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Jupiter in Leo-VI, Transit Effects of Jupiter

With reference to Leo Lagna, Jupiter occupies Lagna and aspects 5th and 9th Houses. 5th house is occupied by Mercury and Venus and Sun would join on 17th May Dec. 2003. 9th house is occupied by Rahu and inter-age, aspects Lagna and Jupiter. Saturn also aspects Lagna and Jupiter. Jupiter is also expected by Mars.

For the month Jupiter would be transiting Leo from, 23.13 degrees to 24.59. It would transit Nakshtra Hasta on 1st December and then Nakshtra Chitra ruled by Mars.

Effects of Jupiter though alone in Lagna have to be seen on account of aspect etc. and the planets involved are Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun apart from Saturn and Rahu.

Now know the results in brief reference to Jupiter in Leo.


1. Though Jupiter is a beneficial and wise planet, but you may in general be very cunning and unkind. Hence the need to check your behavior.
2. On account of hidden gift given by God, your opinion shall prevail ultimately.
3. Professional astrologers are likely to gain.
4. Enemies, conspiracies and obstacles etc. indicated at every step though Jupiter shall come to help and save you.
5. Inner voice to help the people at large including charitable institutions/ hospitals etc.

Jupiter and the Sun:

1. Achievements in mechanical works
2. Respect seniors/ elders/ parents. Wife may have any upper hand.
3. Some natives, depending on the birth chart, may even destroy the wealth of their father/ ancestors.

Jupiter and the Moon:

1. You will win over others by sweet speech.
2. May become more passionate and may have association with more than one female.
3. Chances are bright for frequent quarrels with co-burns.
4. Professional gains from fine arts.

Jupiter and Mars:

1. Take care of health problems specially connected with liver, stomach and heart. Some may suffer from arthritis.
2. Take care about the health of your parents.
3. Obstacles may not be hurdles- you are likely to match ahead.
4. Do not suspect the activities of co-burns.

Jupiter and Mercury:

1. You will develop more virtues and shall become expert in your field.
2. Your works may not be done/ accomplished on first go after. Try again or come again.
3. You will get the needed protection from the God even in miseries including natural clematis.
4. Some may suffer from gastric, ulcer or asthma.

Jupiter and Venus:

1. Extra- marital relations even among the highly educated persons including the present day VIPs.
2. Involvement with persons lower in status.
3. Higher education is in store for most of you but you may not derive the expected benefits.
4. Good period may start after the age of 35-36.

Jupiter and Saturn:

1. Skin problems and also of private parts
2. Problems from all corners- be careful
3. Marital life may be disturbed
4. May not have much wealth- do not be ambitious be contented.

Jupiter and Rahu/ Ketu:

1. Health problems, ear problems especially on right side you may become cruel and lose moral values.

Shanker Adawal

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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - Lunar Calendar and Panchang - Part III, Other Principals of Horoscope Judgement


1) Rashi chart analysis with following subsidiary charts:

(i) Moon chart
(ii) Bhava chart
(iii) Navamsha chart
(iv) Relevant divisional chart (e.g. D/3 for siblings; D/7 for progeny; D/10 for profession etc.) for confirmation of the promise given in Rashi chart.
(v) Annual chart
(vi) Depositor of above planets – dispositor’s strength imparts strength to otherwise weak house lord and vice versa.

2 Factors for consideration in the above analysis:

(i) Longitudes of the planets and bhava cusps.
(ii) Balance of dasha and dasha/ADPD with dates. For composite analysis at least two dasha systems – vimshottari and yogini be considered.
(iii) Transit position of planets vis-à-vis natal and other charts.
(iv) Ashtakvarga – BAV of planets and SAV of natal and transiting planets.
(v) Co-relation of the above with the annual chart and annual chart dasha system.
(vi) Divisional, annual charts and transit analysis are subsidiary to Rashi chart. They help in materializing only when there is a promise in natal chart.

3 General strength and fortune in a horoscope:

(i) General strength by strong, well placed and dignified Lagna, LL, 9H and 9L, Moon Lagna and Moon sign lord.
(ii) Fortune by LL, Navamsha LL, Moon nakshatra lord and their dispositors.

