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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 26


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars in the signs – General

Mars in Aries produces a violent and fierce hero who performs deeds of great daring; a glorious and courageous man who cannot be assailed; a generous pennon impatient of insult; one who has many cattle, goats, and sheep, and much gold and grain, and a large throng of wives, sons, and servants; a king, or a noble person proud in battle, or the chief of an army, city, town, or tribe.

Mars in Taurus produces a man who forms enmities with his relatives and causes violence in his family; one who knows singing, but says many stupid things; a man who eats much, and has little wealth and few sons; one who sets his heart on sexual intercourse with other men’s wives; a man who destroys the vows of saintly ladies (sadhvi) and takes their money; one who is hateful in the world and whose dress and manners are conceited; a man who is untrustworthy and untruthful, and who lacks steadfastness and righteousness s(dharma).

Mars in Gemini produces a man who often dwells in foreign countries; one who knows the rules relating to various crafts, weapons, and arts; a very learned man who is clever in poetry; a handsome and well mannered person who can bear fatigue and pain; a steadfast man devoted to righteousness (dharma); one who favours the advantage of friends and of good men; a person clever in many activities.

Mars in Cancer produces a poor man whose body is racked by defects and diseases; one who gains and loses money again and again; a man who dwells in the house of another; one who desires the dice, clothes, and food of others in his youth, and is soft and intent on taking other men’s meals; but then, afterwards, earns his money by toil through activities connected with water.

Mars in Leo produces a handsome man of great strength; a very fierce, hero impatient of insult; a man who assails others and keeps no hoard; one who lives in the woods and forests or with herds of cattle; a man fond of flesh who slays carnivorous animals, deer, and snakes; one without children whose wife dies before he does; a man diligent in his actions, but bereft of the profits of his righteousness (dharma).

Mars in Virgo produces a rich man honoured among good men, gentle and of little valour; a person fond of prattling who knows about sexual intercourse and singing; one who has many expenses; a man terrified with anxiety about his acquisitions of money; one who sacrifices and keeps on side bowed to the (sacrificial) fire (as he circumambulates it); a teacher of smriti and sruti, a man of many skills; a handsome person fond of bathing and anointing himself.

Mars in Libra produces a wanderer, a favourite who talks incessantly; a boaster who tells many lies and is without merit; a man of deficient body whose first wife dies; a rogue desiring the service and protection of others; one who lusts after the wives of his friends and elders; a man who lives with prostitutes and winemakers; a person without allies who loses the wealth he has obtained by himself.

Mars in the eighth sign (Scorpio) produces an evil man who practices falsehood and has many injuries and quarrels; a rogue who is closely connected with those who murder and injure; a man lacking good manners, courage, the sacred traditions (sruti), and righteousness (dharma); the chief of a band of robbers, one who desires battle; an arrogant man, clever in business and of terrible strength; a person rich in many cattle, lands, and excellent women, but whose body is tormented by poison, fire, and wounds inflicted by arms.

Mars in Sagittarius produces a thin and much wounded man; a rogue indulging in harsh words whose wife and children have died and whose independence is lost; a man riding in a chariot or on horseback or fighting from a chariot or an archer in other men’s armies; one who is not attached to his gurus and whose efforts are in vain; a man whose allies are destroyed by mutual quarrels.

Mars in Capricorn produces a most excellent man; a wealthy and rich person who buys his wife with money; the chief of an army or a lord (Isvara) of men; a renowned person enjoying endless happiness and pleasure; a victor and a guardian who has a noble (or, Aryan) wife; a man whose relatives are his allies and whose lineage is pure; one whose character is excellent and who enjoys various services.

Man in Aquarius produces a deformed, poorly dressed, and ugly man; one who practices slander, envy, falsehood, and deceit; a man constantly assailed by faults whose money is stolen; one whose body-hair is erect and whose manner is sorrowful; a man fond of drinking and bereft of courtesy and purity; one who looks like an old man and is impoverished at the end (of his life); one who gets his money from gambling, and does not keep a hoard.

Mars in Pisces produces a diseased man who lives abroad and has few sons; a person hated by many; one who loses all his property because of usury and fraud, but whose grief is not sharp; a dishonest man who destroys the position and prosperity of good and noble (or, Aryan) men; one who is disrespectful to gods and Brahmans and knows what he wants; [a man fond of the sacred traditions (sruti) and the sciences and one who has many relatives]; a quarrelsome person who is rude to his relatives.


