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Some Aspects of Face Reading

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1) Among the parts of the Face, CHIN is an important part of the face and conveys many things about the native. Every chin of a person (both males and females- also children) have a different story to tell. Chins are normally classified in Four broad categories:

i) Pointed, ii) Narrow, iii) Broad and iv) Cleft. Then these categories are further classified in Narrow pointed, Broad pointed, Narrow-pointed and Broad Cleft.

2) If would not be too much to say that manifestation of love/ romance/ emotions for sex and love for the opposite sex (at times chin becomes indicative of perverted sex but difficult to determine) are indicate by the chin of the native. Delicately pointed chin and slightly projected chin denotes considerable attention for the opposite sex and a great desire for love and to be loved. Similarly, a curved projecting chin shows a great desire to love-an intense inner feeling for love and attraction for opposite sex. Such a chin on the face becomes a representative of 'sex appears'.

3) The square and indented chin denotes a passionate affection for the opposite sex. Normally, this type of chin is found more often among men as compared to women. Females normally have pointed and delicately shaped chins. Such a native has an urge to meet persons for easy satisfaction but in some cases it has been seen that such a lady suffers miseries and never marries. Some call it a detaining type chin.

4) Cleft chin (also referred to as masculine chin) speak of desires passionately to be loved and a partner with pointed chin would be more appropriate thus both are likely to have and give warm reciprocation in loving. The nature of chef is passionate but with well formed lips and month, the passions are controlled. The cleft-chin natives normally have excessive indulgence and are after love and rarely, depending on the birth chart, remain unmarried.

5) A dimple chin- often in women (adding beauty to the face is considered less passionate as compared to cleft chin). But it may not be always so. We go by the placement of planets in birth chart and natives born with association/ aspect/ conjunction of Mars/ Venus/ Saturn who may speak of love and romance. They seek to be loved and are considered harmless flirt type. It has been noted that females with dimpled chin enjoy the society of the opposite sex-normally taken as society girls-some of them taking to modeling, acting etc.

6) The broad chin/ square chin shows endurance and permanence in friendship and love. Such a native has strong will power. On testing, this principle is supported by the thumbs of the native concerned. Other qualities of such natives indicate apart from permanence attachment, fidelity in family affection, demanding, jealous and also a keen lover.

7) Some what short/ round chin natives are found to be easy going, warn in affection ardent but not passionate to the expectation of others. But, there will be fondness of kissing, a desire for marriage and also for children.

8) Chin getting downward in length indicates will power and authority to command others. A short chin belong to a more yielding fellow i.e. lack self confidence. Here again, we get to astrology and those of your born with Leo Lagan and strong Sun/ Mars may not yield.

9) A receding chin indicates weakness of will power and offend indicates weakness of power and offend indicates obstinacy. However, this would depend on the depth and amount of recession of chin and that will precisely determine the degree of weakness of will-power. Some of such natives become obstinate/ cruel and rigid.

Shanker Adawal

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The Sun in Libra – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Venus the planet of 'balance' rules Libra and the Sun in Libra, a debilitated point for the Sun, gives rise to many interpretations. Since, it is not possible to discuss Sun all angles, brief reference is made to various aspects of the Sun in Libra.

The span of Libra consists of the following Nakshtra:

00.00 to 06.40 degrees of Libra or

06.40 to 13.20 degrees of Chitra ruler by Mars

06.40 to 20.00 degrees of Libra or

00.00 to degrees of Swati ruled by 20.00 to 30.00 degrees of Libra or

00.00 to 10.00 degrees of Vishakha ruled by Jupiter.

Therefore for interpretation of the Sun in Libra, we have to take into consideration the characteristics of the sign Libra, the house in which the Sun in Libra comes apart from the planets i.e. the Sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu (Node) and Jupiter.

Persons born with the Sun in Libra at 0.40 degrees is considered inauspicious (deadly) including the curtailment of longevity.

