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“Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology” by Dr. Shanker Adawal

This is the second book in the series and is very important. The book covers five hundred yogas such as Rajyogas, Dhanyogas, Nabhasyogas, yogas related to the Sun and the Moon, trikone houses, parivartan yogas, yogas for marriage and progeny. Yogas for penury, ayur and arishta yogas.

Each chapter of yogas explains the importance of strength and time of fructifications through illustrations.

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This is the first book in the series and is the most important. The foundation is based on the principles of basic astrology propounded by various schools of thought. The book covers signs, their impact, the planetary impact in each sign, the role of depositors, details on each planet and their relationship when in aspect and in the divisional charts as also the complexities they can pose. This book attempts at conveying that the basic importance has to be given  to the planets, their placement and various relationship as a result of the same. The yogas, dasha, nakshatras etc. will be dealt in the other books that follow, but all have to be applied keeping in mind the first basic principles that are being enumerated in this book.

Book "Tajik Shastra & Annual Horoscopy" is an important aspect in the journey of our understanding various aspects of Astrology .This is the endeavor of the encyclopedia. In this book the author has divided the study primarily in two parts. The first part dealing with various factors like the yoga, aspects and so on with an explanation of factors that makes Tajik different and unique. The second part dwells in the predictive aspects with illustrations. This book will surely evince the interest of the beginners as well as others who are in research or predictive astrology.

Dr Shanker Adawal, the author, is a management professional. He has over the last thirty three years worked with various prestigious corporates in India and abroad. His experience of working with L&T, Xerox, Tata, Nortel and with a leading energy major of the country, alongwith a Jyotisharya from Varanasi gives him the perfect blend of intellect and logic. The son of a bureaucrat father and an educationist mother, he is a graduate in Economics (Hons), Masters in Business Economics from Delhi University, PhD in Economics and complementing his skills with software and other leadership programs from Singapore and other countries.
His passion has been astrology, a passion that fell his way in childhood, a zeal that he picked from his father. As a child he often saw his father, a bureaucrat and an astrologer, getting admiration from many eminent astrologers, which inspired him. He used to spend long hours participating in intellectual debates that his father used to have with his friends and fellow astrologers. With thousands of books in his library, free consultations through magazines, television, portals and newspapers around the globe, he continues his journey on his passion. He has been felicitated and awarded for his contribution in this field. He also has keen interest in Human Rights. He can be contacted at
The notion that astrologers can unfold lives and reveal what waits at the next bend is a thought that comes to all and populist claims have inspired the author to come up with a series of books that will discuss the various aspects in astrology, putting together the research and findings by various groups and the experience gained during his journey. The purpose of the encyclopedia is an attempt to put a clear understanding of the process of astrology, taking into account the first basic principles and dealing with different topics. The encyclopedia which would consist of over eighteen books, is intended to be brought out over a period of two years. These would cover the basic in astrology and then go on to the predictive techniques, the nadi astrology, tajik, yogas, nakshatras, rectification of birth time, vargas, dashas, mundane prashna, mahurat, remedy and other aspects of interest. The advantage of this would be that both students and those who want to pursue research can progress the understanding of this science in a systematic manner. Also the complete set will be of great value to those in India and abroad who want to understand various levels and will give them the flexibility of dwelling into the complexities in a coherent manner. With the growing interest to learn this science in various countries, the readers there will find this series of books very useful.

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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - III, Yogas


S. No. - 1
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Sunday + Hasta
Comments – Avoided in taking loan. It will not be paid off.

S. No. - 2
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Monday + Mrigshir
Comments - ---

S. No. 3
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Tuesday + Ashwini
Comments – Avoided in construction or entering of house.

S. No. 4
Amrit Siddhi Yoga Wednesday + Anuradha
Comments - ---

S. No. 5
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Thursday + Pushya
Comments – Madhusarpina (Honey & Poison) Yoga – Avoided in marriage (It is said that Brahma fell in love with his daughter Saraswati).

