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Combinations for Love Marriage

The different between ‘arranged’ marriage and ‘love marriage’ is understood by all. Briefly, settled/ arranged marriages of the natives are finalized by parents but love marriages are finalized by the natives themselves. Face- love at first sight becomes itself an important factor in the matter of love marriages. In inter- caste love marriages, Rahu has an important role to play but that topic need separate consideration as and when you go in for inter- caste marriages either by love or by arrangement. Here it would suffice to say that Rahu- Ketu are indications of inter- caste marriages and position of these two Nodes in giving or obstructing love marriage is very important. Apart from the following principles for love marriages, the position of 5th house and 5th lord must also be considered as 5th house governs your emotions and love/ romance is the result of such emotions. Failure or success would depend on the totality of the horoscope and ‘dasha’ under which the natives are running at the time of love or love marriage. In some cases, the ‘love’ continues or lingers on for a long time- why- the answer lays in the planets in the horoscope of the natives.

Lagna Lord specially Venus and its placement in the birth chart becomes an important instrument for love/ romance. The native would become more passionate if under the influence of Mars/ Saturn/ Rahu.

Intimate relationship between 5th and 7th Lord also speak of love marriage i.e. by aspect/ association and change of signs (Rasi parivartan yoga).

As already pointed out with regards to Nodes- Rahu/ Ketu, if in 5th or 7th places or lords of 5th/ 7th house are afflicted by Nodes, love marriage including inter- caste love is indicated.

Lagna Lord if associated with 5th or 7th lord also speaks of strong Will to marry independently.

Love marriage and extra romance is indicated by the 9th house form Lagna specially if the 9th Lord occupies its own sign i.e. Mercury in Gemini for Libra Ascendant.

From Surya Lagna also, see the position of 9th Lord and how they are aspected/ associated with Rahu/ Ketu- this combination also speak of love marriage.

Strong Venus- neither combust nor ineffective without association of the Sun alos speak of love marriage. But the Sun and Venus together especially in lagna speak of skilled adultery.

Exalted 5th Lord with some planet including Rahu and Ketu assist Love marriage. (Exaltation signs for planets are: Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Libra.)

Twelfth house of the horoscope is also house of bed pleasures. Though it may not directly be involved in love- marriage but chances of love marriage are bright including extra- marital relationship between 6th- 8th lords and also between 2nd and 12th lords. This may not apply to Leo/ Cancer Lagna persons as the Sun and the Moon owns one sign only.

Mars – the powerful and energetic Planet has the requisite capacity to disturb the emotional part when it aspects/ associates with 1st/ 5th/ 9th Lords.

With experience it has been found that in the case of love marriages, Lagna Lord is found in Kendras (angles)- 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, trines (5th house and 9th houses) and also in 12th houses. The exception is provided when the particular planet happens to be in its own sign or in exaltation signs.

When significations of marriage- Venus for men and Jupiter for Ladies (though some Astrologers take Mars) happen to be under the influence of Rahu- Ketu.

Check 5th or 9th position Rahu and determine the ambition for love or romance with reference to the position of planet.

The Moon in 5th or 11th position signifies mind- emotions. If the Moon is alone (no planet on either side) chances of native being swayed by feelings of others are bright.

Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) may afflict 3rd house as well as 3rd Lord. Rahu in 3rd aspecting the 7th house and also 9th house having Mercury with Ketu may enable the native to make efforts to make secret love affairs. Third house is representative of arm and valor- thus speaks of efforts.

Now a word about 2nd house and its lord. Being a family house, its lord and aspects of other planets may also speak of love etc. including with some relations.

With the Moon in the2nd house, the native develops romantic and imaginative mind. With Mars in the 2nd house and if lord of 2nd house happens to be malefic, the marriage is delayed and/ or also denied. In some cases 2nd marriage is also indicated and Mars in Taurus. Virgo, Capricorn is capable of causing separation. Mercury in 2nd house can give wealth through wife but also speak of more than one wife. Afflicted Jupiter in 2nd house gives late marriage. Venus in 2nd house gives working wife and in most cases luck favors’ after marriage. In few cases chances of 2nd wife are also indicated. Saturn in the 2nd house gives romance/ love in a foreign land and sensual life and Saturn of Libra and Aquarius denotes two marriages depending on totality of the Horoscope. Ketu keeps the natives agitated always.

