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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - Lunar Calendar and Panchang - Part III


Chandr-Guru- Shukr Yoga - Moon, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same. The person is very good looking, born of a virtuous mother, proficient in several arts.

Buddh-Guru- Guru Yoga - Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house.
The person is good in looks, bereft of enemies, truthful, of lasting fame.                            

Surya-Chandr- Buddh-Guru Yoga - Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in the same house. The person is healthy, wealthy, strong, virtuous, good in looks, with lovely eyes, a sculptor.

Surya-Chandr- Buddh-Shukr Yoga - Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is eloquent speaker, handsome, dwarf, liked by the ruler, of defective vision.

Surya-Chandr-Guru-Shukr Yoga - Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is honored by the ruler, owns watery and forests regions, enjoying several comforts.

Surya-Buddh-Guru-Shukr Yoga - Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is famous, wealthy, a leader, fulfills his desired objectives.

Chandr-Buddh-Guru- Shukr Yoga - Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is learned, famous, wealthy, bereft of mother and father, without enemies, with defected hearing.

Surya-Chandr- Buddh-Guru-Shukr Yoga - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is very wealthy, a minister, a king’s counselor, having the authority to punish (a judge), renowned, powerful (It is said that when 5 or 6 planetes are conjunct they indicate poor mind and lack of financial prosperity).
Principles of Judgement of a Horoscope

I Rashi Chart: In examining a horoscope due importance is given not only to the Rashi chart but also to the Navamsha and related divisional chart.

II Bhava analysis: Judgement of a horoscope is done bhava or house wise. In analyzing a house following factors be considered carefully:

1) The strength, aspect, conjunction and location of the house.

2) The strength of the house itself

3 The natural significations of a house, of its lord and the planets in it or aspecting it.

4) Influence of any yoga occurring in any particular house or houses.

5) The exaltation and debilitation of the lord of a house.

6) The situation – favourable or unfavourable – of the house-lord or the lord of the house where the house-lord is situated (dispositor of a house-lord), in Navamsha.

7) The age, position, sex and status of the native.

8) Planetary friendship, enmity, mobility, nature, directional strength, beneficence – natural or functional is kept in view for each of the house-lord.

9) Characteristics of sign – inherent qualities, direction, caste, mobility, guna, affinity etc. be considered.

10) Position, conjunction and aspect of house karakas are also considered.

III Important significations of houses: Some of the important significations of bhavas, as given below are kept in mind.

Bhava – 1H Significations – It represents the beginning of life, childhood, health, environment, personality, the physical body and character.

Bhava – 2H Significations – Family, face, right eye, food, wealth, literary gift, manner and source of wealth.

Bhava – 3H Significations – Rules brothers and sisters, intelligence, cousins and immediate relations, communication – TV, radio, news paper etc.

Bhava – 4H Significations – Family happiness and life, mother, conveyances, house, property, landed and ancestral properties, education.

Bhava – 5 H Significations – Indicates children, grand father, intelligence, emotions, fame etc.

Bhava – 6H Significations  Debt, diseases, enemies, miseries, sorrows, illness and disappointments.

Bhava – 7H Significations – Wife, husband, marriage, conjugal life, marital happiness, sexual diseases, business partner, diplomacy,  talent, energy and general happiness.l

Bhava – 8H Significations – Longevity, legacies and gifts, unearned income, cause of death, disgrace, degradation and details pertaining to death.

Bhava – 9H Significations – Father, righteousness, preceptor, grand children, religion, teacher, sympathy, charities, leadership, travel etc.

Bhava – 10H Significations – Occupation, profession, temporal honours, foreign travels, self-respect, knowledge, dignity, and means of livelihood.

Bhava – 11H Significations – Means of gains, elder brother, freedom from miseries etc.

Bhava – 12H Significations – Losses, expenditure, waste, extravagance, sympathy, divine knowledge, Moksha and state after death.

IV Karkattwas (significations) of planets:

Planet Significance – Father, bone, eye, kingdom, ruby, soul, heart, Lord Shiva, temple, gold, healer/ doctor

Planet Significance – Mother, blood mind, feelings, fast speed, lung, silver, pearl, water

Planet Significance – Young, brother, military, theft, cruelty, sin, fire, courage, wound

Planet Significance – Skin, windpipe, intelligent, Lord Vishnu, education, skill, pleasure place, astrologer, speech

Planet Significance – Wisdom, stomach, feet, wealth, elder brother, husband, state beneficiary son, priest, guru, astrologer

Planet Significance – Woman, immoral, face, urinary organs, semen, comfort, pleasure, vehicle, jewelry, perfume, music, dance, trader

Planet Significance – Nerves, disease, long duration, death, service, agriculture, labor imprisonment, long longevity

Planet Significance – As of

Planet Significance – As of

V As per Mobility of Sings:

1) Moveable Signs (1,4,7,10): Active and practical, but less thoughtful. Dynamic, Rajasik, decisive, not sensitive to the feeling of others, positive, aggressive, achievers, yielding, Self-employed professions – explorers, businessmen, travelers, sportsmen and marketing professionals etc.

2) Fixed Signs (2,5,8,11): More reflective & thoughtful but less activity oriented. Stable, natural, formal, Tamasik, status quo oriented, likes to continue or uphold traditions, firm, unyielding and possessive. Business profession preferred – professions that require authority, routine clerical job, and sedentary jobs.

3) Dual Signs (3,6,9,12): Negative, unstable, wavering, Sattwik, adaptable, prone to indecisiveness, think, calculate and worry & reflect, introvert, flexible approach, not dashing, too introvert or overly preoccupied with themselves. Service professions preferred – intellectual profession like philosophers, writers, scientists, astrologers, advisors, and lawyers: jobs of originality & literary pursuits, lecturers, pilots.

VI As per inherent quality of signs:

1) Fiery (1,5,9): Energetic, determined, practical, likes to head and dominate others. Independent, leadership qualities, vain, self promotes, proud, fiery humoured Pitta, aristocratic, professions in industry, police, engineering, iron industries, surgeon, explorers, soldiers, barbers, butchers, trade union leaders, politicians etc.

2) Earthy (2,6,10): Practical, perseverance, hard working, down to earth, capacity for work, self centered, cautious, Business profession preferred, administrative and economic jobs, civil services, property building, agriculture, furniture, wood and timbere related business, food items, mining.

3) Airy (3,7,11): Versality, more on mental level, creative, intellectual, logical, planners, calculative, philosophical, humanitarians, sensual, hard workers, comprehensiveness, balanced, passionate, nervous, Vatta humoured, easily impressed by the feelings of others. Intellectual profession like philosophers, writers, scientists, astrologers, advisors, lawyers, jobs of originality & literary pursuits, lecturers, pilots.

4) Watery (4,8,12): Emotional, love, affection, attachment, passionate, wise, devotional & compassionate, nervous, intuitive, psychic, water, cough humoured, attached to family. Job of liquids like dairy farming, chemicals & drugs, biology, shipping, merchant navy, marine engineers, petroleum products, fishing etc.


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