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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - Lunar Calendar and Panchang - Part III

VII Other Eras/calendars: Other calendars prevalent in India are:

S.No. – 1
Era – Shaka (National)
Year in 2004 - 1926
From Christian Era - - 78 yrs.
Begins – Solar ingress in sayana Aries

S.No. - 2
Era – Shaka (Lunar)
Year in 2004 - 1926
From Christian Era - -78 yrs.
Begins – Chaitra shukla pratipada

S.No. - 3
Era – Shaka (Solar)
Year in 2004 - 1926
From Christian Era - - 78 yrs.
Begins – Solar ingress in niryana Aries

S.No. - 4
Era – Vikrami (Solar)
Year in 2004 - 2061
From Christian Era - + 57 yrs.
Begins – Solar ingress in niryana Aries

S.No. - 5
Era – (Vikrami (Chaitradi)
Year in 2004 - 2061
From Christian Era - + 57 yrs.
Begins – Chaitra shukla pratipada

S.No. - 6
Era – Vikrami (Shukladi)
Year in 2004 - 2061
From Christian Era - + 57 yrs.
Begins – Kartik shukla pratipada

S.No. - 7
Era – Islamic (Hajira)
Year in 2004 - 1425
From Christian Era - - 579 yrs.
Begins – Moharram 1st

S.No. - 8
Era – Budha Nirvan Era
Year in 2004 - 2548
From Christian Era - + 544 yrs.
Begins – Vaisakh shukla 15 - Poornima

S.No. - 9
Era – Mahavir Nirvan Era
Year in 2004 - 2531
From Christian Era - + 527 yrs.
Begins – Kartik shukla pratipada


Bhava (House) Lord in different Houses
1H – Healthy, valorous, thinker, amorous, two wives or women
2H – Wealthy, happy, well-behaved, intelligent, many wives
3H – Valorous like lion, all types of wealth, respected, two wives, intelligent, happy
4H – Happiness from parents, many brothers, sexy, intelligent, beautiful
5H – Medium happiness from son, loss of eldest progeny, respected, angry, loved by king
6H – Sickly, unhappiness from enemy (when afflicted)
7H – When malefic – loss of wife; when benefic – traveling, recluse or king
8H – Siddha knowing, diseased, thief, angry, gambler, adulterous
9H – Fortunate, popular, spiritual clever in speech, endowed with wife, son and wealth
10H – Happiness from father, respected by king, famous, earning from self-efforts
11H – Earner, well behaved, famous, kind hearted
12H – Sickly, useless spender, great angry

1H – Having son, oppose family, sexy, obstinate, servant
2H – Wealthy, famous, two or more wives, without sons
3H – Valorous, intelligent, skilled, sexy, money-minded, if afflicted oppose God
4H – All types of wealth, if with Jupiter or exalted kind or equivalent to a king
5H – Wealthy, son also wealth earner
6H – With benefic – gains from enemy, if afflicted loss from enemy and of weak thighs
7H – Adulterous, healer; if afflicted wife3 adulterous
8H – Landed & wealthy, short happiness from wife and unhappiness from brother
9H – Wealthy, skilled, clever, unhappy in childhood, religious travels, observe fasts
10H – Sexy, respected pundit, wealthy, many wives, no/unhappiness from sons
11H – All types of gains, hard working, respected, famous
12H – Valorous, without wealth, dependent on others, eldest progeny do not survive

1H – Earnings by self efforts, valorous, intelligent even uneducated
2H – Big body, weak, without happiness, adulterous
3H – Happiness from siblings, wealthy son, endowed with luxuries
4H – Happy, wealthy, intelligent, bad wife
5H – Endowed with son, good qualities, when afflicted – bad wife
6H – Inimical to brother and maternal uncle but love for maternal aunt, very wealthy,
7H – Servant of king, unhappy in childhood, happiness in the end
8H – Thief, servant, punishable by king
9H – Without happiness from father, fortune rises through wife, with son etc.
10H – All types of happiness, earning through self-efforts, sheltering bad women
11H – Rich from trade, intelligent even uneducated, valorous, helping others
12H – Spending in bad activities, father cruel, rise in fortune through wife

1H – Educated, intelligent, good qualities, land, property, happiness from mother
2H – All types of wealth, large family, respected valorous, dual life
3H – Valorous, endowed with servants, kind, healthy, with qualities donor, self earner
4H – Minister to king, endowed with all wealth, clever, well behaved, respected, intelligent, wife love
5H – Happy, loved by all, believer of God, respected, with qualities, earns from self effort
6H – Without happiness from mother, angry, thief, adulterous, ill-hearted
7H – Knowing many sciences, denouncer of inheritance, shines like gem in an assembly
8H – With happiness of house or family, little happiness from parents, impotent like
9H – Loved by all, worshipper of Gods, with qualities, respected, endowed with all happiness
10H – Honored by king, chemical knowledge, extremely happy, victorious over senses
11H – Disease in secret parts, kind hearted, donor
12H – With happiness of house etc., fool, illicit relations, lazy