IX Bhavata Bhavam:

1 A house as far away from a house as the later is away from the Lagna acts like a later house. Thus, 3H, 2nd houses from 2H also represent 2H’s significations. Similarly 7h, a 10th house from 10H also represents profession. Lord of a house placed in them or a well-placed Bhavata Bhava improves the house concerned.

2 Also consider Aries sign as Lagna and study the PAC etc. of various planets of the natal chart. Good placements improve the natal Lagna analysis.

X Yogas: There are thousands of yogas. Yogas manifest fully when Lagan and LL are strong and yoga takes place in auspicious house. Following simple and important yogas be considered while examining a horoscope.

1) Panch maha purusha yogas: (symbol) and (symbol) in Kendra and in OH or exaltation.
2 Raj Yogas (RY): Relationship of Kendra (belongs to Vishnu, the preserver) lords with the tikona (belongs to His consort Lakshmi – the goddess of prosperity) lords (11 yogas).

Note: Relationship is given by: (i) conjunction, (ii) mutual aspect, (iii) mutual exchange and (iv) by one planet in another’s house and aspected by that planet.

3 Vipareet Raj Yoga: Mutual exchange or combination of Trik (6/8/12L) i.e. 6L in 8/12H (Harsa yoga); 8L in 6/12H (Sarala yoga) and 12L in 6/8 h (Vimala yoga).

4 Dhana (Wealth) yoga (10 yogas): Relationship of any two of 2L, 11L, th 1/5/9L (the lord of any of the trines – the abodes of Lakshmi).

5 Indu Lagna: An unblemished benefic or an exalted malefic in Indu Lagna makes one multi-millionaire.

6 Arishta (ill-helath) yoga: Relationship of any two of LL, 6L, 8L and 12L (6 yogas). Association with the maraca planets enhances their virulence.

7 Daridra yogas: Weak LL along with daridra yoga causes ill health. Some of the Daridra yoga given by Parashara are:

(i) LL in exchange with 6L or 12L one or both under maraca influence.
(ii) LL in 8H in maraca influence with (symbol) in Lagna or with (symbol).
(iii) Afflicted LL in Trik house and 2L debilitated.
(iv) 5L in 6H & 9L in 12H.
(v) (symbol) & (symbol) or (symbol) aspected by (symbol) in 2H. ((symbol)’s aspect in it makes native very wealthy.)


Know your inner via Meditation

Meditation has to be traced to God’s mercy irrespective of the faith one has Gita, Quran or Bible. The native on whom God’s mercy descends is completely relieved of afflictions and evils. This is automatic when one gets involved in meditation or remembering the God- Almighty. In such a situation, health remains normal and the native become ‘wealthy’ in the real sense.

Promise to do a particular ‘service’ in the name of God must be fulfilled and oaths made in the past can be symbolically achieved in their real form. Wearing a tartan and also having a sword continues to be a ‘symbol’ and speak of manliness. Also men in Yemen must wear a sword and there it also becomes a symbol of manliness though this stand reduced to few persons in the present day. Among the Sikhs, having a sword (Kirpan)is a matter of faith (religion) and thus it become impossible to dissuade them wearing swords and no law can do that.

Among Christians, ‘the cross’ is held scared and it is their religious emblem. The cross is used in several ways and one of them is to wear ‘cross’ on the body- a symbol as full- sized cross may not be put on the body. All these speak of modern way of keeping the faith and tradition.

Meditation is done for different objects and one of such objects is ‘moksha’ which has in built theory of ‘re-incarnation’ and this as the belief goes is the result of ‘karmas’ of previous birth. When a native is born, the birth stars indicate something about the previous incarnation. Actually, the Karma in the present incarnation is equally important and the character/ personality depend on the karma. The circle of birth- re- birth is a continuous as one dies as mineral and become a plant, and an animal dies and becomes a man (human being). Be that as it may, certain prejudices must be removed. It is wrong to say that re- incarnation is the product of over- head/ superstitious of India mind. Shakespeare, Tennyson, Aristotle and many more had expressed belief in the theory of incarnation. Here, the question whether the theory of evolution holds good or not need consideration. According to the science of Zoology and Botany, every species is born out of its original one and all species must have existed from the beginning. In other words, whether it would be correct to refer to 84 lacs of birth including from man to animal etc. This is still an open question for debate and discussion.