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Passion, Emotional, Menses and Conception - Some Principles

Menses of a woman are due to interaction of the Moon and Mars. Both the planets have a major role to play with regards to passions, emotions, menses and conception for a female native. Apart from emotions, the Moon governs the fluid matter of a female and Mars signifies the blood and the combinations of two cause’s menstruation- a monthly cycle and a special significator of a female native.

2. The effect of the Moon would be different when in Apachayasthana signs (Rasis) i.e. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12th and unapachayasthanas are 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th signs. The Moon in Apachasthans enables the woman to unite lovingly with a man (husband). Jupiter is the most benefic male planet and if the Moon in transit is accepted by Jupiter specially on the 5th day after menstruation, the women, if joins her husband is likely to conceive.

3. For most of the purposes of interpreting horoscope, the counting is done from Lagna and Chandra Lagna. But, Apachayasa and Unapsehhayas must be counted from Lagna and not from Chandra Lagna (Moon’s sign- rasi). This is what is stated in Jatak Parijat. For the version given in para 3 above, it is necessary that Jupiter must throw his aspect on the Moon or 5th day after menstruation.

4. Where any hermaphrodite planet, (Mercury and Saturn) strong in its position, aspect the Moon in transit, conception cannot take place. Further, Mars, would aspect three places by accepting the Moon but it would only be two of such places which are referred to as ‘Peedarksha’ i.e. unupachaya houses.

5. In the case of a woman, as soon as she takes a bath after the stoppage of menses, the Moon in her horoscope should be in Upachaya Rasi and should be aspected by powerful Jupiter, specially 5th aspect. With this combination she is likely to have sexual intercourse with her husband. Now, Jataka- Parijat indicates the following types of men with whom the above lady is likely to have sexual inter- course but I have not been in a position to verify either of these principles for obvious reasons as nobody would tell this type of truth:

If the Moon in the above Upachaya position is aspected by:

i.) The Sun- Sexual union with an officer of the king (Government).
ii.) Mars- Union may be force voluptuary.
iii.) Mercury- Union may be with a fickle minded person.
iv.) Venus- Union may be with a beautiful lover.
v.) Saturn- Union may be with a servant/ employee.

If the Moon is aspected by several mayflies or has the influence of several malefic, the woman is likely to be a prostitute or may have associations with many men.

6. We have various forms of sex satisfaction and it includes perverted sex, oral sex etc. The signs (Rasis) have also a major role to play for giving the needed satisfaction to the person concerned or when a particular native becomes helpful for a particular type of sex:

i.) Aries and Taurus- Enjoyment of a quadruped say of the ram and buffalo kind.
ii.) Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius (first half) and Aquarius Enjoyment of a human being.
iii.) Scorpio, Capricorn (latter half), Cancer and Piseces- Copulation among centipeds.
iv.) Leo- Enjoyment by force (Lion is a forcible animal).

7. Connected with passions/ emotions, it is considered necessary to mention about the basic nature of planets/ signs/ houses in the horoscope. The odd houses are considered as male houses (bhavas) and even houses are considered as female houses. 7th house rules, marriage and 8th house speak of sex life- where as 12th house speak of extra- marital life. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are known to be male planets and their placement specially in the 5th house determine the birth of a male child. The Moon and Venus are female planets. Saturn and Mercury are considered to be eunuchs. Moon and Mars rule the menses in a female.

8. Jupiter is a highly benefic planet and his relationship with Venus is always good for balanced and normal sex life. Venus when associated with waxing Moon and u unaffiliated Mercury are also considered good for normal sex life.

9. Well placed Venus increases the happiness in sex life but association of Venus with Lords of evil houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) is normally not considered good unless position is improved by other planets. When Venus is in evil house or in its debilitated sign (Virgo) harm is caused to a male in his sex life. Afflictions of Scorpio, 8th house, lord of 8th house etc. are considered bad for sex life including troubles and scandals.

10. The Sun rules over body, reputation, position, authority etc. The Moon controls our mind and both these planets with involvement of Jupiter give the needed guidance to the native to have sexual affairs and with whom. Actually the Sun and well placed Moon and Jupiter always act for sexual desires and also counteract to stop the native from illegal action and more malefic influence may not save the native from committing sex crimes including secret sex/ romantic affairs.