S. No. 6
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Friday + Revti
Comments - ---

S. No. 7
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – Saturday + Rohini
Comments – Avoided in journeys.

3 Sarvarth Siddhi Yogas: It is day & Nakshatra Yoga and are benefic for all activities and acts started during this yoga leads to successful completion. Apart from many other good yogas Amrit Siddhi Yoga are included in these. They are formed by following combinations:

S. No. 1
Day - Sun
+ Nakshatra Combination – Has, Moo, 3 Uttaras, Pus, Ashl.

S. No. 2
Day - Mon
+ Nakshatra Combination – Sra, Roh, Mri, Pus, Anu.

S. No. - 3
Day - Tue
+ Nakshatra Combination – Ash, U. Bha, Kri, Ashl.

S. No. - 4
Day - Wed
+ Nakshatra Combination – Roh, Anu, Has, Kri, Mri

S. No. - 5
Day - Thu
+ Nakshatra Combination – Rev, Anu, Ash, Pun, Pus.

S. No. - 6
Day - Fri
+ Nakshatra Combination – Rev, Anu, Ash, Pun, Sra.

S. No. - 7
Day - Sat
+ Nakshatra Combination – Sra, Roh, Swa.

4 Dwipushkar and Tripushkar Yogas:
They are Tithi-Vaar Nakshatra yogas. Events good or bad gets repeated twice or thrice if undertaken during these yogas. Good for auspicious acts like jewellery making, house construction, etc. they are formed as follows:

Yoga – Dwipushkar Yoga
Vaar – Sun Tue Sat
+Tithi – 2, 7, 12
+Nakshatras – (symbol)’s Nak – Mrig, Chit, Dhanishta

Yoga – Tripushkar Yoga
Vaar – Sun Tue Sat
+Tithi – 2, 7, 12
+Nakshatras – (symbol)’s & (symbol)’s Nak – Krit, U. Phal U. Asha, and Pun, Vish, P. Bhad.

Note: There are large no. of malefic muhurta yoga eg Karkach, Dagdha, Visha, Mrityu etc. to be avoided. (See panchang for details).

VII General Muhurta Combinations: Muhurta or election of auspicious time is for successful completion of an activity. A muhurta is an auspicious combination of Panchang parameters – Tithi, Vaar. Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan. Some of the important muhurtas and their combinations are given in the table below.
Name of the Muhurta – Punsvan (3rd month of preg – Fetus protection)
Tithi – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13
Vaar – Sun Tue Thu
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Sra, Roh, Pus are best. Mri, pun, Has, Rev, moo, 3 Uttaras are medium) in male Lagna, benefics in 1/4/5/7/9/10H and Moon not in 1/6/8/12H and Papa in 3/6/11H

Name of the Muhurta – Simant (6th or 8th month of preg – satisfying wishes of the pregnant mother)
Tithi – 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13,
Vaar – Sun Tue Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Mri, Pus, Moo, Sra, Pun, Has (Aliter: 3 Uttras, Roh, Rev); strong Month Lord ben. In Kendra Tikona and malefics in 3/6/11H or benefic Navamsha.

Name of the Muhurta – Mother’s Bath
Tithi – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Roh, Mri, 3 Uttaras, Anu, Rev. no planet in 5Hand benefics in Kendra.

Name of the Muhurta  - Naming of baby
Tithi – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13           
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu Fri     
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Roh, Mri, Pun, Pus, 3 Uttaras, Has, Chi, Swa, Anu, Moo, Sra, Dha, Sha, Rev. Benefic in 1/5/7/9/10Hmale fics in 3/6/11H and no planets in 8/12H.

Name of the Muhurta – Baby Breast feed
Tithi – Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya & Poorna
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Roh, Pun, Pus, Mri, Has, Chi, Anu, Moo, Sra, Dha, Sha, Rev.

Name of the Muhurta – Ear Vedha (ear piercing)           
Tithi – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Mri, Pun, Pus, Has, Chi, Anu, Sra, Dha, Rev. Lagna in 1,3,4,6,7,9,12 sign. Benefic in 1/3/4/5/7/9/10/11H; malefics in 3/6/11H and no planet in 8H.

Name of the Muhurta – Mundan (Hair cutting)
Tithi – 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – In odd year from birth in. Ash, Mri, Pun, Pus, Has, Chi, Swa, Jye, Sra, Dha, Sha, Rev. Lagna in 2/3/4/6/7/9/12 sign. Benefics in 1/2/4/5/7/8/10H; malefics in 3/6/11 Hand no planet in 8H

Name of the Muhurta – Start of learning
Tithi – 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11,  12
Vaar – Sun Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Mri, Ard, Pun, Pus, Ashl, Has, Chi, Swa, Moo, Sra, Dha, Sha, 3 Poorvas.