All scientists agree that there are some fundamental laws which govern the creation and continuance of the universe and life. The orderliness in nature is admitted by all as the death is inevitable irrespective of the age one may have. Even the Tallest Man of the World Mohammed Alam Channa (Pakistan) died recently on account of kidney failures (Hindustan Times 4.7.1998).

While searching your inner soul, it may come to mind that the concept of God at the back of creation is a reality. If God’s hand in the creation of the universe and life is accepted, then the big question raised by the scientists as to who created God becomes meaningless. God is formless and eternal. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in the Harijan dated 6th May, 1933, that God will not be God if he allowed himself to be an object of proff. If God’s role in creation of the Universe and life is not accepted, there is no scope to believe in religion, rebirth, continuity of the soul, law of karma. Astrology (the divine science), moksha etc.

While in meditation and getting deeper into the existence of Universe and life, the question still remain a puzzled. Modern science has not yet provided final answers to the unanswered questions as to how the universe began and how life was created. For this article, it would be apt to say that anyone with a scientific outlook is bound to accept that it conforms to certain laws and maintains an order.

Shanker Adawal

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Know your Inner

Taurus (Varishabha) - (Persons born between 21st April to 21st May) or persons with names under EE, U, O, VA, VE, VU, VAY, Vo.)

1.Taurus is the sign owned by Venus- normally considered to be benefic. The Moon, another luminary, gets exalted in this sign and deep exaltation point is 3 degrees. The natives born under this sign especially with the exalted Moon are considered to be intelligent and secure high marks in mathematics/ science etc. depending on other planets.

2. Each degree of the sign Taurus and Nakshtra (Kritika, Rohini and Mrigsira) has different effects.

3. The natives born under this sign are considered to be self- imposed and at times obstinate. Though they claim that they do not need guidance/ counseling but they are advised to have an advice from seniors and elders. At times, it has been noticed that it is difficult to know about the exact internal nature/ character of the native and at times such natives are head to please. A chief instinct of Taurus gets modified with influence of other planets in the horoscope i.e. by way of conjunction/ aspect/ association. Though slow and quit but are capable of strong passions and some of such natives are ranked as stubborn, with steady perseverance.

4. Taureans want their own opinions to be accepted by others, good at governing and can rise to high position and some of them are silent workers (inflexible in their opinions). Such natives are fond of nature history, gardening, horticulture and some of them come out to be very precise- be that as it may, they are fond of comfort and repose. Such natives are desirous and ambitious to have honors of all kinds. In love affairs, they become inconsistent and jealous with doubting nature. Some of such natives, depending on the placement of the Moon in the birth chart, fight with their own self.

5. A certain degree of wealth/ riches is in store for Taureans though losses (total or partial) especially through litigation are also indicated. Unforeseen windfalls also come to them. Gains from friends and relations come on account of their devotion to such persons. Father of such natives is men of their identity in their field but sorrows from brothers/ sisters are indicated. Depending on the position of 5th house and 5th Lord, death of the eldest child especially boy is indicated in infancy. Except this, children make good progress in scholastic and artistic studies.

6. Depending on the placement of Mars and the Moon, life is considered to be calm and peaceful. to have more mental peace and happiness they must leave the habit of resistance and must learn to adjust with all including with neighbors in spite of some neighbor’s nuisance.

7. Health of Taureans may suffer on account problems concerning spleen, liver and kidneys. In the case of females, troubles with ovaries, stone, tonsillitis etc. indicated.

