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Palmistry: Heart and Fate Line

A cross on the line indicates that a tragedy has be fallen someone dear to the subject. If the cross touches the head line, there could have been disappointment and tragedy in the life of the subject, due to separation, broken engagement or actual loss through death of one very close to the subject. If a broken heart line has cross bars on the both sides, it may cause death of the subject by heart failure. A number of fine lines drooping down from it denote an inconsistent nature, inclined to fritter away affection through flirtations. Such a person will tend to be in love with someone or the other, but the affection is never serious.

The square is a protective sign, and when it is found on the heart line, especially on the heart line, especially on the broken portion, it acts as a remedial measure.

When the heart line is without a branch and is thin – looking, the subject will have little affection. When the line is more conspicuous than the other lines on the palm, the subject will be full of love and affection. In such case, if the head line is good and the hand is also well marked in other respect, the subject will be kind hearted and liberal with money, especially with those who are in distress. Missionaries, nurses, helpers, true social workers and people possessed of the spirit of service probably have type of heart line.

This line is also called the line of luck of line Saturn. The financial prosperity of the subject is a adjudged from the fate line, and fame from the Sun line. According to most authors of book on palmistry, the fate line rise at the base of the palm and runs upward toward the base of the fingers. However, according to the Myrah Lawrance in the book Hand Analysis, the fate line has it origin on the upper part of the palm and run downward. But the consensus of opinion is that the fate lines rises from the base of the palm and rises upward toward the mount of Saturn can be treated as the fate line.

The fate line is generally not marked on the elementary, square or spatulate hands, the way it is on the philosophic, conic or psychic hands, as the latter three are more fatalistic than the former three. The fate line indicate the events of life, changes, successes or failures, difficulties to be faced in achieving the objective, and what is in the store in the time to come. In case there is no fate line on the both the palms of a person, especially when the hands are not elementary, square or spatulate, the life of the subject will the hands are not elementary, square or spatulate, the life of the subject will be uneventful. In the case of person with square hands, they have been found to be successful and financially well of even without a fate line on their palms. Such persons are self-made, and by dint of their hard work and dedication, they were also to support them in their efforts and bestow them with luck, they would have made more headway in life in terms of material success.

The mere presence of the fate line does not necessarily mean that the subject will be wealthy and successful. The shape of the hand, thumb, mounts, and other major lines, viz. lifeline, headline, heart line, and the presences of the sun will also have t be taken into account. The fate line, to be fruitful, should be deep, even, clear and straight, and not wavy. The main effect of the line is that the efforts put in by the subject bear fruit. He gets cooperation from various sources.

The early start of the fate line confers the following-

a) Starting one’s career or entering into business at an early age.

b) Deriving monetary benefit during school days, or while doing higher studies by getting scholarship/ stipend.

c) Earning money by way of tuition in school/ college, either because of family’s financial circumstances or on account of the subject’s resolve not to be dependent upon anyone, even parents.

d) Accrual of monetary benefit at an early age from an unusual source, linked to affection, compassion, etc.

e) Enjoying comfort and luxuries from childhood on account of the sound financial position of the family.

f) Betterment in the status and prosperity of the family of the father/ mother, who generally are the earning members in the subject’s childhood.

Generally, the fate line is the central line running from the wrist towards the base of the Saturn finger. But in a good number of cases, the fate line starts from varying position on the palm, and each source has its own significance. The line may start from any one of the following position-

Rising from the wrist AA

Rising from the life line BB
Rising from inside the life line CC
Rising from inside the life line on the mount if Venus DD.

Shanker Adawal

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Effects: When Sun in Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of Zodiac. The sign Pisces is ruled by benefic planet Jupiter who is friend of sun. Therefore, both the planets and other factors mentioned below must be taken into account while giving predictions when the Sun is in Pisces either at birth or in transit or while answering a question in “Horary”:

2. Pisces longitude is from 330 degrees to 360 degrees in the Zodiac. It covers the following Nakshtras:

a) 330.00 to 333.20 Degrees of Pisces or Purva- Badharapada (4)- 10.00 to 13.20 degrees in Pisces.

b) 330.20 to 346.40 of Pisces or Uttarbharapada-00.00 to 13.20 degrees of Pisces.

c) 346.40 to 360.00 of Pisces or Revati – 00.00 to 13.20 in Pisces.