Name of the Muhurta – Yagyopavit (Sacred Thread
Tithi – 2, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12 of SP 1, 2, 3, 5 of KP.
Vaar – Sun Mon Wed Thu Fri
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Ash, Mri, Ard, Pun, Pus, Has, Chi, Swa, Anu, Moo, Sra, Dha, Sha, Rev, 3 Poorva & Uttaras. Benefics in 1/4/5/7/9/10H; malefics in 3/6/11H malefics not in 1/4/8H & LL not in 6/8H.

Name of the Muhurta – Jala Kumbh Well pooja
Tithi - Shubha
Vaar – Mon Wed Thu
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – Mri, Pun, pus, Has, Anu, Moo, Sra. Exclude Rikta, Infant, old or combust (symbol) or (symbol); months of Chaitra, Pausha,, Adhik Maasa, Sradh Paksha (Aswin KP), Maas end etc.

Name of the Muhurta – Sagai Rokka
Tithi - Shubha
Vaar - Ben
Nak-Maasa-Lagna etc. – 3 Poorvas & Uttaras, Kri, Roh, Mri, Mag, Has, Swa, Anu, Moo, Sra, Dha, Rev.


Numerology Maths on Number 7 & 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

– Persons born under Number 7 are independent in nature, have originality in thinking and wants to keep up their Individuality. Such persons are restless and fond of changes including traveling. They have peculiar ideas even about religious matters and traditional values and may not follow the beaten track.

For gaining knowledge and to follow righteous path including spiritualism they may have to travel even to foreign lands though they may not get the needed mental solace. Actually, Number 7 is itself a spiritual number and enables the native to develop supren consciousness in self. With the independent thinking, the native want to be a free bird and may with like bondages and restrictions from any person. It may be noticed that the greatest prophets and spiritualists have dominating influence of Neptune (Number 7 ruler).


Watch and see – the behaviour of Number 7 peresons may remain mysterious. Depending on the placement of the Moon in the birth chart, such persons become at times `absent-minded’. Be that as it may, such persons think logically and reach their aims though they may be stubborn and may also disregard the advice/opinion of others.

Number 7 persons, often business minded, have the needed talent to earn money but at the same time may show indifference to materialistic gains/persuits. Such persons are sensitive and hides their real feelings. Few of persons born under Number 7 dislike mingling with common person though they may prefer to spend their spare time on books or in the favourite library. They gain masteryin their subjects and whenever their opinion is sought, they would speak with authority i.e. as an Advocate. Just quotes precedents (Case Law) in support of their arguments.

Number 7 persons are skeptical about religious matters and mystic things. They are slow in taking any decision unless they are sure to get the expected results. Thus Number 7 persons are very cautious and may not like to speculate. They have an analytical mind and they must think deeply before by action is taken.

Persons born on Number 7 are energetic and ambitious. They are studious and methodical and take their duties with responsibility and seriously and not in a casual manner. They are independent in their plans/thoughts and may not like to be dominated by others. They hate criticism of any type both at home and at work place. With this type of attitude, they are generally misunderstood by others.

Number 7 persons, being mystic, are also attracted by intelligent persons including astrologers/Palmists etc. They are themselves clever and may not like interference. Such persons normally appear to be `calm’ but some type of turmoil in mind is troubling them may be on account of marital pitfalls or other domestic problems.

Number 7 peresons are successful businessmen (traders), exporters/ importers etc., in Fishery, chemicals, soaps etc.

Health-waise, Number 7 persons are prone to nervousness, foul blood circulation, stomach disorder.

Number 7 Husband: Such persons are very emotional but may understand the feelings of wife as they are considerate and shall not impose their ideas. They are spendthrift and want to be comfortable lavishly.

Number 7 wife: Her Home is a social centre as she is hospitable and her interests are wide – she is kind and would not hurt the feelings of others. She is very Moody also. She is restless and gets disturbed on small matters.




NUMBER 8 – The Planet of Destiny – Friend and Foe – Saturn shows extreme sense of discipline, hard-work, steadfastness, and dutifulness. The native born under the influence of Saturn have sober, solitude but loving personality. Such persons are lovers of classical music but mostly of malencholic type. Apart from dissatisfaction and disappointments, contentments/satisfaction come from their own self-of course with the passage of time.

Number 8 persons are considered to be `balance wheel’ judicious minded – they must weigh all pros and cons before forming an opinion or taking any final decision in any walk of life. Being pessimistic, they must look to the other side. Such persons, by and large, are not social and would prefer solitudeness/loneliness. Number 8 persons are very cautious about their future and would take decisions very carefully.