8. The natives born under this sign also have friends holding high position and even some get inheritance from friends/ relations but also experience sorrow and grief. With Mars in 6th house or 8th house, some of Taureans may have open enemies causing troubles in all walks of life including married life. Even the wife of such natives may betray if there is Venus in the 8th house under heavy affliction. Some of such natives have been found to live forced ‘retired’ or ‘secluded’ life.

9. Taureans normally live long life with many perils and odds. They have sense of the comforts of life and frequently have been found to be more concerned with studies on diet, yoga and also on surrounding circumstances, hygiene etc. With the involvement of 8th house, 8th lord, 12th house and 12th lord, death may come to some at sea or in a foreign land. But this cannot be laid down as a final principle and need to be tested with reference to available horoscopes.

10. Apart from above analysis, each planet can give different results. Briefly, the following results are indicated by the planets in Taurus:

  • Sun- Eye trouble, tolerant, tactful, jealous, affluent.
  • Moon - Loves pleasure, beauty, noble, Benevento, charitable.
  • Mars - Ambitious, practical, capable manager, inventive.
  • Mercury - Cheerful and Joyful, more than one associations.
  • Jupiter - Fair in dealings, amicable, philanthropic, home- bound.
  • Venus - Honest and sincere, warm hearted, suspicious and harsh.
  • Saturn - Sex with elderly women, discontented, frugal, prudent.
  • Rahu & Ketu in Taurus & Scorpio- Inclined to spiritualism, interested in religious and holy places, philosophical thought, ancient and tradition culture, gain of wealth in foreign land.

Shanker Adawal

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I have given special Astro- analysis of the Horoscope especially to some Foreigners. The following topics are covered given you the needed predications as well as guidance.

  • Graha- Yudha (Planetary War)
  • Summary of Planets in Exaltation/ Debilitation etc.
  • Special Combination of Planets, Yogas
  • Birth Star
  • Tithi (Lunar Day).
  • Nithya Yoda
  • Lagna (Ascendant)
  • Lords of Houses
  • Property Education etc.
  • Marriage etc.
  • Fortunate, Prosperity, Inheritance etc.
  • Planets in different Houses.

Graha- Yudha (Planetary War)
Planets except the Sun and the Moon enter into war when they are closer than one degree from each other. Although there is difference to opinion regarding which planets win in Graha Yuddha, the concept followed here is that:
  • Among others, the planet on the Northern side wins.
  • In your Horoscope, no planet in Graha- Yuddha.
Special combinations of Planets in the Horoscope (Yogas)
Yogas are special combinations of planets in the Horoscope which influence the life and future of a person. Some are formed by simple conjunction of planets, whereas other are based on a complex astrological logic or peculiar placement of planets in the birth chart. Hundreds of combinations and their effects have been described in the ancient astrological texts. While some combinations are good, others may have undesirable effects.

The important combinations identified in your horoscope are listed below with a brief mention of the effects they can have on you: Vasi Yoga- Logic: Planets other than the Moon occupying the 12th House from the Sun gives rise to this Yoga.

This Yoga is present in your horoscope as Saturn and Mercury are in the 12th house. You will be happy, prosperous, liberal and favorites of the Government (Ruling Classes). But result shall be mixed (favorable and unfavorable because of involvement of Saturn).

Vesi Yoga- Logic: Planets other than the Moon occupying the 2nd House from the Sun gives rise to this Yoga.

This Yoga is also present in your Horoscope as Mars and Venus are in the 2nd House from the Sun. You will be fortunate, happy, virtuous, famous and aristocratic. But mixed results are indicated on account of Mars involved in the 2nd House.

Sunapha Yoga- Logic: Planets (Excepting the Sun) situated in the 2nd house from the Moon give rise to this Yoga.
Saturn and Mercury in the 2nd house from the Moon make this Yoga. You will have self- earned property, status like a ruler or a king, expert in mathematics and will have good reputation. Here again mixed results re indicated.

Amala Yoga- Logic: Tenth House from the Moon or Lagna occupied by a benefic.
This Yoga in your cases is formed by the Moon from Lagna. You will achieve lasting fame and will have spotless character and will lead a prosperous life.

