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Vedic Astrology Prediction Sheet – Varshaphala (Annual Chart) Background Sheet No. 2/2

ii) Relation of a planet with Hudda Lord (HL) is based on Tajik aspect as explained above – points whether the planet is, same – 15, friend-11.5, neutral – 7.5, enemy-3.75.

d) Drekkana Bala: (Max. 10 points)

i) Use Drekkana Chart.

ii) DL as given above, for consideration in Panchvargiya Bala is different from Parashari system.

iii) Drekkana Bala of planet as per their tajik relation in the AC is for: same planet -10, friend – 7.5, neutral – 5 and enemies – 2.5 units.

e) Navamsha Bala: (Max. 5 units)

i) Planetary relations between a planet and its nav, lord using above Tajik relation – Navamsha Bala if same planet – 5, friend – 3.75, neutral – 2.5 and enemies – 1.25 units.

f) A table is drawn for planet wise summation of all the above Panchvargiya Bala and total for each planet is divided by 20 – Vishwa Bala (V.B.). The strength is as follows for VB:

i) VB > 15 – Prakrami (Extra ordinary strong)

ii) VB 10-15 – Poorna Bali

iii) VB 5-10 – Madhya Bali

iv) VB < 5 – Alpa Bali.

3 Dwadasa Vargiya Bala:

a) Rasi: D/1

b) Hora: D/2

c) Drekkana: D/3

i) 1st div. in 1st sign

ii) 2nd div. in 5th sign

iii) 3rd div. in th sign

d) Chaturthamsha: D/4

i) 1st div. in same place

ii) 2nd div. from 4th

iii) 3rd div. from 7th

iv) 4th div. from 10th

e) Panchamsha: D/5

f) Alternately:

i) M: div. no. from 1st

ii) F: div. no. from 5th

iii) D: div. no. from 9th

g) Sashtamsha: D/6

i) Odd sign: div. no. from Aries

ii) Even sign: div. no. from 7th

h) Saptamsha: D/7

i) Odd. sign: div. no. from 1st

ii) Even sign: div. no. from 7th

i) Ashtamsha: D/8

i) M div. no. from Aries

ii) F div. no. from Saggittarius

iii) D div. no. from Leo

j) Navamsha: D/9

i) M div. no. from 1st


ii) F div. no. from 9th

iii) D div. no. from 5th

k) Dashamsha: D/10

i) Odd sign from 1st

ii) Even sign rom 9th

l) Ekadashamsha: D/11

m) Dwadashamsha: D/12

i) Count division number from same sign.

n) Examine status in different vargas:

i) B – benefic (OH/FH/exal.)

ii) M – malefic (EH/deb.)

iii) N – in neutral sign.

iv) Larger the no. of B stronger and more benefical is the planet.

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