3. See how many planets are involved to give predictions with regard to the sun in Pisces. The Art of predictions would depend on the knowledge of the astrologer and how things can be matched with regard to various characteristics of the planets involved including their Nakshtras. The native with the sun in Pisces will be friendly with a tendency to amass wealth, be fond of women and will remain happy. At the same time such persons have been found to be learned especially when Jupiter and Mercury are involved and the native become a scientist or historian when Saturn is involved. Please check the phase of the Nakshtra and decide. Normally such natives, depending on the planetary forces, would be endowed with wife and good sons with servants at command. Wealth is acquired on account of transactions via sea/ river – this can be including of shipping and import / export of goods via ship/ boats etc. Depending the placement of Mars and Rahu, some of such person can be liars/ cheats though the most of them are eloquent speakers depending on the strength of Mercury.

4. The sun in Pisces, especially when in 6th/ 7th/ 8th House of the horoscope can give disease of the private parts. Such natives normally have more then two co-borns. Some of the natives with the sun in Pisces (Purvabhadrapda) have been found to be restless and are emotional. They observe more and develop silent pshycic power get to believe more in invisible forces including all occult sciences. Such natives develop liking for products of sea- rather all articles connected with water. Now –a-days, the natives born with the Sun in Pisces are selling bottled water.

5. The Sun has different result to give in Pisces with reference to other sign (Lagna). The following broad result are indicated in Kalyan Varma`s Saravalli:

- Aries: The native may undertake meritorious acts. He may not be in the position to enjoy paternal wealth. In some cases, progeny may se delayed and in other cases childlessness had been noted. Delayed birth of a child is also indicated.

- Taurus: The native will have huge financial gains and will enjoy wide fame. Will be quite learned.

- Gemini: The native will live honourable life and will undertake visit to religious and holy places.

- Cancer: The native may not enjoy paternal happiness.

- Leo: He may suffer from diabetes, bladder problem and various kinds of urinary diseases. In some cases swollen testicles have been noted.

- Virgo: The native may suffer from many diseases and he may have only one child.

- Libra: The native may have to face many obstacles in life. Suffering from bilious diseases cannot be ruled out.

- Scorpio: The native will reap various benefits during Sun’s dasha and also gain name / fame will reach high position. But, loss of children is also indicated.

However this loss should not be taken as granted as it would also depend on the horoscope of the children / wife and other planetary position in the birth chart of the native.

- Saggiatrius: The native will enjoy long life, may have many conveyances, political power and other comforts of life. Both lagana 4th house belongs to Jupiter

- Capricorn: Long life indicated. The mode of earth may be fire, water. Etc. Hence the native may take the possible precautions.

- Aquarius: Not a good place for the Sun with reference to Aquarius. The native may be subjected to various diseases and if Jupiter aspects the Sun, dropsy may result.

- Pisces: The native become famous but prone to siekiness. But conjunction of the Moon and Sun in Pisces is not considerer good because it can given poverty or takes away the wealth.

6. Now, the Sun in uttar-bhadrapada ruled by Saturn would give different results. Generally, if this Sun is aspected by the Moon (Sum in opposition to Moon-Amavasaya) the native may have a beautiful son and attractive speech. But that is what the sage had said. One view is that the Sun in opposition is not good so far other signs are concerned. Exchange of views is welcome. If the Sun is aspected but Mar’s the native may join defense/ police department and earn name and fame but may be discarded by family members. If this Sun is aspected by Mercury, the native will be rich and interested collection of gold, silver and other precious metals. Such a native may also interested in collection of Sastras, mantras etc. If Jupiter aspected this Sun, the native may be a Minister or equal to that position. If this Sun is aspected by Venus, the native may be very rich but at the same time lot of expenditure is incurrd on social programmes including sexual enjoyment. Saturn aspecting this Sun would make the native to move in the bad company and may get associated with lowest person.

7. Restults of the Sun in various phases of the Nakshtra Uttarbhadrapada ruled by Saturn:

a) Sun in1st quarter (330.20 to 333.40 degrees) this position of the Sun alone is sufficient to endow the native with high position in the society with all comforts of life. But afflicated Sun may give Uterus Cancer.

b) Sun in 2nd quarter (336.40 to 340.00 degrees) – The native will proper by such industries as of agricultural operation i.e. irrigation and connected fields.

c) Sun in 3rd quarter (340.00 to 343.20 degrees). This Sun here gives different results in association with other planets. The native would be intelligent and learned if with Mercury. With Venus and Saturn in Swati (Rahu’s Nakshtra), the native is expected to be in senior Government service but with frequent changes.

d) Sun in 4th quarter (343.20 to 346.40 degrees) – Some may face trouble from the Government and they may be settling in foreign countries dedpending on other planetary position. Destruction of ancestral property cannot be ruled out.