Parvartha Yoga- Logic: Lord of Lagna and Lord of 12th House mutually in Kendra position.
This Yoga is not formed in your horoscope.

Mathrumooladhana Yoga- Logic: Lord of the 2nd joins the lord of 4th house. This Yoga is not formed in your Horoscope.

This report describes the influence of planets on your character and life. You may find repetitions or contradictions in the report which only show the inter- active nature of various planets on your life.

Birth Star- Revti-3
Your birth star is ruled by the planet Mercury. You can be recognized immediately out of thousands of persons because of your beautiful figure. You are born with magnificent attractive personality. You have adamant (stubborn) attitude and would like to exercise authority over others. But you are also God fearing, religious minded and sometimes rigid in following orthodox culture. Others may consider you highly superstitious. You have deep interest in arts or literature as well as in mathematics. Right form teacher to a representative of a company, computer engineer etc. would be the beneficial fields for you. And, if you can have influence, you can reach the position of an Ambassador of your country. You will normally have a harmonious married life but you must not marry an Ardra Star Boy if marriage has not taken place yet. You must take care of digestive system and abdominal disorders.

TITHI (LUNAR DAY): 2 (Krishna Paksha)
Expert in law, may get wealth from wife’s side but some difference of opinion and court case cannot be ruled out.

Nithya Yoga: Ayushamn
You will have good health and longevity.

Lagna (Ascendant): Gemini
(Ruled By Mercury)
You were born when Gemini Lagna was rising. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Being an intellectual, you will be engaged in reading, writing and correspondence. You have the capacity and capability to understand people. You may have the habit of talking more on any subject and you are capable of starting a debate or an argument. Some ups and downs in finances shall be there in life but this need not be taken as such as you must look to the total horoscope and read the other predictive notes given for you. In addition to literary tasks, you may have interest in clubs and places of amusements. You are prone to get worried, at times for nothing, but advised to avoid being double- minded. Reconcile your mind and work for the aim/ object for which you are heading. You may be involved in jobs concerning application of your intellectual capital including in Advertisements, Television, and Computer etc. in which quick thinking/ eloquence is required. You’re Lagna Lord Mercury will ensure that you will have talent for mathematics or astrology. Later in Life, you are likely to have public recognition and you will have association of intellectuals in the field in which you are working.

Your Ascendant (Lagna) Lord Mercury is in the 11th House with Saturn. Mercury is the Lord of 4th House also. You will remain healthy, will have good gains from profession and shall be happy. With hard work, you will become respectful and powerful with obstacles on account of association of Saturn. In addition, gains from mother are also indicated.

Second Lord- The Moon gets to 10th House of Profession leading to earning of high income and wealth with your sweet speech. You will be respected by Government and its officials governed service / contacts shall be beneficial this position makes you fortunate wealth and you will have good morals.

Third Lord – the sun in 12th house may enable you to visit foreign countries. You may have bad relations with co-born and may become anti-parents at times. Though strong and confident but you will also be willful, rash and shall wander to various places.

Forth Lord- Venus is in Lagna with Mars Lagna Lord. This gives you a very beautiful face and figure. You will get good children and you will be learned in Shastrsa- intelligent thinker and clever. Venus is also Lord of 12th House. You may have to incur extra expenditure on yourself and also on medical expenses of father. Foreign tour expenses are also indicated. Others may term you as “extravagant”.

Fifth House- Mars gets to Lagna and you will be in a position to win over enemies, you will be courageous, bold and out- spoken. Mars is also Lord of 11th House. This position makes you to get gains, wealth and have happiness. Interest in poetry/ oratory is indicated as well.

Sixth House- Jupiter as well as 10th Lord is in 5th House. You will hold a very high position and all of your professional plans shall be fruitful. Gains after marriage are indicated. You shall have happy married life and spouse may also be earning. Success in business/ partnership is also indicated. In addition, you will get good children with happy and prosperous life.

