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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - III, Lagna or Rasi - conclude

Lagna or Rasi
Physical Features – Well-proportioned and well-developed body. Generally tall, large forehead, high and bushy eye-brows, long nose, bright eye, graceful look, fair handsome, complexion.

Nature - Fiery sign- bold courageous and pushing, ambitious, greedy, not timid; face adverse situations with fortitude, self-confidence; fiery sign gives them energy, enthusiasm, vigour and vitality, the natives are God fearing and love only truth, stick to their principles even if unfavourable results; go in for higher education, traveling, broad mind confidence, truth and spiritual uplift, very intuitive, always for justice; if afflicted the natives become deceptive, exaggerate their own qualities, heads of religious institutions.

Professions – Government service, judges, lawyers, teachers, writers, astrologers, preachers, politicians, ministers, bank employees,

Lagna or Rasi

Physical Features – Emaciated and weak and grow slowly, not be plump or muscular but slender, grows tall suddenly on becoming young constitution improves with age nose is long and eyes deep set, heir are coarse.

Nature – Eartly sign native is economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and patient, calculative and business-like movable sign- due consideration come to a quick decision, have push and confidence special organizing capacity and lot of tolerance. Generally not an optimistic, Lagna is un-afflicted have honest, sincere and reliable never be idle very hard, dishonest selfish, greedly miserly and may even a criminal lazy and pessimist to the extreme. Conservative by nature not care for difficulties, handicaps and hindrances, hard works, generally marry late, good husbands and fathers of many children, do not make a show of their affection, enforce discipline in the house & the place of their work.

Professions – Profession-Service in business concern, municipality or government, suited to work in mines and oil concern or research scholars.

Lagna or Rasi

Physical Features – Generally tall with full stature strong, complexion fair and appearance handsome.

Nature – Airy sign – intelligent not carried by flattery, pros and cons of everything, slow in understanding once they get at them handle them with ease, slow in understanding once they get at them handle with ease; human understanding, unselfish, move in a select society, reserved, great moralists, wonderful intuitional capacity. Fixed sign – natives stick to their principles, persistently strong in their likes and dislikes, develop intuition and inspiration prefer secluded places and go in deep meditation. Married life is happy only if their partner is also intelligent; steadfast in affection; do not like to display it.

Professions – Govt. service, commercial job, engineers or research scholars, proficient astrologers, heads of religious or charitable institutions.

Lagna or Rasi

Physical Features – Short in stature-plump with short hands and feet.

Nature – Watery sign ruled by Guru – philosophical restless, full of imagination; fond of romantic life, honest humane and helpful, forget and forgive spirit, over liberal and overgenerous, often hamper their own progress; very happy in spending their money help others and on charitable causes, dual – changeable.

Professions – Good occultists and traders dealing in liquids, import and export business, actors, charitable instt.

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