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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Tenth House or the Karmasthana, Chapter VIII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ninth House

Placement of 10th lord in 10th house makes the native extremely fortunate and lucky. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity in life by his fortune. Native loves to spend wealth in religious deeds and helping others. This native may have to travel a lot to far off places and distant lands in regard to his career, profession and business. Native may also carry many journeys to holy places in his life for fulfillment of his religious and spiritual desires. Native may work in association with his father I business or profession and look after his family business or profession. Native may earn through judiciary, or religious institutions. Native may become religious or spiritual leader and get into preaching religion to others. This native earns name, fame, popularity and respect in the society.

Tenth House

Placement of 10th lord in 10th house results into a good fortune and success for the native in his career and profession. Native earns name, fame, power, reputation and respect in the society. This native may also earn honour and recognisation from the government for his work and achievements in life. This native may become good administrator, bureaucrat, minister, president, governor, industrialist, entrepreneur or manager by his hard work, knowledge and intellect. Native earns enormous wealth, prosperity and success in his life by his hard work and good fortune. Native rises to a very high level in his job or profession and gain frequent promotions and position during his life. This native may also success in political career or may succeed in social career where he may have to lead or influence the masses.

Eleventh House

Placement of 10th lord in 11th house gives immence wealth and prosperity to the native. Native remains highly successful in his business or profession and earns financial freedom in his life. Native may have influential and powerful friends and contacts, which may help him or support him in his business or profession. Native also gains support from his elder brothers and elders in his family and relatives throughout his life. Native becomes head of many industries or businesses and employ hundreds of workers to work for him; hence he provides employment to many people in his life. This native may have multiple business and ventures and hence will have multiple sources of income in his life. Native leads a highly successful and fortunate life with accumulation of enormous wealth, prosperity and riches to attain financial freedom for him and his family.

Twelfth House

Placement of 10th lord in 12th house gives earning from far off land or foreign places to the native. Native may earn by working at foreign land or by exporting goods and services to the foreign countries. Native may earn through hospitals, asylums, hotels, hospitality industry, travel, tourism or through social services. Native will have to stay away from his family in regard to his work or profession or business for a good period of time in his life or he may have to travel frequently in his life. Native may also have to suffer many obstacles and difficulties in his business or profession and may have to face many ups and down in his life. This native may also loose money in his business or due to litigation or may change his job or business many times in his life. This placement of 10th lord also denotes expenditure of the hard earned money due to hospitalization or for treatment of some disease. Native may renounce worldly life and may resort to spiritualism and lead a religious life or may attain sainthood in his life. Native may spend all his earnings on others or give all his wealth and prosperity to others or may give away his wealth in charity.

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