8. Finally, the Sun in Revti Nakshtra would give the following results, of course, depending on other planetary positions:

a) The Sun in 1st quarter (346.40 to 350.00) – The native would be popular and wealthy, learned and intelligent rather a born scholar and may have knowledge of many Sastras. Believes in right- thinking.

b) The Sun in 2nd quarter (350.00 to 353.20 degrees) - Depending on the strength of the 5th house and fifth Lord, illness of children at birth is indicated. In some cases, Balarishta may take place.

c) The Sun in 3rd quarter (353.20 to 356.40 degrees) with weak Venus or Venus of 8th house debilitated Jupiter. The wife of the native may kill her husband or may get her husband killed in her own house. This principle needs further testing.

d) The Sun in 4th quarter (356.40 to 360 degrees) - considered to be the best position for the Sun. If aspected by Jupiter, the native is bound to attain a senior position -equal to the status of Minister.

More can be said about the Sun in Pisces but in view of limited space, still many things have been give to enable to Astrologers and other lovers of Astrology to have a good idea of the results of the Sun in Pisces and give predictions.

Shanker Adawal

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Share Market, Rise and Fall

For your information, it may be stated that with reference to Aries Lagna, Mars comes in Lagna in own sign and is aspected by Ketu. Saturn is in the house of treasure and is aspected by explosive Planet Pluto. Jupiter in retrograde motion on 1st March, 2002 become direct on 2nd March, 2002 and remains in the company of Rahu and aspected by Ketu. Moon is in 6th House and would go on changing being faster. Mercury is in 10th House on 8th March and again shifts to 12th House on 26.03.2002.

Specific Predictions for the Month:

1. Fraudulent Practices i.e. share scam, frauds on the treasury cannot be ruled out.

2. There may not be liquidity crunch and the stock market may give mixed results – both rise and fall and (including sudden fall and rise) watch 1st March, 10th March, 17th March and 18th March, 2002.
3. Some new share-scam among the high-level person may hit the News.

4. Rise and fall would also depend on the budget to be announced-normally on28th Feb. 2002.

5. Primary market may show unexpected down-fall from 28th to 30th March specially with regard to information technology-software etc.

6. From 12th to 18th March, 2002 high valuation commanded by InfoTech companies may come to low-level practically to a halt.
7. With regard to hardware goods including electronics you need to apply proper application of while dealing in share of companies connected with above.
8. Those of you born in Movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) may take hasty decision and thus may suffer- hence advised to use their wisdom.

9. You may be prompted to invest in shares of foreign companies (multi-national) but new speculators are advised to ensure that they are not trapped.

10. Artificial trend is likely to be created in the share market on or about 12th to 14th of this month is careful.

11. You may come across shaky capital market especially in automobile industry, coal, and mining and also in steel/ iron industry.
12. Connected with share market is the political and economical position of the country. Some upheavals may be noted to bring sudden fall in the share market.

13. Bullish trend shall have an upper hand with the transit of Rahu.

14. Some Type of Turmoil in the share market is indicated fall Snsex Index by the end of this month.

15. Oil Market may show down-ward trend, publishing industry is likely to suffer in general.

16. 3rd and 4th March, 2002 is not considered good for cotton market.

17. Bullion and silver market may show rising trend on or about 7th/ 8th, 14th/ 15th and also on 24th/ 25th of this month.

Shanker Adawal

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Astro Analysis of Sun Signs (Rashis)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Apart from body parts ruled by each sign of the Zodiac, you will get lot of information about each sign including the important fields ruled by each sign including the important fields ruled by each sign. For doubt, if any, you are welcome to address all correspondence to enrich you from various facets of life astrologically.

The parts of body as represented by each Sign are indicated for your guidance and information. The disease or trouble to any part of the body shall be looked from the affliction on the sign or its lord and its strength:

The Characteristics mentioned below shall be helpful in interpretative astrology both in Natal horoscope and also in horary astrology (Prashan Kundli).

