha order as per Krimshamsha order.

e) Dasha period:

i) (365 x Patyamsha of planet)/highest Krimshamsha.

ii) While fixing dates take actual days of English calendar months.

f) Sub-period:

i) (Duration of MD x Duration of AD)/365 – AD in days.

V Varshesha (Year Lord):

1 Panchadhikari (The Five Office Bearers):

a) Muntha Lord

b) LL of D/1

c) LL of AC

d) Tri Rasi Pati Lord: (from Tri Rasi Pati Table)

e) Dina Ratri Pati:

i) ‘s dispositor for day Varsha pravesh

ii) ‘s dispositor for night Varsha pravesh

2 Selection of Year Lord (YL):

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Vedic Astrology Prediction Sheet – Varshaphala (Annual Chart) Background Sheet No. 2/2

ii) Relation of a planet with Hudda Lord (HL) is based on Tajik aspect as explained above – points whether the planet is, same – 15, friend-11.5, neutral – 7.5, enemy-3.75.

d) Drekkana Bala: (Max. 10 points)

i) Use Drekkana Chart.

ii) DL as given above, for consideration in Panchvargiya Bala is different from Parashari system.

iii) Drekkana Bala of planet as per their tajik relation in the AC is for: same planet -10, friend – 7.5, neutral – 5 and enemies – 2.5 units.

e) Navamsha Bala: (Max. 5 units)

i) Planetary relations between a planet and its nav, lord using above Tajik relation – Navamsha Bala if same planet – 5, friend – 3.75, neutral – 2.5 and enemies – 1.25 units.

f) A table is drawn for planet wise summation of all the above Panchvargiya Bala and total for each planet is divided by 20 – Vishwa Bala (V.B.). The strength is as follows for VB:

i) VB > 15 – Prakrami (Extra ordinary strong)

ii) VB 10-15 – Poorna Bali

iii) VB 5-10 – Madhya Bali

iv) VB < 5 – Alpa Bali.

3 Dwadasa Vargiya Bala:

a) Rasi: D/1

b) Hora: D/2

c) Drekkana: D/3

i) 1st div. in 1st sign

ii) 2nd div. in 5th sign

iii) 3rd div. in th sign

d) Chaturthamsha: D/4

i) 1st div. in same place

ii) 2nd div. from 4th

iii) 3rd div. from 7th

iv) 4th div. from 10th

e) Panchamsha: D/5

f) Alternately:

i) M: div. no. from 1st

ii) F: div. no. from 5th

iii) D: div. no. from 9th

g) Sashtamsha: D/6

i) Odd sign: div. no. from Aries

ii) Even sign: div. no. from 7th

h) Saptamsha: D/7

i) Odd. sign: div. no. from 1st

ii) Even sign: div. no. from 7th

i) Ashtamsha: D/8

i) M div. no. from Aries

ii) F div. no. from Saggittarius

iii) D div. no. from Leo

j) Navamsha: D/9

i) M div. no. from 1st


ii) F div. no. from 9th

iii) D div. no. from 5th

k) Dashamsha: D/10

i) Odd sign from 1st

ii) Even sign rom 9th

l) Ekadashamsha: D/11

m) Dwadashamsha: D/12

i) Count division number from same sign.

n) Examine status in different vargas:

i) B – benefic (OH/FH/exal.)

ii) M – malefic (EH/deb.)

iii) N – in neutral sign.

iv) Larger the no. of B stronger and more benefical is the planet.

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III Varashaphala: Planetary Strength:

1 Harsha Bala:

a) Sthana Bala (1st Bala):

i) A planet is happy in certain houses which provides them strength @ 5units.

ii) in 9H, in 3H, in 6H, in Asc, in 11H, in 5H and in 12H – each position gives 5 units.

b) Uchcha Bala (2nd Bala):

i) A planet in OH or exalted – 5 units.

c) Stri-Purush Bala (3rd Bala):

i) Male planets ( ) in male houses 4,5,6,10,11,12H and female planets ( ) in feminine houses 1,2,3,7,9,9H (Savya group of Jamini) – 5 units each.

d) Dina Ratri Bala (4th Bala):

i) Male planets for day Varsha-praveshs and female planets for night Varsha Pravesh – 5 units each.

e) Total score:

i) 0- no strength
ii) 5- weak
iii) 10- medium strength
iv) 15- fully strong.

2 Panch Vargiya Bala:

a) Graha/Kshetra Bala: (Max. 30 units)

i) A planet gets points as per their relation same planet -30, friend -22.5, neutral -15,
enemy 7.5 (This is to be as per Tajik relatioins as explained below)

ii) The normal planetary friendship chart is as follows:

iii) However, the mutual Tajik relationship as applicable to annual chart is:

1) Planetsw in houses 3, 5, 9 or 11th from each other are – Friends.

2) Planets in 1, 4, 7 or 10th from each other are – Enemiesw.

3) Planets in 1, 6, 8, or 12th from each other are – Neutral.

4) Using above method the planetary friendship relations are worked out for use in Panchvargiya Bala.

b) Uncha Bala (UB): (Max. units 20 for a planet at deep exal. And 0 at deep deb. Point)

i) 180o /20- 9o from deep deb. point – 1 unit of Uncha Bala.

ii) (Planet long. in degrees ~ Deep deb. Point in degrees)/9 – UB of the concerned.

c) Hudda Bala: (Max. 15 units)

i) Hudda is a sort of energy for a planet. Hudda Chart – 5 huddas divisions; for each div. sign wise degrees and Hudda lords are given. & does not own any hudda. Table of Huddas is given below:

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