The Moon control emotions and women are mostly led by their emotions, thus must look to the Moon in the horoscope of the native to know about her inner feelings and ambitions. The weak Moon speaks of a weak- minded female who can be easily influenced by others. If Mars is also afflicted then she can easily be swayed.

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Fate Line

Rising from the wrist AA
Rising from the life line BB
Rising from inside the life line CC
Rising from inside the life line on the mount of Venus DD
Rising from the mount of Moon EE
Rising from the line of head FF
Rising from the line of heart GG
Rising from the bracelet HH

Fate line starting from the wrist, a little above the first bracelet

This type of fate line is considered the best if it runs straight up to the mount of Saturn and there is no horizontal line over it. Such a line indicates that the subject will have the promise of a great career. He will climb up till such times as there is no hindrance by way of breaks, cuts and spots over the fate line. If there are no defects in the fate line, the sky is the limit. Persons who started at the lowest rung of their profession and reached the top would have been possessed of this type of fate line.

Further, such a fate line being away from the life line indicates that the subject has not been tied down by unfortunate conditions but has been free to choose his profession. The normal destination of the fate line is the base of the Saturn finger. If it goes beyond the base of the Saturn finger and rise above it to cover the third phalange of Saturn finger, or if it goes further on the second phalange of the Saturn fingers or beyond, it becomes inauspicious as the subject becomes obsessed with achieving his ambition at all cost. Towards this end, he may not hesitate to become a part to crime, which may result in loss of money, prestige and social standing. The subject may even have to go to the gallows or behind the bars. The fate line rising from the wrist and going up to the base of the Saturn finger becomes especially significant if the fate line gets divided into two, one part going to the mount of Saturn (the base of the Saturn finger) and the other proceeding towards the mount of Jupiter (base of the first finger). The latter adds to the financial prosperity of the subject. If the fate line goes right up to the base of the Saturn finger or Jupiter finger, it indicates that accrual of income, in some form or the end of the life of the subject. This income may be in the form of monthly pension, house rent and returns on investments.
Fate line starting from the life line
This type of line is also considered good. Before the starting of the fate line, the subject will lead an ordinary life. With the start of the fate line, the life of the subject will become eventful and take shape according to the future course of the line. If the fate line is clear, distinct and without any obstructions in the form of cross lines, the career/ profession in future will be good, prosperous and rewarding. However, the influence of family members will always play its role in the life of the subject. He may have to sacrifice his comforts and ambitions for the sake of his family. This is applicable both to male as well as female members of the family (sons, daughters), who for the benefit of other kin, whether old parents or younger brothers and sisters, choose not to take up a career/ profession which would keep them away, or they may choose not to get married at the appropriate time or do not get married at all.
Fate line starting from inside the life line
The early years of life may not be comfortable due to parental troubles and the assumption of family responsibilities by the subject.

Fate line rising inside the life from the mount of Venus.
This indicates good fortune but through the assistance of relatives. The members of the family chalk out the subject’s career. Unless the fate line is very clear and strong after it proceeds towards the head line and onward, the subject will not be able to do much of his own accord. Rather, persons who have this type of line, starting from the mount of Venus (mount of sex, passion and sympathy), get entangled in love affairs, especially with those who are already married, and thus have to suffer unhappy consequences.

Fate lines starting from the mount of Moon.

This is also considered good. As the mount of Moon starts in the proximity of the wrist, the benefits start accruing to the subject from early life. Such persons do not have family ties in their early year to hold them back. Rather, they are free from family influence and are able to make a choice of their career/ profession as per circumstances. They enjoy the favor of friends and influential people with whom they come into contact, and so they are able to benefit. If the life line and the head line are apart from each other at the beginning, the Mercury finger is long, going beyond the second phalange of the adjoining finger of Sun, there is a yuva in the centre of thumb, then the good effects of this fate line get strengthened and the subject is able to come up in life mainly on account of his own efforts, hard work, diligence, and through the cooperation of his well- wishers.

