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Nakshatra -  A pointer only.

They are the heart of astrology. The ruler and the signs are important but more important is the deity that  defines the operative part of the Nakshatra.

For the Nakshatra you planet say the Atmakarak is placed you can by making that house where the Atamakarak is placed can map the destiny. Look for the exaltation, debilitation & above all the mooltrikona signs form that point - the houses depending upon the lord - ship  will map your destiny.

Say Anuradha is the Nakshatra where your Atmakarak is placed & the sign is of course Scorpio. Then the most important thing will be issues of home, property, mother, domestic issues followed with communication, travel, siblings etc. Saturn the lord of Anuradha rules the 3rd and 4th house from Scorpio. Then look at the exaltation, deblitation, the cycle, the padas /Navamshas ( D9 ) in relation to the constellations -  to get more clues that I will deal in stages. 

As we go deeper we must understand that Moon gets deblitated in Scorpio so the Kartatwa / Cancer & Taurus signs will also show an underlying negative current.

Apply this to all planets with respect to there Kartatwa to  get an understanding of the energy's that can effect you.

This is to make you interested in this concept but do not apply without a thorough reading.

Astrology is all about you communicating with the external energies that impact you,


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