Briefly, Number 8 persons are prudent, intelligent, wise though sober. Fall and rise in life is well indicated and is in store for them. They have to be satisfied with their lot as per planetary position in their birth Chart though Exalted Saturn can take the native to a very high position.


It has been seen that Number 8 persons are never over-ambitious and over-enthusiastic-rather though hard working but would, more or less, give appearance of a gloomy and melancholic fellow. Be that as it may, such persons are devoted to duty, ambitious and persverring.

Number 8 persons have energy to put maximum efforts in attainment of their objects as they are skeptical and analytical and as such they are creative, inventive, productive and also dominating where needed.

On the other hand inspite of good qualities indicated above, they are liable to be misunderstood by others including close relations. Laziness and lethargy has been noted amongst Number 8 persons and they can over come this by determination including by getting up early in the morning.

Number 8 persons are helping hand for others, charity minded. They are hospitable and warm-hearted. As indicated above, some of Number 8 persons, depending on the position of their Master-Saturn, they are born leaders/managers and have the capacity to get their work done from their subordinates. Slow and steady wins the race- this is what they follow. They may be slow in taking decisions but they will take the right decisions.

Ideas and thinking of Number 8 persons towards duty and society are unconventional/traditional and as such they may need more pursuation to adjust with modern times.

Number 8 persons are usually attracted to religious sermons, religius preachers and wants to be in the company of intelligent persons to increase their intellectual capital but may not interfere in their activities. Rather, they will try to improve own lot by following the righteous path.

Delay but not denial in all spherers of life is indicated for Number 8 persons – delay in financial stability, marriage etc. It has been een that normally such persons remain disturbed in family life. They may, however look after their ailing/distressed/invalid relations.

NUMBER 8 Husband – Few of Number 8 persons may not have desire to get married but they like loneliness and want to be left alone. But they get married though little late. It is seen that selecting a wife becomes difficult for them. After marriage such persons become considerate and love their wife and children.

Number 8 Wife – Normally was masculine personality, she is capable of doing all jobs in a systemic manner. She enjoys family and loves children. She is capable, fine companion, intelligent and adeptable to all circumstances including bad times.



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Astrological Mathematics between a Genius and Inventor

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
It is known to all that birth stars help the native to become a genius and Inventor but `Karma’ of the native is also important. The knowledge has to be acquired by doing `karma’ by way of learning and even if you are born with good stars, your deeds must help you to go ahead in life. Remembering Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India it is stated that he rose to the highest position because of birth stars and `Karma’. The known scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose (DOB – 30th November, 1858 A.D. at 4.25 P.M. – (LMT) (Long – 90.2 (E) and Lat 23.33 (N). Chart: The Sun – 227.1, The Moon 170, Mars 291.52, Mercury 243.48, Jupiter 56.39, Venus 247.38, Saturn – Rahu 312.49 and Ketu 132.49) showed a marked bent towards inventions from a very early age. Apart from having distinction in physics, the native brought to highlight many things pertaining to plant life. He had parivarthana (exchange) of houses between Venus (Lord of house of speech, fortune and intellect) (Born with Taurus Lagna (32 degrees of Zodiac) and Jupiter (Lord of the house of education and the Karka for wisdom) with reference to Chandra Lagan. The 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses are important in assessing the intellectual greatness and worth of an individual. At the same time the Moon was aspected by Saturn as well as Jupiter and that is why he had been the victim of prejudice and race discrimination. Saturn’s aspect over the Moon must have given him lot of worry but Jupiter’s aspect enabled him to cultivate the strength of mind which is very essential for achieving the great objects. Jupiter in Lagna rendered him intensely human who could see deeply that the essential brotherhood of man was a growing reality and not a mere abstraction. Further, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus were completely free from malefics and these became responsible for knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.

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An insight into Astrological Principles

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The question of children arises after marriage. For knowing about the children, it is necessary, rather it is preferred to have the astro-analysis of the horoscopes of both the husband and wife. Among other factors, the role of Jupiter – the significator of children, 5th house and 5th Lord must be taken into account. Mars-Ketu influence on the 5th lord and 5th House may speak of surgery and ceaserian operation etc.

There are many theories about the number of children including the number of planets in the 5th House and influence of planets on the 5th house. But I find that the traditional astrological principles may not stand to test in view of various controlled methods not to have conception and have the child as per convenience of the couple. Be that as it may, the astrological principles continue to serve as a guinding force not following the controlled methods.