There is a view that persons with this fate line come up in life through the support of women. This could be true in certain cases. It can also be construed that such persons come up in life after marriage due to their being blessed with a lucky wife who extends due cooperation to her life partner in giving his best to his career/ profession. Further, the subjects are gifted with intuition and inspirational powers, which enable them to foresee events. They look to the brighter side of everything and inspire people. They are hesitant to spend money on their own comforts, but like to spend money on the members of their family and for social purposes.

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Search Your Inner Soul Via Meditation

Meditation cannot be a thruster upon you though it may be suggested to you by the persons you consult including astrologers. Meditation is something which has to come from your ‘inner self’ and a thing to be thought about you. Earlier we have talked about meditation in general and also about meditation astrologically. Meditation cannot be separated from religions matters, occult sciences including astrology. All religions have a place for meditation. Transcendental Meditation, a traditional method of meditation, even now in is vogue, Mantra had to be given or assigned by the Guru (Teacher). Some of the religious preachers are even today known for giving ‘Mantra’ etc. to their disciples.

2. It is pleasant to note that some of the News papers (Media) have started giving some place to the concept of Meditation. The Hindustan Times is one to give a write up on every Monday (the day of Lord Shiva) a small column on ‘MEDITATION’. It is stated in that Mahatma Gandhi ji had met late Paramacharya of Kanchi, Chndrashakarandras Saraswati on 15th October, 1927 and even at that time it was stated by the sage that ‘now a days politicians intervene in religious, social affairs and try to turn them upside down. This will be dangerous to our society and make our religion weak. Practically, things have come true, The moral and character of nation has collapsed for various reasons (which need not be elaborated here) and it is only MEDITATION which can save the country and its people from the future decay.

3. It has been noticed that some people automatically get attracted (inner voice) for the recitation of a Mantra from any of the inspirational book. For a devotee, no time can be fixed for meditation or recitation of a Mantra though earlier Brahamuhurtha (4.00 A.M) was indicated to be auspicious time. It is now started that for meditation or recitation of Mantra ‘Sandhya Time’ (Time just near Sun- set) is also considered good and can be selected for the purpose of searching inner soul. Further, the time (just before going to bed) can also be selected. Actually, many things are wrought by prayer- Morning Prayer would help the day to pass peacefully and night prayer would help to pass the night peacefully.

4. The Moon has a major role to play in various facets of life including meditation. Selection of an inspirational word or a Mantra beginning to resemble with the native and in meditation the message of the mantra (word) gets imprinted on the mind. Nothing in Today’s culture would prepare the people to do meditation but still few persons are coming forward to do the job. Media i.e. News- papers and Television can do a lot. Recently, there had been spate of serials on religious matters say- ‘Om Nama Shivai’, Jai Hanuman, ‘Shiv Mahapurana’ etc. Such things are better and the present generation can learn many things about them and also tempted to do meditation. Astrologically, such serials and more works on old matters were bound to be done in 1997 because of exchange of Saturn and Jupiter in their respective signs i.e. Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn.

5. Reverting back to the time of Meditation, it is further stated that ‘Sandhi’ (Junction of time) i.e. at Sunrise and Sun- set are also considered good i.e. this time has special, mysterious, spiritual force and even a wonderful magnetic power.

Shanker Adawal

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Know all about No. 2 Persons

(Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month)

In these series, discussion had been made with reference to date of birth via NUMEROLOGY. Basic traits and other characteristics were discussed about No.2 persons.

Birth Number 2- Persons (born on 2, 11, 20 and 29th)
Natives born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are under influence of birth number 2 which is governed by the Moon. This itself make them as intelligent, industrious, diplomatic, sociable, holding positions of authority and highest responsibility, receptive, perseverance and dexterous, interested in noble deeds and actions of charity. Success in education, philosophy, scientific investigations and research, new inventions etc. will improve their career. Natives are not quick decision makers and often waiver but are most successful in business as partners. Disfavored in speculative deals, as they are sentimental emotional and are of waiver ring mind.

Devotion to the Family:
2. Natives are devoted to their family and lucky in the business/ trade transactions in real estate. They are advised to respect sentiments of the elders and should not irritate family members. Regular exercise and relaxation with natural surroundings is recommended for them to ease their tensions. They always remain dynamic and benefic from journeys, both inland and overseas.