Persons born with the Sun in Libra upto 20.00 degrees specially in the position ruled by Swati are generally attractive and their features are of women-folk. Peace-loving, adamant and independent. For a better tomorrow, it would be good if he uses proper balance of mind. Willing to extend helping hand if his freedom is not questioned, friend in need but worst enemy. Even born in a wealthy family, financial problems will be faced by him. The suitable profession is of gold-smith, traveling agent and also of drug seller. Married life will not be much congenial though for the outside world they are most adjustable. Sun in Libra causes diseases regarding abdomen, heart, piles and arthritis.

Persons born in Libra during 20.00 to 30.00 degrees indicate two types of appearances i.e. one with fatty and long stature. Such natives have been found to be full of vigor and vitality and are intelligent of the highest order. Most of them have to live away from the parents and family. Slavery is suicidal for such persons. Depending on the position of Saturn, such natives have inclination for 'Sanayas' but at the same time they are devoted to the family. Such persons turn out to be good orator and are capable of attracting cords. Such natives are drinking of alcohol and over-indulgence.

As already indicated the vital or solar influence of this signs is 'balance' and 'justice'-equality before law-rather in all fields. With the Sun in Libra the native is capable of giving dispassionable judgment after taking into consideration all aspects. Depending on the other planetary position, the natives have kind and amicable nature learns more through comparison, their institution but have sensitive feelings.

The Sun in Libra (10th house) dose not give the expected rise in life unless there is improvement from other planets. This is because the Sun gets debilities position and the position of the lord of the 10th house i.e. Venus would also have a say in the rise of the native professionally. The person with debilitated Sun having influence of Saturn/Rahu may develop thievish habits otherwise he will learned and religious. Though some of them become skilful in astrology and mathematics but may also be a cheat. The examples of education' cheats are well known.

With the Sun in Libra (7th house for Aries), the partner would be fond of change and travel. Some of them may have two wives though have a narrow look and are jealous. But at the same time we have a principle that the Sun in 7th house delays marriage and the wide of such a native (Sun in Libra) is not faithful and accordingly the native may always quarrel with the wife. Some of them get sick wife. Traveling abroad specially after 25 year of age is indicated. Since the 7th is also a house of partnership. This Sun in Libra indicates ambitious partner also and depending on the horoscopes of both, financial gains are indicated. The other principle is that the Sun in Libra is capable of giving highest education, expert in administration and law, promoters of music, art and literature but may not have children.

The un in Libra also gives hints to politics, politician, judicial system, social gatherings and film line, manufacture of so phitisicated goods including of women garments, jewelers, beauty parlors, china ware manufacturers, diamonds, sales-agents etc.

The Sun in Libra is in debilitation and according to Phaladeepka, the planet in debilitation is considered adverse in effect but the position is at times improved by Neechbhaga Raja yogas and other combinations. Hence the need to study the horoscope thoroughly.

Libra is place of exaltation for Saturn and when the influence of Saturn is predominant the native is more thick set and muscular. The eye of Libra born is subtle and fascinating but exceedingly soft, gentle and affectionate. Some of the native with the Sun in Libra are sinister in expression but are economical in their methods. By and large it has to come to stay that Chinese are most mysterious as the ruler of China is Libra (This need to be tested). The influence of Saturn (Sun is debilitated and Saturn is exalted in Libra) often gives a coarseness of texture and in some cases a touch of brutality.

An airy sing, the Sun in Libra makes the native a lethargic follow and thus robs of the activeness give by Libra. At the same time, Libra is the most effective of all the forces of the Zodiac.

Shanker Adawal

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Palmistry Know All About Your Hands

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)


The characteristics of each person are closely linked with the type of hands one is possessed of. There are seven types of hands and each has its own significance. The seven categories are: elementary, square, speculate, philosophic, conic, psychic and mixed.

Elementary Hand

The hand is short and clumsy and of awkward formation. The thumb, which represents intellect, is also badly formed. Persons with this type of hand have little mental ability and are engaged in occupations requiring unskilled labor. They lack control over their passions and are ruled generally by animal instincts.

Square Hand

The palm is square at the wrist and at the base of the fingers and the fingers is also square. This type of hand is termed useful as the possessors are practical, disciplined, and logical and guided by reasons. They have the qualities of perseverance, punctuality and foresight. They are charitable in times of need.