Early delivery and untimely births are also indicated by the planetary position and at the same time it may speak of some defects in the sexual organs of the couple and even of one of them. Remedial measures as per astrology may be beneficial if the lady is medically fit to conceive. I had seen the horoscope of a lady whose right tube was badly damaged and if at all the conception takes place, extra care may be needed under medical advice.

Survival of children mainly depend on the position of planetary forces at birth. There are bad Nakshtras including Gandha Nakshtras under which infant may not survive beyond a couple of days/months/years – here comes the need for propitiation of planets and God’s grace.
Now have a look on some of the following very important astrological principles:

1. If the lord of the 5th house from the Ascendant (Lagna) or the Moon, and Jupiter are in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th places, or if the 5th house has the aspect of a benefic planet or owner of the house or has association with a benefic, or if the lords of the 1st and the 5th are associated together, or aspect each other mutually, or occupy each other’s house, the birth of children is assured.

2. If the 5th house counted from Ascendant (Lagna), the Moon or Jupiter is either associated with or aspected by a malefic and devoid of benefics or their aspects or when the 5th houses have malefics on either side or the lords of the above houses are in the 6th, 8th or 12th places, there will be no issue, even if propitiatory ceremonies are undertaken.

3. If a malefic owns the 5th house and is posited there, the person will have issues. If a benefic owns the 5th house and is posited there, the person will have issues. If a benefic owns the 5th house and is posited there, and although he is associated with a malefic, the person will have many sons.

4. If Mars is in the 5th house there will be loss of children. The signs of Scorpio, Virgo, and Leo are not good signs for issues, and if they happen to be the 5th houses, the person will have limited progeny after a long time.

5. If the Sun is in the above bad signs for issues (Scorpio, Virgo and Leo), Saturn in the 8th or in the Acendant; or Saturn in the 1st, Jupiter in the 8th and Mars in the 12th: there will be issue, after performance of propitiatory ceremonies. Also when the Moon is in the 11th and the 5th house reckoned from Jupiter is occupied by a malefic, and there are many planets in the Ascendant (Lagna) the person will have a child late in life after doing propitiatory ceremonies.

6. If the Sun alone is in Cancer (of 5th House), or when Mars or Venus alone is posited similarly in the 5th (Cancer), the person will beget issue by his second wife. Saturn in such a position may give many children. If either the Moon or Mercury is similarly situated he will have few issues; and if Jupiter is posited in Moon’s (Cancer) house which is also the 5th, he will have many daughters. The principle of Jupiter here giving daughters need testing with reference to actual Horoscopes.


7. In the following situations no child is indicated. If a malefic, Venus and the Moon are respectively in the 4th, 7th and 10th places; if Venus and Mercury are in the 12th, 8th, 5th and 1st places; if Venus and Mercury are in the 7th and Jupiter in the 5th and malefics in the 8th, 12th and 1st houses.

8. If a malefic is in the Ascendant, the lord of the Ascendant in the 5th house, the lord of the 5th in the 3rde house, and the Moon in the 4th house the person will have no issue. It is stated by some wise men that for such a person even adoption of a son is of no use. Better we have more research in these principles.

9. If the Ascendant is in an odd sign (3, 5, 7, 9, 11) and the Moon is in the 5th aspected by the Sun the person will be ever anxious for an issue, but in vain. (Adoption in such cases too is useless, it is stated.)

If the 5th house is owned either by Saturn or Mercury and is aspected by or associated with Maandi or Saturn, or if the lord of the 5th is weak and is not concerned with the lords of the 1st and 7th houses, the person will have to adopt a son. Connection in the 5th house means the occupation by a planet in another’s house, associated with each other in some houses aspecting another planet, occupying the kendra of another, or in Trikona may also help.

10. If the lord of the 5th house is debilitated, eclipsed or in an inimical house, or in conjunction with the lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th eclipsed or in an inimical house, or in conjunction with the lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th house, and if the lord of the 5th house or if the 5th house is not aspected by benefics there will be loss of children.

11. If the lord of the 5th house, Jupiter, Mars and the Sun are in male Navaamsa, there may be male children. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male planets.

12. If the lord of the 5th house is a male planet or posited in a male sign or amsa and aspected by or associated with female planets, the person will beget daughters.

13. Conception takes place when the Sun and Venus are possessed of strength (in the case of male) and pass through their signs or amsas identical with the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th places and in the case of females when the Moon and Mars are strong and transit through their signs or amsas.