Higher Education:
3. This number shows development of higher educational literary skills, good at legal matters; venture remarkably in professions connected with medicine, writing poetry, navigation, dance, drama, arts, cinematography, film industry and occultism. Natives will have 20, 25 and 27 years as most eventful and significant years, in academic pursuits and competitive examinations. Start their career at the age of 23/ 24 years and secure a comfortable position in the society before 30 years.

Hard Labour:
4. The wholesome loving nature of No. 2 with higher imaginative and intuitive power, at later period will prove good for society as philanthropists, philosophers, spiritualists and reformers. They have to strive to render higher goals, though they might be misled by temptation. They benefit from virtuous mothers, sisters and other learned ladies whose influence is marked on the native’s life pattern as well as their professional achievements. They achieve success in life after persistent struggle.

Have the Needed Adjustment:
5. They believe in co- operation and not confrontation. They are particularly good in services, can be finest diplomats, dexterous as negotiators and arbitrators and peace makers. They will be precisely extraordinarily retentive in memory, making them good orators. They will have a flexible approach but may waiver in taking major policy decisions. They are fond of social gatherings and socialism with a refined taste. They like travel and tourism, sports and games. This number is ideally suitable for occultism including astrology. If associated with persons born with number 7 or 9 and may lead to phenomenal rise in spiritualism.

Fame & Fortune:
6. They like wide publicity but get contented with whatever achievements they get. They remain devoted, loyal through persistent efforts; possess magnetic personality and other qualities. They give more to organizations for which they work than the remunerations they accept. They do not harm even their enemies.
7. Pitfalls in their marital happiness do follow, combined with intermittent tensions and stomach disorders. They need to exercise great restraint and have to make adjustment in marital life; otherwise strains and tensions are inevitable. Domestic upsets are indicated when native on associated with number 5 in the form of name or spiritual numbers. Their 48th year will be quite fruitful. They should avoid nefarious activities in their 45th year. They should be cautious of stomach disorders during 20th, 23rd, 25th, 29th, 38th, 47th, 56th and 65th years.

Bright Future:
8. Natives hit the headlines several times in life, and help the society with their yearning for love, peace, amity, harmony, justice and fondness for fine arts and fondness for fine arts and music. If number 6 be prominent in their vital numbers, they achieve good recognition in fine arts. With numbers 3 and 9 being prominent in their birth dates or other vital numbers, it will make them successful politicians, diplomats and philosophers and they will have fine intuitive powers. If the rhythm of numbers 1, 2, 3 & 7 is strong in their vital numbers, they hold key positions of authority and lead fruitful life and dominate in domestic life.

No.2 Ladies:
9. Ladies of this number would be very soft spoken, kind hearted and generous, devoted and sincere to their families. Young ladies must combine white, cream and golden colours in their colourful dresses, while men should use extensively light colours. Natives are particularly favored in business and public relations jobs due to their personal charm. They may look ineffective outwardly, but remain loyalistic in their pursuits. Persons governed by vibrations of number 2 are devoted to domestic life, as their personal attachment plays an important role in their life. They are easily moved up by unpleasant happenings, and work towards alleviation of suffering of others by their sacrificing nature, at the cost of their personal comforts. Love life is more on noble lines and they find excellent opportunities in this regards between the years 30 to 35, even though at times they are outrageous in nature. Important changes occur around the 36th of year age.

Stabilizing in Life:
10. Natives enjoy long term stability in number 2 positions in big organizations, leading to greater recognition compared to those at Number 1 level. But when they rise to No.1, they face greater rivalry and jealousy. Their official careers in big enterprises are prone to this syndrome. If they join politics, they end as ministers, but may be targets of unfavorable circumstances leading to instability in this power game.

When No. 2 Rise at Top:
11. Natives of Birth Number 2 particularly if they have association of 1 or 2 numbers in their date of birth, have chances of rising to the top. It is, however, doubtful whether they can remain at the top or not. Normally, the natives of this birth number can continue in No. 2 positions, for a long time normally 10 to 20 years but when they come to occupy No.1 position, they face difficulties, and are a victim of tragedies and foul play. Even their own kith and kin would show indifference towards them. In lower positions, on the professional front, they can safely overcome all speed- breakers and hurdles and lead to the grand victory, but if they yearn to occupy No. 1 position, they would face some uncertainties.