1H – Endowed with son, wise, bad hearted, acquire other’s wealth
2H – Many sons, wealthy, earner for family, respected, loved by wife, famous
3H – Loved by siblings, miser, criticizing, selfish
4H – Endowed with all happiness, happiness from mother, wealthy, intelligent, minister or Rajguru
5H – With benefic – have sons, malefic associated – without progeny but intelligent and kind to friends
6H – Enmity with son or without son or have adopted son
7H – Respected obeying all religions, kind, endowed with son etc.
8H – Less sons, cough and respiratory disorder, angry, without happiness
9H – Son king or equivalent to king, author, famous, best in whole family
10H – King, all happiness, famous
11H – Wise, popular, author, skilled, many sons and wealthy
12H – Without happiness from son, adopted son or son born from other wife

1H – Sickly, famous, enemy of relatives, wealthy, valorous, with qualities
2H – Valorous, best among family, foreign residence, happy speaker, dutiful
3H – Angry, weak, enemy of brother, with cruel servant
4H – With happiness from mother, doing as per his liking, criticizing, jealous, wealthy
5H – Unstable wealth, enmity with son etc., happy, selfish, kind
6H – Enmity with relatives, friendship with others, medium wealth
7H – Without happiness from wife, famous, with qualities, intelligent, respected, valorous, wealthy
8H – Diseased, enmity with pundits, eye for other’s wealth, adulterous, impure
9H – Seller of wood and leaves, fluctuating trade
10H – Best in family, disrespect for father, speaker, happy in foreign lands
11H – Wealth from enemy, intelligent, valorous, respected, without happiness from son
12H – Spends in luxuries, jealous of wise ones, killer of living beings

1H – Adulterous, ill natured, clever, impatient, windy problems
2H – Many wives, riches from wives
3H – Progeny short lived, one son lives after great efforts
4H – Wife not in control, truthful, intelligent, spiritual, with dental problem
5H – Respected, endowed with all qualities, always happy, all wealth
6H – Wife sickly or enmity with her, angry, unhappy
7H – Happiness from wife, patient, clever, intelligent, windy problems
8H – Without happiness from wife, sick wife, bad and uncontrolled
9H – Relations with many wives or women, attached to wife, many works
10H – Wife uncontrolled, religious, with son and wealth
11H – Gains from wife, less happiness from son, more daughters
12H – Poor, miser, wife spender, benefit from cloth trade

1H – Sickly critical of spiritual person, with wound
2H – Without valor, little wealth
3H – Without happiness from siblings, lazy, weak, without servant
4H – Without happiness from siblings, lazy, weak, without servant
5H – Fool, less sons, long age, wealthy
6H – Victory over enemies, sick, fear of snake or water in old age
7H – Two wives, if afflicted loss in business
8H – Long lived, if 8L weak medium age, thief, critical of others
9H – Critical of religion, non-believer, bad character wife, gain others wealth
10H – Without happiness from father, lazy, critical
11H – If afflicted without wealth, sad in childhood, long lived if benefic associated
12H – Spending in illicit activities, short age if afflicted

1H – Fortunate, honored by king, well behaved, beautiful, intelligent, worshiped by public
2H – Pundit, popular, wealthy, sexy, endowed with wife son etc.
3H – With happiness from siblings, wealthy, with good qualities, beautiful, well behaved
4H – House, conveyances, all type of wealth, worshipper of mother
5H – Son happiness, respectful to teachers, patient, religious, pundit
6H – Less fortunate, without happiness from maternal uncle, sad from enemies
7H – Fortune rise from wife, intelligent, famous, best in other communities
8H – Unlucky, without happiness of elder brother
9H – Very fortunate, intelligent, beautiful, happiness from siblings
10H – King or king like, minister or army chief, intelligent, respected by public
11H – Gains always, respectful to teachers, intelligent, kind soul
12H – Unfortunate, poor because spends in auspicious works, on guests etc.