Spatulate Hand

The spatulate hand is wider at the base of the fingers or very broad at the wrist, and sloping towards the base of the fingers. Those who have such hands often like to be original in their approach and hesitate to follow old conventions and suctions. They are full or energy, initiative and a full of spirit, interested in new inventions and in doing extraordinary things.

Philosophic Hand

The hand is long and angular. The fingers are also the same. Philosophers, yogis and mystics possess such hands. They seek higher wisdom rather than money. It is said that our sages who discovered many scientific laws, including the occult sciences, had such hands.

Conic Hand

Conic hands are also called artistic hands. The fingers are even upto the end. The hands have a beautiful shape. The fingers have rounded tapering ends. Persons of this type are impulsive, artistic and moved by higher emotions. They are fond of luxurious living. Their like and dislikes are extreme.

Psychic Hand

Such hands are very beautiful to look at, but so far as worldly comforts are concerned, the possessors are not fortunate enough to enjoy these. The fingers are long, slender and tapering. The hands are small, smooth and soft. They are dreamers, visionaries and idealists. They succeed in art and design. They have faith in destiny and take things as they come.

Mixed Hand

This type is a mixture of the six hands detailed above. Something from each makes up this hand. The interests and characteristics of the subjects are determined by the types of hands that predominate.

While studying a hand, we have to take into account the size of the hand. There are five categories.

1- Large, 2- Very Large, 3- Small, 4- Very Small, 5 Average.

Each size has its own significance, and the traits of the possessor will vary according to the size of the hand. The hand is divided into two parts for the purpose of this study. One, the extremity of the arm below the wrist, including the palm, which is called the hand. And two, the inside of the hand on which we see a number of lines, called the palm.

Large Hands

Persons possessed of large hands like to go into the minutest details and want perfection. They like to observe protocol and etiquette. They have analytical talents. Large hands are considered the best, and the possessors can mange work as well as daily routine. They make good clerks, contractors, drivers, gardener's hotel managers, stenographers, etc. they generally write a small hand.

Very Large Hands

Persons having very large hands would like to go into each and every detail, which may not be necessary. Though they are hardworking, they seldom attain satisfaction and are termed whimsical.

Small Hands

Small hands indicate sharp intellect, broad ideas and an emotional nature. The subjects do not like to go into details, are interested in the main points, and take quick decision. They do their best and adopt all means to succeed in their efforts and ambitions. They generally write a large hand.

Average Hands

Persons with average hands are possessed of a healthy imagination and maintain balance of mind and temper. They have common sense and face the problems of life without a murmured.

The texture of the hands indicates a great deal about the traits of the possessor. It is classified as:- (i) soft hands; (ii) flabby hands; (iii) hard hands; (iv) heavy hand; (v) thick hands; and (vi) thin hands.

Soft Hands

Persons of this type are of poetical temperament, being possessed of the power of imagination. Generally ladies possess such hands. Men with soft hands have more of the woman in their nature. They are compassionate and sympathetic.

Flabby Hands

The subjects are lazy, lethargic, selfish, easy-going and heartless. They think only of their own comforts and feel that world is exclusively meant for them alone. They use their intellect and speech to hoodwink others. They preach to others while hardly practicing what they tell others.

Hard Hands

Such hands suggest an industrious nature more practical and less imaginative. The possessors face hardship with courage and determination. They are not demonstrative in their emotions, but are steadfast, reliable and straight forward.

Heavy Hands

Persons with such hands are cruel and oppress other for their own benefit and for the sake of exercising authority. They derive pleasure from inflicting cruelty on others, hangmen, executioners and black marketers, who lack a sense of morality, have such hands.

Thick Hands

Thick hands persons are whimsical, superstitious, sensuous, selfish and narrow-minded. They are also obstinate.

Shanker Adawal

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Gemology: Your Health and Gems-Curative Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
(Know about some diseases)

Gems cannot be cure diseases like Cancer, asthma etc. but gems have brought back many from the brink of the grave. Gems can reduce their effect and provide immunity in the body against any disease. Side by side medicines are recommended to get quick recovery. Gems are a second line defense ageist any disease and one can get wonderful results in curing serious and chronic diseases. Gems are wonderful medicines. Emerald is a valuable gem for removing insomnia, asthma, high-blood pressure, meningitis, brain tumors; paralysis gastric ulcer etc. moonstone can remove septic boils, carbuncles, abscess, conjunctivitis. Red coral, cures fevers, all inflammatory complaints, small-pox, chicken-pox, measles, malaria, impotency, diseases of the private parts, piles, festally etc. no harms if we use these gems for curing diseases?