Concern of No. 2 Persons:
12. Children are also considerable and they would face some anxieties on the family front. On the health front, they would face some stomach upsets and tensions and are advised to wear pearl in silver. They may have windfall and legacies and would invariably gain through indirect dealings and commission/ broker agents. Natives associated with number 2 often make rapid strides and their ambitions in life are fulfilled if they have fixed determination. They would, however, be found to be hasty and rash in decision making. They will first act and then think.

Lucky Days and Colours:
13. Sunday and Monday are lucky days for them. White, green, cream and pink are their favourite colours. Advised to wear pearl or white sapphire to ease their tensions.

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Heart Line

We shall now take up the heart line. In Hindu Palmistry it is called ‘Ayu Rekh’ - as life depends upon the functioning of the heart. As long as the heart continues to function properly, life runs smoothly. In Western Palmistry, this line has been called heart line, as it is the heart which pumps blood through the body.

There is a divergence of opinion about the starting point of this line, as well as its ending point. According to eminent Palmists such as William G. Benham, Henry Frith, Comte De Saint German, Cheerio and Noel Joaquin, the heart line starts from the mount of Jupiter or near about, and goes towards the mount of Mercury. However, according to others like Katharine St. Hill, E. Rene and Myrah Lawrence, the heart line start from the mount of Mercury (house of emotions) and runs towards the mount of Saturn or Jupiter. Myrah Lawrence has very categorically stated in her book Hand Analysis that the heart line always originates under the Mercury finger although some palmists of the old school claim that it ends at this point. Through the stuffy of thousands of palms she has found that the version of the palmists of the old school that the heart line starts from the mount of Jupiter or at a place near it is not correct. According to her, since the heart line mainly governs the emotions, it is logical to conclude or believe that it originates from the house of emotions, the mount of Mercury.

As I have been able to make out from numerous palms, and the readers may also have observed, the heart line is thick at the percussion below the mount of Mercury and gradually goes on thinning at it proceeds onwards. Normally at the beginning, the lines are thick, and as they proceed onwards, their thickness gets reduced. On that basis it can be assumed that the heart line originates under the Mercury finger.
The heart line is an index of the state of the heart and the capacity for affection, emotions, friendship, generosity, faithfulness and loyalty. A long and strong heart line is more desirable than a short, weak one.

The placement of heart line on the palm must be considered. The heart line lying close to the fingers indicates a jealous and exacting nature. When the heart line is placed low down on the palm, leaving sufficient space between the fingers and the line, it bestows aspiration and high ideals. When the heart line and the head line are close to each other, leaving a narrow space in the quadrangle, the subject is narrow- minded or engrossed with his own affairs. Such a person does not prove a friend in need. He is prone to asthmatic problems. When there is sufficient space between the heart line and the head line, making the quadrangle wide, the person is broad- minded. He will not mind spending money or others, will take care of his relatives and friends, and thus prove his sincerity.

The destination of the heart line is as important as the beginning. Let us assume that the heart line start under the Mercury finger and proceeds towards Saturn or Jupiter fingers. When the heart line goes upto the mount of Jupiter, it indicates platonic love. The heart line ending under the mount of Saturn or at the point between the Saturn and the Sun finger indicates that the subject lacks faithfulness and restraint in sex.

The heart line reveals the tendencies and relationships of the subject. The line, to be classified as a good one, should be well- colored, narrow and strongly marked. It should not be broken or rayed. The appearance and continuity of the heart line are important factors. From the health point of view, the heart line indicates the circulation of the blood and the action of the heart. It also represents affections. If the heart line is deep, clear and narrow, the action of the heart may be normal and the affections may be strong and firm. A long and strong heart line indicates loyalty, sincerity and trust while a short heart line indicates the opposite that is, disloyalty, distrust and jealousy.