Aries - Aries ruled the head, forest, grazing grounds, hilly tracts, ceiling, stables, the east, brick- kilns, and blacksmith. Aries natives have a broad and large forehead and a small chin. They are of angry nature, thin, lean, tall and dry looking. Eyebrows are thick. The neck is thin and looks like a goat’³ neck with medium hair on head. The skin is swallow and something rough marked by sports and blemishes. They are hasty, impulsive and restless. They have ability for leadership and are overbearing in nature. They are quick to lose their temper. Aries is a fiery, movable and dry sign.

Taurus - Taurus rules the face, fields, meadows plains, cow- pens, low rooms, the ground floor, flowering shrubs and bushes, luxury halls, dining rooms, eating places. Taurus natives are handsome with slightly snobby nose and broad cheeks. They are stout in body and height with thick necks, dark thick hair, fine teeth, large eyes and clear complexions. They are slow in movement and inclined to ease and luxury. They are suddenly and easily provoked to anger and do not cool down easily. They can be faithful and obedient, when they feel like it. Taurus is a fixed and earthy sign.

Gemini - Gemini rules the neck and chest, bed- room, walls and plastering, trunks, boxes, barns, schools, study- rooms, colleges, electrical and electronic appliances, communication media such as cables, telephones, television, radio, and the newspapers. Gemini natives are tall, well- built with flashy checks and face. They are without exception, good looking with clear and fair skins, thick lustrous hair, sensual lips, broad chest, good speakers, witty, enquiring and curious, fond of knowledge, fun- seeking and given to quick changing moods and tempers. Gemini is common and airy sign.

Cancer - Cancer rules the heart, breast, watery fields, rivulets, small lakes, tanks, rivers, canals, local transports, well, ditches, moats, kitchen and homes, bakeries, milk-bars, snack-shops, pumps, places where food is stored. Cancer natives are small- built but fleshy with attractive faces and eyes, soft curly but thick hair, plump limbs, emotional and possess deeply attached natures. Such natives are forgiving and try to act as mother in all their relationships. They are very sensitive’s. But easily get animosities. Cancer is a movable and watery sign.

Leo - Leo rules the belly, the digestive organs, the navel, mountains, thick forests deep caves, rocky terrain, deserts places, parks, forts, fire- places, chimney- boilers and heat appliances, factories such as of iron and steel. Leo subjects have distinct jaws and joints that stand out with a head a little too large for the body. They body is thin, dry, and hot in constitution. The limbs have very great regards for them and get upset over mere trifles. They are domineering in nature and believe they are meant to pass only orders. The legs are thin but the trunk is large and wide. Leo is a fiery and fixed sign.

Virgo - Virgo rules the hip, appendix, irrigated fields and channels, lush gardens, orchards, plenty, corn fields, libraries, book shops, dairies, honey, farm- house, cottage produce. Virgo natives are the best looking of all the signs. They have dark fawn eyes, arching eyebrows, small attractive mouths, white even teeth and sharp determined chins. Limbs are graceful and tend towards corpulence. They mix easily with people. They are intelligent, sharp and good speakers. They get nervous easily and are weak in physical strength. They have studious through discretion and tact. Virgo is a common and earthy sign.

Libra - Libra governs the groins, businessmen, market place, trade- centers, banks, hotels, amusement centre, public fetes and fairs, toilets, bath- rooms, closets, water tubes, flush- outs, strayed buildings. Those born in this sign are vivacious and sparking in temperament and appearance. Either they are too balanced and wise or tend to lose balance over the mere trifles. They are good talkers but sometimes rude, hasty and harsh. They are tall and elegant with slim bodies, pimpled skins, upright and judicious in their dealings. Libra is a movable and airy sign.

Scorpio - Scorpio rules the private parts, holes, deep caves, crevices, mines, underground places cellar, garages, car- parks, the basement, sinks, swamps, ruins, garbage, heaps. Slush, moors, the lower shelves of a cup-board, paneled walls. Scorpio natives are small and neatly built with thick, blush curly hair. They have dark bright eyes with dusky complexion and are usually bowl egged. They are offended easily and harbor ill feelings. They can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. They love to hide or run away from people and crowds. They are peevish but straight forward. Scorpio is a fixed and watery sign.