When 'at ease', one is not diseases. Disease is a departure from normal state of health. It may be hard to draw a distinction between disease and ease. There is no such thing as perfect health. Body is prone to various diseases. Specific diseases are generally recognized by means of signs and symptoms.

Cure of disease is generally done by taking medicines through the mount to by injections. We have several systems of curing a disease i.e. by Alopathetic, Homeopath tic, hakimi And Survedic systems. There is another ancient system i.e. through the use of gems. Gems have wonderful powers in curing diseases and healing wounds. Gems may be used as a second line of defense against any disease and side by side medicines may be taken in order to get quick relief. It is proved and it is now a settled fact that our body is composed of seven colors of the Solar Spectrum which is commonly known as VIBGYOR i.e. violet indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, orange and red. The main source of these colors is the planet Sun and when the light of the Sun is transmitted through a triangular glass prism, it reflects a band of seven colors. These seven colors are called primacy colors and other hues and shades are made by mixing one or two such primary colors. White is regarded as mother of all colors. It is now an accepted fact that the Sun has seven colors in its rays and Sun's rays are essential for the life and growth of all vegetables, plants, animals and human beings on earth.

Each gem has an abundant source of one specific color which is not exhausted even after constant use for several years. One can get immunity from diseases by the use of gems. Follow the principles of gemology.

Deficiency of red color in our body causes fevers, anemia, and physical debility, weakness, piles, fistula, inflammation etc. red rays have been found suitable for impending collapse, and without pulse. The gems-reed coral, ruby or cat's eye have perennial source of red color. Any one of these three stones may cure the above diseases merely be being worn on third finger of either hand (Right or left).

Violet color in deficiency gives diseases like nervous disorders, mental ill-ness, paralysis, hysteria, arthritis, deafness, baldness, toothache, ear-ache, gastric-ulcer, liver-troubles, gaining fits etc. absence of this color give virels many diseases and Saturn the planet of desire interlaid, govern this color. It is said that Saturn rules over our physical body and as such, he is the chief planet who governs our health. The gem blue sapphire has abundant source of supplying this color into our body when worn and one may get rid of the above diseases.

Common cold infection annoys all of us. Who get cold? Practically everyone. It is a universal disease. Medically it is caused by a virus and astrologically, it is caused by the planets- the Moon and Saturn. The Moon during gochara movements may cause these troubles. Climatic changes are also responsible for causing these troubles. Any cold stone viz Moon-stone blue sapphire, emerald may cure this trouble. Red coral may also be found to be very useful. And simple steel ring during summer months, cold stones useful and during winter months, hot stones an use Rad.

If a body temperature is above normal body temperature of 98'6 Fahrenheit (taken orally), fever is a sign of disease accompanied by other sings viz, a more rapid-pulse, changes in breathing, a sense of being chilled, nausea, diarrhea and headache. In high fever, unconsciousness or delirium may take place. Fever may be of several types viz. makaruak-fever, meningitis, typhoid, rhematic-fever, yellow-fever etc. medically fever is caused by an infection with some germs or microbe and astrologically this is caused by the deficiency of red rays. The red planet Mars is solely responsible for this disease and who during transit causes this trouble. Combined use of the gems-red coral and yellow sapphire may cure this disease, but take medical help.

The Moon, controller of mind, govern the first seven years of a man's life. Therefore the moon is all-in-all during infancy. Children are subject to various aliments of the body. One single gem Moonstone has powers to cure all children's diseases. May be worn in a pendant in a silver chain round the neck. Even the metal silver had great powers to remove children's diseases. Red thread may be used in the waist to keep the body worm, during winter months. Black thread may be used in waist during summer months to keep the body cold.