In certain palms the heart line may be missing. The absence of the heart line indicates selfishness and want of true sympathy, and the subject is keen to gain success even at the cost of others. Further, the absence of the line can lead the subject into hypocrisy, deceit, lack of courtesy and positive dishonesty. There is a belief that the absence of the heart line comes in the way of the subject reaching old age. The heart line should not descend to the head line, and nor the head line rise to the heart line. If the heart line dips down to the head line, the quadrangle will come narrow. It suggests subjection of reason to feeling and passion. The swinging down of the heart line towards the head line makes the subject serious, and his emotions will be ruled by the head. The heart line deflecting downward and cutting the head line indicates injury to the head, resulting in imbalance of mental faculties. If the head line and heart line join each other at any place, the subject will have an undemonstrative nature, but his affection will be lasting and friendship sincere. This will be amply manifested only in periods of distress.

Persons who have a straight heart line going across the palm are loyal to the extreme, the have blind loyalty towards anyone they like and idolize.

The marks and signs on the heart line are breaks, islands dots, bars, circles, chains, disturbances in the normal functioning of the heart as the passage of current through the line gets disconnected. The subject may have to encounter disturbances in emotions or great grief. Islands on the line are indicative of guilty intrigues. From the health point of view, islands indicate very defective action of the heart. Dots are also bad signs and indicate health defects. The bigger the dot, the more serious is the effect on the health of the subject.

If the heart line is chained, it indicates inconsistency in affections and imperfect action of the heart. A circle on the line indicates weakness of the heart. If the circle happens to be on the line under the mount of the Sun, the subject suffers from troubles of eyesight. A number of bars cutting the heart line intimate disappointments in love and trouble of the heart.

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All about Lord Shiva

Recite, Preach and Practice Thousand Names of Lord Shiva

Recitation and preaching- rather even listening of thousand names will enable the natives (Sadhaka) to achieve their desires without serious danger. There is no doubt that those who recite and preach these thousand names will have no misery at all even in dreams. The thousand names of Lord Shiva stand for destruction of distress and would give learning and wealth, bestows all desires and also inspires devotion to Lord Shiva. These statements are from the Shiva Puran and are stated by the Lord himself.

One method of worship of Lord Shiva is to offer water/ milk and other items but the ‘Bilva Leave’ is considered a must. The native must pray to forgive for all sins and also forgive if the worship is devoid of the requisite materials, any. Continue reciting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and other Mantras of Lord Shiva including Maha- Mrityunjaya Mantras.

It is stated that the word ‘Shiva’ signifies HIM who controls everthing and whom none can control.

On analysis of the word ‘Shiva’ the following interpretation has been noted:
- The syllable ‘SH’ means Permanent bliss.
- The letter ‘I’ means Purusha (male energy).
- The Syllable ‘va’ means Sakti (the female energy)

Persons born with Jupiter in Lagna, 5th house or 9th house of the horoscope certainly get blessings of Lord Shiva and evil effects get neutralized. Others also get blessings of the Lord by remembering/ worshipping the Lord. Namah Shivaya/ means ‘Obeseisance to Shiva’.