Sagittarius - The sign rules the thigh, royal and government quarters, government offices, armory, racing grounds, gambling dens, and the upper floors of buildings, stud- farms, race horse, vehicles, and aircraft. Sagittarius natives are stout with broad shoulders, sparse hair, muscular limbs, straight nose, and deep- set eyes, broad shanks and thighs. They are upright and honest in their dealings, easy going unless provoked, even- tempered and generous hearted. They tend to take too many risks in life and are born gamblers. Sagittarius is a common and fiery.

Capricorn - Capricorn rules the knees, watery places frequented by beasts, alligator, aquariums, fisheries, fishing nets, cowsheds, lumber houses, barren terrain, thorns, bushes, low- lying areas. Capricorn natives have a usually long neck, small head, clear serious eyes, and slender build. They are witty and changeable seeking perfection in everything, with good organizing capacities. They exhibit great patience and strength of will. They are cautious and secretive in nature. They are also ambitious but at the same time preserving and pragmatic. Capricorn is a movable and earthy sign.

Aquarius - Aquarius rules the ankles, pottery, ceramics, charity houses, stone quarries, laboratories, and classrooms, sources of water and mountain springs. Aquarius subjects are tall, bony, with round faces and small eyes. They have small mouths and ill formed or crocked teeth that often protrude. They have coarse hair and are sometimes slovenly. They are studious in habit and philosophical in temperament. They rarely lose their tempers for their attitude to life is stoic. They are charitable and benevolent in disposition. Aquarius is fixed and airy sign.

Pisces- Pisces rules the feet, oceans, seas, hospitals, jails, maternity wards, nurses quarters, breweries, bars and places of ill repute, hermitages and concerts, water cisterns and tanks, coffee and tea- shops, ice-cream parlors. Pisces natives are shorts, plump and have beautiful faces. Their eyes are large, soft and lustrous, often brown or blue, hair wavy and light, eyebrows large. He may not enjoy good food. But, with all these short comings, he does lot of good work for the society.

Shanker Adawal

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Sex and Astrology

Sexual need and your Horoscope

Sexual activities and your personality is linked to sun signs and your planet locations. Mars and Venus play a very significant role in your sex life. Your horoscope or astrology science has classified the yoni (your sex organs and behavior for sex) based on your kundli and Nakshatras.


Male Female Yoni (Nakshatras)
Bharani Revati Elephant
Pushya Krittika Sheep (goat)
Rohini Mrigasira Snake
Moola Aridra Dog
Magha P. phalguni Rat
Swati Hasta Buffalow (Ox)
Visakha Chitra Tiger
Jyestha Anuradha Horse ( Dear )
Poorvasadha Shravana Monkey
Poorvabhadra Dhanishta Lion
Aswini Satabhisha Horse
Aslesha Punarvasu Cat
U.phalguni Uttar bhadra Cow (Camel)

Sex behavior and Sun Signs

Your sexual characteristics based on Sun Signs

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are sexually aroused.

2. Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus are moderate in sexual activities.

3. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra have top-secret taste for sex but never show their sexual approach.

4. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio are not extremely sex oriented but show vastly passionate feelings.


Male Sex organ’s perseverance

Horoscope 8th house signifies dimensions of male sex organs. Let’s describe all the probabilities of 8 th house position.

the native has energetic and well proportioned sex organ with active sex life while the location of planet Sun is in the 8 th house.

Native will be fairly changeable of his mood with some what small and flabby organ if the Moon found 8 th house.

Planet Mercury’s position in 8 th house will again show a little short, limped and weak sex organs.

located in 8 th house is good, active and well balanced sex organs.

is in 8 th house gives vigorous, very active but normal size sex organs.

Saturn's location in the 8 th house shows us a long, gangling but not very active sex organ.


Perseverance of Female Breasts

“The female breast’s loveliness, proportioned size are also depends on the planets location of native’s birth horoscope”. Now we can evaluate this statement ….

1. A small and long breast is by the reason of planet SATURN aspecting MOON in the horoscope.

Loveliness, proportioned size of breasts If Native’s horoscope shows MARS aspecting MOON.

JUPITER aspecting MOON will provide you a good and big in size breasts.

Want extremely beautiful breast then your horoscope should have the combination of VENUS aspecting MOON.
A very rare combination of hard and firm breast is If SUN has the power on 4 th house in the horoscope and MOON.

Again a well balanced breasts is because of SUN is in the 3 rd house in any horoscope.

Ill shaped breasts means the MOON is in 8 th house in your horoscope.


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