Seventh House- Saturn gets to the House of gains i.e. 11th House. You will have to work very hard to get the professional rise and shall have benefit of legacy/ inheritance. Litigation and difference of opinion with co- born cannot be ruled out. Your wealth may be wasted/ spender for some reason or the other. In addition, you may be devoted to elders and also involve in charitable activities and the money on such activities.

Prosperity, Education etc.
You will get wealth and landed properties. You will also accumulate wealth but some type of litigation is also indicated. For getting wealth and income you may have to work faithfully without anger and ego. Earnings from professions connected with automobiles, airplanes, iron, gold, police department etc. are considered beneficial.

With Mercury afflicted by Saturn, some sort of laziness or set back in education is indicated but you will overcome because of Jupiter in the 5th house who can help you to be a learned and respected fellow in law, justice and social- welfare laws with knowledge of Mantras/ Vedas and other subjects including Mathematics.

Marriage etc.
The various aspects of your married life are influenced by the 7th house and also by the 7th lord. In addition, 2nd house, 2nd lord, 4th House, 4th Lord, 12th House, 12th Lord also needs to be considered.

In your case, 7th House belong to a benefic planet Jupiter i.e. the sign of Sagittarius. But there is affliction of Mars on the 7th House and also of Rahu and Saturn on Jupiter.

You have to face some pitfalls in married life from time to time as Saturn and Rahu are inspecting the 7th Lord Jupiter. However, both the parents shall become affluent/ wealthy and both shall work for the benefit of each other. You will be in a position to handle all adverse effects with your God- gifted intelligence. Difference of opinion can also arise on account of your luxurious living. The other point for causing friction may be on account of ‘extra marital’ affairs (Mars- Venus combination). You may also be deprived of ‘comforts of bed’ (without any company) at times.

Fortune, Prosperity, Inheritance etc.
Your Jupiter in the 5th House alone is sufficient to speak of your prosperity and this Jupiter can give wealth, comforts of life, conveyances, children and all the needed assets. But, there may be troubles/ set- backs in getting the same as the Saturn is hard task master and for these material assets, you have to work hard. You must be aware about the jealousies/ conspiracies created by your friends and near ones. You will get contentment from your inner soul and shall have more faith in the God- Almighty. You have the capability to hold a commanding position both at home and office. Advised to comply all laws of the country. Regarding inheritance, there are Yogas for getting inherited property.

Planets in Different Houses
The effects due to the position of planets in different houses of birth chart are outlined below:

The Sun in the 12th House:- The position of the Sun in the 12th House may lead to extra expenditure including hospitalization and visit to foreign countries. You may have to take care of your ailing father. You are likely to be falsely implicated on the need to take care in all of your dealings. No harsh tongue is used so that you may not suffer degeneration. Eye trouble or accidental effect on the left eye is also indicated.

The Moon: - The position of the Moon is considered very well for professional rise. You will be brilliant, would do pious deeds and shall be interested in the study of Shastras. You will move ahead towards your mission with good deeds (Karma) as later in life you will be highly virtuous with study of books on religion. You will have perfection in the works undertaken.

Mars in the 1st House:- Mars and Venus both are in 1st house (Lagna). Apart from sexual appetite, you will be courageous and bold to face the world on any matter. Accident may happen to bring some injuries. Though you are a handsome and velour’s but instability of mind becomes troublesome. You have to faces all evil consequences from your actions.

Mercury:- You will perform auspicious ceremonies and shall acquire wealth. Gains through many sources are indicated and you will be blessed with lucky children. Your Lagna Lord Mercury is very beneficial giving intelligence, wisdom and shall give you a long life.

Jupiter:- You will be highly intelligent with broad eyes and you have the magnetic power of attracting others. You will be blessed with a good number of children who will be prosperous in life. Successful years are 2004, 2013 and 2022. You may turn out to be ‘wisest’ in certain matters.

Venus:- You will become proficient in Mathematics and can give others experts advice. You will be loved and will love the spouse but some pitfalls in married life are indicated. With your lustrous shining body, ornaments and good clothes shall add to your beauty. In the course of time, you will get name, fame wealth, conveyance and all other worldly comforts.

Shanker Adawal

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