Now know about some Names of Lord Shiva.
Surya- Identical with the Sun.
Sani- Saturn.
Sarvakarmalaya- Abode of all rites.
Sthvistha- Grossest one.
Savatsara- Year.
Savatsarakara- Above of all.
Srimat- Glorious.
Sarvasasana- Chastiser of all.
Samana- Impartial.
Sistesta- liked by the cultured.
Sarsodhana- Purifier of the essence.
Sarvabandhav imochana- Realiaser from all bondages.
Sipivista- entering and stationed in rays.
Susarana- Worthy refuge
Sarvasdhana- having all equipment.
Samsara Cakrabharti- Holder of the wheel.
Sastra- Chestiser.
Savitra- Sun
Satpathacare- Travelling the path of Good.
Sisu- Infan.
Surasatruha- Slayer of the enemies of Gods.
Sarvasware- Lord of all.
Sidha- Mahatejas- Of great luster.
Sidhi- Achievement.
Sarvapapahara- destroyer of sins.
Satya- of truthful existence.
Sukriti- of good fame.
Sobhana- of good beauty.
Sragvin- warning garlands.
Sasvata- Permanent.
Santa- Quescent.
Sarvaacharya- Preceptor of all.
Spastaksara- of clear words and syllables.
Sarasamolava- floating the essence.
Sulabha- easy to approach.
Suragana- having Gods as attendants.
Sthanada- Bestower of proper position
Sivalaya- Of auspicious residence- happy home.
Sudhapati- Lord nectar.
Sara- Essence.
Sancaya- Collection.
Skanda- Krittiikeya.
Sanuraga- Loving.
Survira- Good hero.
Sakalgamoparaga- One who hasmastered all Vedas.
Susena- Having auspicious army.
Svayamjyoti- Self luminous.
Siva- Pure.
Sadacare- Of noble conduct.
Sarava- All in all, a bestower of welfare.
Sargasadhna- Achiever of creation.
Surasattaya- The most excellent God.
Sarvapyamasayudin- In whom all authorities and proofs agree.
Subhaga- Comely.
Skendaguru- Preceptor of skanda.
Srikantha- Who can be realized through trance.
Suresa- Lord of Gods.
Suryatapana- Scorcher of the Sun.
Smasananilaya- Residing in cremation grounds.
Sukshma- Subtle.
Smasanastha- Stay in cremation grounds.
Somapa- Imbiber of Soma Juice.
Saumya- Gentle.
Sudhapati- Lord of nectar.
Suniti- Good justice and police.
Sudhatman- Pure Soul.
Soma- Accompanied by Uma.
Somatara- Excelling the Moon.
Sukhim- Happy being.
Sidh Vradaravandita- Saluted by the Gods.
Sutrakara- Composer of Ephorisms.
Sanatana- Eternal.
Svastida- Bestower of wheal.
Sarvada- Bestower of all.
Sarvagicara- Visible to all.
Saraga- Creation.
Sikha, Visakha, Gosakha, Siva- The cause of welfare.
Satphapati- Architect.
Sthira- Steady.
Sagana- Accompanies by Ganas.
Sukriti- Of good fame.
Samavarta- Who whirls the wheal of worldly existence.
Sadasiva- auspicious forever.
Sarvayudhavisarada- expert in wielding weapons.
Sutantu- wearing good fabric of universe.
Subhanga- having auspicious limbs.
Suppressor- Of (wicked) people.
Sudhavigraha- Of pure body.
Sadhusadhya- achievable easily by the saintly.
Srimat- glorious.
Sulabha- easy of access.
Suvrata- Of good rites.
Sura- heroic.
Satrujit- conqueror of the enemies.
Saramana- ascetic.
Suparna- Garuda of good wings.
Sasigunakara- Storehouse of the qualities of the Moon.
Satya- Truth.
Satayapara- devoted to truth.
Sarvaloka prajapati- Creator of worlds.
Sukrata- meritorious.
Sudhi- Intelligent.
Sadyogin- Of good yogas.
Sakra- Indentical with Indra.
Samartha- Capable.
Satyaparakrama- Of truthful exploit.
Sikhisarthi- having fire as charioteer.
Supratika- of good symbols.
Sunispanna- bell born.
Sreshtha- excellent.
Samamnaya- well recited Vedas.
Sahasramurdhan- thousand headed.
Saranya- worthy of taking refuge in.
Sarvadevottamattama- most excellent of the Gods.
Srimat- glorious.
Sriparvatapriya- Fond of the mountain Sriparvata.
Surdhyaksa- presiding deity of Gods.
Svadhama- Self housed.
Silocana- Of good eyes.
Siddhida- bestower of Siddhis.
Sarvasastrabhrdvara- Foremost among the wearer all weapons.
Svadhisthana- Self based.
Shanti - Peace.
Sugata- having good gait.
Sabdapati- lord of worlds.
Satrupramthin- suppressor of enemies.
Sukhanila- of pleasing wind.
Surabhi- fragrant.
Sisiratmaka- winter.
Saila- mountain.
Sarvarupa- uniformed.
Sarvasastra Prabdhanjana- breaker of weapons and missiles.
Sarvesa – lord of all.
Sarvalokadhrik- Supporter of all the worlds.
Sivajnanarata- interested in the knowledge of Siva.
Sikhi- Fire God.
Sidhinhadga- Having steady sword.
Svagata- Self pervading.
Svara- Accent.
Svaramaya svana- Novel sound.
Swargin- Attaining heaven.
Sedgati- Goal of the good.
Satyaparayana- devoted to truth.
Sucismita- Of pure smiles.
Remember and recite the name of Lord Shiva and reap material and spiritual benefits. Those of you want to contribute about other names of Lords Shiva are welcome to do so.

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