1H – Wise and intelligent, famous, wealthy, poet, sick in childhood, riches grow day by day
2H – Wealthy, intelligent, honored by king, giving donations, happiness of father etc.
3H – Happiness of brothers and servants, valorous, intelligent, orator, truthful
4H – Happy, respects mother, endowed with conveyances, land, house, intelligent, wealthy
5H – Knowledge of many sciences, happy, wealthy, with son
6H – Without happiness from father, poor though clever, troubled by enemies
7H – Happiness from wife, intelligent, thinker, orator, interested in religion and truthfulness
8H – Lazy, long lived, critical
9H – King born in a king’s family, endowed with wealth, son etc.
10H – Skill in profession, happy, valorous, truthful, respectful to teachers
11H – Endowed with wealth, son etc., happy, intelligent, truthful
12H – Spending through king, fear of enemy, always worried though clever

1H – Satwik, wealthy, happy, poet, orator, always gaining
2H – All types of wealth, success in all activities, spiritual, happy
3H – Skilled, wealthy, happy from siblings, may be colic pains
4H – Wealth from maternal side, religious travels, endowed with land, building
5H – Sons happy, intelligent and well behaved; native himself religious and happy
6H – Sick, cruel mind, lives in foreign places, troubled by enemies
7H – Wealth from wife side, kind, intelligent, sexy, controlled by wife
8H – Losses, long lived, wife dies before him
9H – Fortunate, clever, truthful, honored by king, wealthy
10H – Honored by king, intelligent, engaged in his own religion, truthful, victorious of senses
11H – Profit in all activities, pundit and happy
12H – Spends in good activities, sexy, many wives, friendship of bad people

1H – Extravagant, weak, suffers from cough, without wealth or education
2H – Spends in good activities, religious, goodspeech, intelligent happy
3H – Without happiness of siblings, jealous, selfish
4H – Without happiness of mother, land, property
5H – Without progeny or education, expenses for son, religious visits, fast
6H – Jealous of relatives, angry, sad, adulterous
7H – Spends on wife, unhappiness from wife
8H – Make good profit, sweet speech, medium age, all qualities
9H – Jealous of friends and teachers, selfish
10H – Expenses for king, less happiness from father
11H – Loss of gains
12H – Excess expenses, sick, angry, jealous

Note: The above results are arrived at after analyzing dignity, strength, placement etc. In case of same type of results by a planet owning two sings – eg. In one gain and in other loss of wealth then none of the result occur that means neither gain nor loss. In case both are good or one good but one bad results (both different type results) then both occurs.

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H, 3H
Inauspicious Bhavas – 6,8,12H,

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H
1H – self made;
5H – miser;
7H – gain from wife, pleasures
10H – govt. service

Inauspicious Bhavas – 3H, 6,8,12H
3H – quarrelsome, dishonest;
6H – wealthy but losses, service;
8H – deceit, sudden gain

Auspicious Bhavas – 3,10,11H, 5,9H
3H – mal. 3L adverse relations;
5H – children/siblings unintelligent;
9H – good for sibling, bad for native;
10H – prosperous with efforts
Inauspicious Bhavas - 1,4,7H, 2H, 6,8,12H
1 H – idiot, poor, loose morals;
2H – better if 2L ben.
4H – rebellious, greedy, sibling trouble
6H – goo to brothers, adverse to native
7H – 7L ben. Wife good an beautiful,
7L mal. Adulterous with younger brother, service

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H
Inauspicious Bhavas – 3H, 6,8,12H

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H 5,9H, 2,11H
4H – adverse for 5H;
10H – few children
Inauspicious Bhavas – 3H, 6,8,12H
3H – selfish, liked by brothers
6H – quarrel, few/childless, adoption;
12H - childless

Auspicious Bhavas – 6,8,12H
8H – wealthy but sick/loose morals;
12H – sudden wealth, loose morals, jealous
Inauspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H, 3H
1H – sickly, inimical, rich, courageous
5H – good health (12th of 6H)
11H – gain from enemies

Auspicious Bhavas – 4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H
2H, 9H – multiple marriage, gain after marriage
10H – earning spouse
Inauspicious Bhavas – 1H, 2,3H, 6,8,12H
1H – adulterous, spouse long lived
3H – delayed/no marriage, child loss
6H – sick wife, conjugal unhappiness; 8H – no wife

Auspicious Bhavas – 6,8,12H
8H – long life, loose morals;
12H – wealthy, not good for longevity
Inauspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H, 3H
1H – longevity if LL strong in good house
2H, 3H – good longevity

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H, 3H
9H – movable sign - earn in foreign
Inauspicious Bhavas – 6,8,12H
6H – fluctuating fortune
12H – good spending, good for parents but unfortunate

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H, 5,9H, 2,11H, 3H
1H – sick childhood
5H – career obstacles
(6th from 10H)
Inauspicious Bhavas – 6,8,12H
6H – ups and down, superstition; 8H – long lived, loose, disgraced

Auspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H 5,9H 2,11H
10H – with effort (12th from 11H)
Inauspicious Bhavas – 3H, 6,8,12H
3H – brothers obstruct gains; 8H – spouse death during native’s life

Auspicious Bhavas – 2H, 6,8,12H
2H – religious, good expenses, not wealthy
6H – wealthy but unhappy, loose morals
Inauspicious Bhavas – 1,4,7,10H 5,9H, 3H, 11H
1H – extravagant, weak, poor, longevity affected
11H – wealthy ((12th from 12H), extravagant
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