Shanker Adawal

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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 25


Dr. Shanker Adawal

For Moon

1. form

2. wealth, etc.

3. brothers or sisters, character, etc.

4. Mother’s mother or maternal grandmother, mother’s happiness.

5. Mother’s intelligence and tranquility of mind.

6. Mother’s suffering, injury, enemies and diseases.

7. Mother’s love and passion.

8. Mother’s misery, death and longevity.

9. Maternal grandfather, the mother’s religious merit, happiness.

10. Mother’s occupation, her father’s wealth.

11. Mother’s gains or income.

12. Mother’s expenses.

For Mars

Consider similarly mutatis mutandis in regard to the significations of Mars.

For Sun

Consider similarly mutatis mutandis for the father from the sign occupied by the Sun.

Traits and characteristics of Mars

If Sun is of orange colour, and Moon of white, the colour of Mars is Red. The Veda says “Ajam Ekam Lohit Shukla Krishnam” and thereby links the colour “red” to the “Rajas” or active tendencies of men. This planet is thus full of push and activity’ since activity is the prime quality of the “Rajas” vide Yoga Sutras which aver that “Prakash Kriya Sthiti Sheelam Bhut Indriya Atmakam Bhoga Apvargartham Drishyam” that is to say that this universe has been created by the Lord with a view to enable the human beings, not only to have the experiences of their good and bad Karmas of their past lives, but also to work out their salvation through “nature” which is composed of inertia, activity and light or the “Gunas”, Satva, Rajas and Tamas, respectively. When the planet Mars, therefore, is very strong particularly as the lord of the Ascendant, it indicates that the native is zealous, pushing brave and active.

Being red and of the nature of “Rajas,’ the planet Mars is a very powerful planet. The part of the body mostly red in colour and concerned with the exercise of power is the flesh. Hence in the body flesh and muscles are represented by the planet Mars. If the planet Mars situated in any of the bad house (Trik”), is weak and afflicted, without the aspect of any Benefic planet. It denotes that the native has some serious defect in his muscular built up, and he may suffer from loss of flesh of the body.

The planet Mars is the “Karaka” or the significator of the younger brothers. If it happens to occupy an inimical sign in the third house, and the third house as well as it’s lord are also weak and afflicted, it denotes that the native is likely to be denied younger brothers.

Whenever the aspect of Mars falls on two planets it forebodes some evil or trouble. For example, if Mercury and Venus are located together in any place, and the ascendant is Taurus, and the planet Mars aspects both Mercury and Venus, this yoga indicates that the native will lose his wife early in life. The reason for the early demise of the wife lies in the fact that Mercury becomes the lord of the second house, which is the 8th house from the seventh and represents the life of the wife, Mercury under affliction, we know gives comparatively earlier results. It’s affliction along with the affliction of the Karaka or the significator of “Wife” would naturally indicate an early death of the wife.

When Mars is Lord of the 1st house and is strong it indicates long life for the native for the reason that in such a case Mars becomes the lord of the 1st as well as the 8th house, both of which represent “Longevity”. Longevity thereby gets strengthened. Similarly in the case of people with Virgo as their ascendant, the longevity is much, if Mars is very strong, for in that case Mars again represents two houses each of which is representative of longevity. It will be noticed that the house no: 3 also stand for longevity due to the fact that it is a house 8th to the 8th. This is in accordance with the principle of “Bhavat Bhavam” which lays down that the house situated as far away from a house as the latter is from the Ascendant, gives the same effects as the other house. Under this principle traits of the third house would be studied not only from the 3rd house but also from the house third to third. Similarly the traits of the 4th house would be examined not only from the 4th house but also from the house 4th to 4th, i.e., 7th house. Similarly the traits of the 5th house would be examined not only from the 5th house but also from the house 5th to 5th i.e., from the 5th house and so on.

