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Prediction for Lucky Number 56

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Number 56 is governed by the planet Moon and gives the vibrations of Moon. This is a number of popularity and universal acceptance. You have a pleasant disposition and are able to attract others to yourself like a magnet. With strong determination and will power, you can surely succeed.

In business partnerships, you are advised to guard against the partners offering lame excuses in delaying the execution of settled agreements and plans. You are imaginative, artistic, romantic, gentle, and emotional to a degree, build castles in the air and plant great enterprises.

You deeply believe in god. You also have an interest in Occult Sciences, Tantra and Mantra. You are often called upon to act as arbitrators and to settle the disputes of others. You give more to the organization for which you work and do not have any selfish axe to grind. You are a real servant of society and are likely to blaze a path that will be followed for decades to come.

You should be cautious of stomach ailments and should not unnecessarily worry about delays in implementation of your plans. An abiding faith in God will ease many of your problems in life.

You enjoy life. At times, you might find that the situation is not to your liking or things do not move at a quick enough pace. Your hectic way of living is likely to make you tense. For relaxation, you are strongly advised to take to sports and hobbies involving outdoor activities. You must also take pains to build a congenial environment and a happy home in order to get rid of tensions. You are a tough fighter and do not give up easily. You have strong convictions and carry on until you are convinced to change your opinion by your opponents.

Recommended professions for this number are Film Industry, Firms Connected with Art, Publicity, Interior Decoration, Restaurant and Catering Business, Petroleum and Oil Products, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Fishing and Navigation, Wines and Soft Drinks etc.

Your favorable colors are while, cream and light green. Your unfavorable colors are Black, Red and Blue. Your lucky stone is Pearl and Moonstone. Your favorable dates are 2, 11, 20, 29 and days are Monday, Friday and Sunday.

Shanker Adawal

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