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IV Varshaphala Dasha System:

1 Mudda Dasha:

a) (Completed Year + ‘s birth Nak. No.-2)/9- R gives 1st dasha starting from onward in Vinshottari sequence.

i) Period of dasha is = (Vimshottari years no. X 3) – Mudda dasha no. of days.

ii) If R=5, the dasha will be and the dasha period would be 16x3=48 days.

iii) Each month may be taken as 30 days while fixing dates of dasha.

b) Balance of dasha at Varsha Pravesha:

i) By uncovered portion of ‘s birth Nak. From 1st dasha period arrived above.

ii) In the end last dasha is shown., It is the remaining balance from the Dasha period of 1st planet after subtracting the balance of dasha in the beginning. The same is to be done for other Dasha systems- Yogini and Patyayini.

c) Antar Dasha:

i) AD period; (MD period x AD period)/360 – AD period of a planet.

ii) 1st AD period belong to the same planet as of Maha dasha.

2 Yogini Dasha:

a) First Dasha:

i) (Completed years+ ‘s Nak. At birth+3) /8: R – first dasha counted from:

ii) Balance of Dasha: (Period of 1st dasha x untraversed portion of ‘s Nak. At birth)

iii) While fixing exact dates the period of month may be taken as 30 days.

iv) Sub-period to be worked out proportionally.

3 Patyayini Dasha:

a) Krimshamsha – longitude of planets in ascending order.

b) Patyamsha – by subtracting the 1st long. from 2nd in the above sequence; 2nd from the 3rd and so on.

c) Patyamsha = highest longitude of Krimshamsha.

d) Dasha order as per Krimshamsha order.

e) Dasha period:

i) (365 x Patyamsha of planet)/highest Krimshamsha.

ii) While fixing dates take actual days of English calendar months.

f) Sub-period:

i) (Duration of MD x Duration of AD)/365 – AD in days.

V Varshesha (Year Lord):

1 Panchadhikari (The Five Office Bearers):

a) Muntha Lord

b) LL of D/1

c) LL of AC

d) Tri Rasi Pati Lord: (from Tri Rasi Pati Table)

e) Dina Ratri Pati:

i) ‘s dispositor for day Varsha pravesh

ii) ‘s dispositor for night Varsha pravesh

2 Selection of Year Lord (YL):

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