14. The number of issues can be determined by the number of planets in the 5th house, or where the lord of the 5th house is posited, taking into account that they are not in inimical Navaamsa. It can also be determined by scrutinizing the number of bindus (benefic dots) in the 5th house from Jupiter or the Navaamsa occupied by the Sun.


(i) Worship lord Krishna by Purusha-Suukta hymns (Mantras).

(ii) Worship God Subrahmanya.

(iii) Worship Naagaraaja, the lord of the serpents. The threat of barrenness can be warded off.

(iv) On Navamee day, Sri Raamaayana of Vaalmiki can be read.

(v) On Ashtamee, the Sravana Vritam can be observed.

(vi) On Chaturdasee worship Lord Shiva (Rudra).

(vii) On Dwaadasee the Gods can be propitiated by liberal poor feeding. On Full Moon and New Moon days, the pitrus (manes) are to be propitiated – remember the dead.

(viii) In the dark half of the month, after dasamee, chances of conception with difficulty are possible. Worship ought to be resorted in the first third of the fortnight to the lord of the serpents, the second third to God ubrahmanya, and the final third to lord Vishnu. If the lord of the 5th house is posited in its inimical or depression sign or is eclipsed, or occupies any of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses or the lorde of any one of these houses be posited in the 5th house, the person will be childless. By propitiating (divining) the daily tree or animal represented by the sign occupied by that planet the native has to perform the appropriate propitiatory ceremonies to ward of barrenness.


(a) If the planet in question responsible for barrenness is the Sun, barrenness may be due to injustice done to Siva, Garuda, and the Manes.

(b) If it is the Moon, it is due to displeasure of mother, sumangalis (married women) and Durgaa.

(c) If it is Mars, it is due to some fault done to the village deity; Kaartikeya, to an enemy, or one’s daayaadis (cousins).

(d) If the planet is Mercury the curse may be due to youngsters, harming of cats or anger of Lord Vishnu.

(e) If the curse is due to Jupiter, it will be due to some harm done to the family deities, favourite priest, or the destruction of a fruit-laden tree.

(f) If it is Venus, it is due to cutting of flower plants, injury to chaste woman, cow or yakshas.

(g) If it is Saturn it may be due to cutting of aswatha (pipul) tree, or of lord Yama (lord of death) or through departed spirits, and the like.

(h) If Rahu occupies the 5th house or is associated with the lord of the 5th, childlessness may be the curse of a serpent.

(i) Ketu is there, it is due to a Brahmin’s curse.

(j) If it is Maandi it will be due to a curse from departed spirits.

(k) If Venus and the Moon in conjunction with Maandi are in the 5th house, barrenness may be due to the killing of a woman or cow in the previous birth (incarnation).

(l) If Jupiter or Ketu in conjunction with Maandi when in the 5th house childlessness may be due to the murder of a brahmin.

The several sins committed by one in his previous births are thus detailed; and appropriate propitiatory ceremonies to the several planets are recommended.


(I) A holy bath in Rameswaram, reciting of scriptures like Raamaayana, worship of Lord Siva and Vishnu, observance of holy austerities including Sraadha ceremonies, installation of the serpent-diety are the various other ways suggested for getting progeny.

(II) The birth of a son is possible during the dasaa period of the lords of the 7th and 5th houses or Jupiter, the planet aspecting the 5th house, the lord occupying the 5th, or the lord occupying the Ascendant or when Jupiter in his orbit transits the sign or Navaamsa Raasi occupied by the lord of the 5th house.

(III) When the lord of the Ascendant comes during transit to his own sign or to his exaltation sign, to the 5th house, to the sign occupied by the lord of the 5th house, the birth of a son is possible.

(IV) From the conjunction of the lord of the Ascendant, the lord of the 7th and the lord of the 5th, the conception can take place in the Pratantra Dasha specially of the planet occupying the 5th house, the planet aspecting it and the lord of the 5th house.

(V) The conception is also possible during the Pratantra of the strongest of any one of the following:-

The lord of the 5th house, Jupiter, or the lords respectively of the Rasis and Navaamsa occupied by the two planets.

(VI) When Jupiter in the course of transit passes through the Rasi or the Navaamsa occupied by Jupiter and the lord of the 5th house, progeny is possible.


One can predict the following events by a consideration of position of the several planets with regard to the Moon and the Ascendant at the time of a query: adoption of a son, investiture of sarcred thread, marriage, the girl’s puberty, or the time of conception, in the same way as he would if a birth had taken place at the time.

In view of this astrological dieeta, all questions can be answered via Horary Astrology (Prashana Kundli).

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