If in an Aquarius nativity both Saturn and Mars throw their combined influence on the house and the “Karaka” of a particular relation, then the native will, take deliberate steps of harm that relation For example if they are aspecting Jupiter lord of the 11th house, the native will be inimically disposed towards his elder brother, so much so, that he may try even to take the life of that brother. Similarly if the same two planets are aspecting the 5th house and its “Karaka”-Jupiter, the native will deliberately adopt such measures as not to have the life at any of his progeny, that is to say he may choose voluntarily to go in for “Family Planning” If the same two planets are aspecting the second houses its lord and it’s “Karaka” i.e., Jupiter, the Man will deliberately squander away or waste away his accumulated wealth. Similarly if the said two planets of the Aquarius Ascendant throw their influence on the 7th house and it’s “Karaka” and lord, the man will be after the life of his wife. The rationale behind the effects of the two malefic planets in such cases is that each of them represents the “Deliberate” self of the native, in as much as Saturn being the lord of the Ascendant obviously stands for the self of the native while Mars would also stand in the same position being the lord of the house of “Arms” i.e. the 3rd house.

Mars is devoid of “Directional” strength when located in the 4th house. It is, therefore, weak in that house. If, therefore, Mars is lord of the first house say for an Aries nativity and is situated in the 4th house, it will be all the more weak, because it will, is such a case be in it’s sign of debilitation as well. In such cases Mars denotes short life for the native. Particularly in cases where such a Mars does not receive any good aspect. But a debilitated Mars in the first house is considered to be good. The reason for such a Mars being good is that this planet is “Raj Yoga Karaka” for Cancer nativities, and is favourably situated from both its signs, Aries and Scorpio (Fourth from the sign Aries and 9th from its sign Scorpio). It therefore, gives good financial results.

An exalted Mars in the 7th house constitutes “Kahal” Yoga. Which is one of the best yogas to have. The rationale behind the excellence of this yoga is that Mars becomes not only exalted, but also occupies a angle position, as a Raja Yoga planet for the Cancer nativities. It also aspects it’s own sign in the 10th house, thereby boosting the traits of that house such as power, authority, high class business, honour etc.

Mars for the people born with Gemini as the ascendant is very cruel. If this Mars happens to throw it’s influence on the 4th house and Moon, and Mars is devoid of all benefic influence, it makes the native cruel and violent, and in representative cases the man may turn out to be a murderer.

The aspect of Mars on the 5th house or it’s lord is an Indication that the native possesses a keen intellect. Since Mars is “Significator” of logic, it is but reasonable that it’s aspect should help the evolution of logic and logical reasoning.

If, in any nativity, Mars happens to aspect the sign Gemini as well as its lord Mercury, then the life of the person in whose 8th house the sign Gemini is situated will have short life, provided of course there is no good aspect etc on either the sign Gemini or the planet Mercury The bad events resulting from the affliction of the planet Mercury and pertaining to the traits of the house in which the sign of Mercury is located, take place comparatively much earlier than when any other sign in a house is afflicted. This is due to the fact that Mercury has been declared as a “Boy” in astrology. This is, of course a symbolic statement and signifies that the planet Mercury is connected with things that come to men in the boyhood such as education, speech, play etc. Since “Boyhood” is a period that comes very near to birth, in fact, next only to infancy, the interpretation of this symbolic statement lies in the fact that the events, in such cases take place rather early in their respective fields. For example, if in a Pisces nativity Mercury and Sun are situated together and are aspected by Mars alone, the father of the native is short lived, for in such a situation Mercury becomes the lord of the 4th house which being 8th from the 9th (father) represents the longevity of father, and suffers along with the significator of father i.e., Sun at the hands of it’s enemy and cruel planet Mars.

If Mars is lord of the 1st house, and is strong then the native possesses, interalia, a spirit of generosity, for a strong Mars as a factor denoting character also indicates this desirable trait. In enumerating the qualities of Mars the author of “Phal Deepika” declares that Mars is clothed in red is of red body, is aggressive but liberal too, is young and has bones full of marrow.

Mars gets “Directional” strength when it is located in the 10th house. In that position Mars becomes very strong, as it is then located in the main angle and is also in possession of the directional strength. Such a Mars is, therefore, very conducive to the traits of the house over which it has lordship.

Mars represents the “Ka” varga i.e., the letters “Ka,” “Kha,” “Ga,” “Gha,” and “Nga”. When any problem in regard to the names of things and persons is under consideration, such as the determination of the first letter of the name of a person, and where Mars is the planet that denotes that letter, the letter will be one of the five comprising the varga of this planet.


Shanker Adawal

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