It is the most common complaint which vexes all of us. The causes are numerous, some are anxiety, injuries to the head or to the other parts of the body, epilepsy, liver troubles, kidney troubles, eye-troubles, sinus infection, fevers etc. eye trouble is a frequent cause of headache. Even a toothache may cause headache. Exertion or fatigue may cause headache. In astrology, it is causes by four planets Mars Mercury and Saturn, but the main planet is Mercury who governs the brain nerves and circulation in the body. Mercury affected by Saturn in Aries in the birth chart, the native frequently suffers from severe headache. The gems Emerald in may cure this trouble completely. Some may safely use Lapis Lazuli.

Tooth trouble common disease and only few people have perfect teeth. Neglect of teeth is the root cause of all dental disorders. It is well-known that the teeth are part of the digestive system. Toothache is a sign of decayed teeth. Many factors cause tooth decay and they are diet, heredity, mouth hygiene, endocrine gland activity, accumulation of tartar on the teeth. Pyorrhea is an inflammation of the gums and membranes that cover that roots of the teeth below the gum line.

Now astrology, the teeth under the control of Mars and Saturn, who governs all dry cells and tissues in our body i.e. tooth, ear, nails, bones, hair-roots. The 2nd house in a birth-chart governs our teeth. Malefics here give toothache, therefore use of blue sapphire or Lapis Lazuli on little finger of wither hand may cure this disease completely. This is called sympathetic treatment. Mars is the enemy of Saturn and so his gem red coral may also cure this disease. Again gum-boils or gum-pains are caused by Mars, so the combined used of red coral and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli will give wonderful results. Rahu in the 2nd and also in 3rd house at a birth chart will cause dental troubles. Malefics in Aries, Tauras, Libra or Sagittarius ascendant cause tooth-troubles.

Commonest from of ear trouble is the accumulation of wax in the ear which caused deafness, ear ache, ringing in the ear. The planet Saturn governs the ear and Mercury rules over ear nerves. The 3rd house of the Zodiac i.e. Gemini (Ruler-Mercury) and the eleventh house of Zodiac i.e. Aquarius (Ruler-Saturn) control the right and left ears respectively. Of the five senses, Saturn governs hearing. When Mercury and Saturn are afflicted in the 3rd or 11th house by any malefic, ear-diseases are caused. Mercury in the 6th and Venus in the 10th can causes deafness of the right ear. The gems emerald and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli may ward off ear-troubles. Emerald is regarded as the best medicine for all ear-troubles. Emerald is regards as the best medicine for all ear-troubles.

Some people are born deaf while other becomes deaf later on from infections, accidents, diseases, aging and possibly hereditary tendencies. Total deafness is rare, partial deafness is common. Loss of hearing may be temporary or permanent. Accumulation of wax in the ears, foreign bodies in the ears, and blows to the head, ruptured ear-drum and explosive noises like sudden bomb explosion can also cause deafness.

Malefics in the 3rd (Right) or 11th (Left) house may cause deafness. Saturn and Mercury are the two planets who are solely responsible for causing deafness. Emerald and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli may be used jointly in order to get better results.

Conjunctivitis (eye trouble) which is highly communicable and contagious is caused by a specific virus. Excess of red rays in our body causes conjunctivitis. In astrology it is caused by the Sun or Mars. Mars or the Sun in Taurus or Pisces may cause this trouble. The 2nd house in a horoscope governs the right eye and the 12th house the left eye. Malefics here at birth-chart can give rise to severe eye-complaints. The 2nd house of the Zodiac is Taurus and its ruler is Venus. It is said that Venus governs the eyes. Of the five senses, Mercury rules over sight. So Mars in the 2nd or Venus in the 12th if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu may give rise to defective vision. Pearl has powers to improve one's eye sight. Combined use of the gems emerald, pearl and blue sappier or lapis lazuli can cure all sorts of eye-cinokaubts.

Whooping cough is a serious childhood disease. The source of infection is discharge from other infected children. The incubation period is normally one week, but unfortunately this disease hangs on upto about tow months. Mercury afflicted at birth-chart in Gemini may cause this trouble. The gems Emerald and Red coral may cure this disease completely.

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Shanker Adawal
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