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General Predictive Trends of Sun-signs in Year 2018 by Dr. Shanker Adawal - Part 3

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Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Analysis of a Chart with regard to Marriage & Sex!

Let us take a chart and analyse the basics. My intent is to show you that a chart which looks powerful may give opposite results once we look at it closely. We need to apply the basic principle that i will try to explain.

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The first look at the chart. You will be fascinated by the exalted Jupiter which holds the Kartatwa for second, fifth, seventh (in case of ladies & this chart is of a lady born in 1979), ninth and eleventh. All houses related to family, marriage and good understanding with the spouse - Jupiter looks promising.

The situation is opposite. The husband  maintains no physical contact, emotionally gives little support, married life is on the brink of divorce and they have no children. Jupiter is with Moon and Mercury - a powerful yoga. 

Saturn, Sun , Venus and Rahu are in the 11th house (LEO) & Mars is in 9th house (GEMINI) and is also the 7th lord. 

Why has Jupiter (exalted) not given her the desired results. 

THE FIRST REASON IS THAT IT IS COMBUST. Combust Jupiter never gives good results. It gave marriage and it was a settled marriage & performed as per rituals. Jupiter whenever combust by Sun will never give good results for marriage. Sun as a planet does not auger well for marriage and straight relatioships. Jupiter gets those properties when it gets combust. 

Venus again as Lagna Lord is COMBUST.  Close conjunction of Sun and Venus.

Jupiter is in Ashlesha. This Nakshatra is not positive for marriage, married life and emotions. It is all about deception, illusion, tricks and ruled by the serpent kingdom.

Always look at the Nakshatra (not for the lord) but the characteristics of the Nakshatra and the Diety which presides over it. 

Ashlesha where Jupiter & Moon both fall is the best in present times to rise in life. It is also deals with communication and using mass communication to your advantage. The serpent looks glamorous and beautiful - has a different aura. Can make you very successful as one knows how to talk and do the required PR work. 

She is in the world of PR, event management and has started building her own events. She is presently an entrepreneur. She will do well but not reach great heights as Jupiter & Venus are not inherently powerful as they are combust.

Rahu in 11th with  Sun, Venus and   Saturn will take her to a good level though. Rahu has its own ways in giving & taking. In this case it will give money, powerful friends and the works. Sun in 11th will put the spot light on her network of associates, PR skills and she will also when the Dasha -  Bhukti helps give huge gains.

So the exalted Jupiter which rules marriage looses its power and characteristics nakshatra as I explained) to sustain marriage. Venus which is all about UNION is also combust but will give results of a different nature because of Rahu and it being in Magha Nakshtra (material side of Ketu becomes dominant in Magha).

Please remember not to start telling benefic results for Jupiter or Venus if well placed. They may give some results that are benefic and modify results with respect to profession or some other aspect. HAVE A CLOSER LOOK. NO PLANET IS A COMPLETE BENEFIC OR MELAFIC - MY VIEW. 

Lord of 7th Mars is in Gemini in Ardra Nakshtra (gives a dominating & unrelenting nature and ruled by Radra which is Shiva and has the energy of Rahu which is all about being in your own world of illusion. They can be deceitful and tricky) which will give her a very stubborn person  and a husband who can keep tricking her. That is what is happening. 

The idea of EXPLAINING this was NEVER look at exalted Jupiter and start predicting all great things on Marriage. Same is with Venus for sex and marriage.

Yes - all can never be bad so on the professional front she will do good and this Jupiter may not allow her to get out of the marriage easily. The husband represented by Mars is not a straight person as i have  tried to explain. 

I would like to end now as wanted to explain a limited point.

Horoscope of Shri Amit Shah

Let us understand the strengths of the horoscope though at the outset it looks a weak horoscope.

Horoscope of Shri Amit Shah - CLICK  ABOVE CHART TO SEE LARGE

At the outset a Debilitated Sun and Mars one may not give a second glance. Two major planets signifying power and might are in their fall.

Look closely and you see the exchange of Moon and Mars - involve 8th and 11th house. Shows sudden gains as a part of destiny and the capability to intuitively understand a situation, get into the depth and a sharp brain to convert a situation (I mean, especially those situations where you feel there is a hopelessness and surgery is required) into again (fulfilling your aspirations or desires).

Mars debilitated is good as then you are a soldier, but with a strategy and scheme. Approach is to be a caretaker & custodian.

Similarly, look at the exchange of Sun and Venus. It involves 2nd and 12th house. The 2nd house is for RAJYA (GOVT) & 12th is for strategy, working with computers, secret planning and international affairs. You earn wealth & prestige (2nd house) by the 12th (planning and what we can call using social media).

Yes 8th also signifies struggles, disputes, danger, going deep into the occult, health issues, secretive enemies and 12th also signifies expenses, isolation, left alone, struggles and spirituality etc. And all these would have also manifested.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses, but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy. 

Ascendant in Hasta (Hasta has a connection with Moon & Mercury - logic rules but greater understanding of emotions. Deity is Savitur - first rays of the Sun. Remember a KING which Sun represents through the ruling God is a planet that has a big heart, has power, rules, but also aware of all the traits of deceit and negativity).

Haste is represented by the clenched fist - such people operate, but being in control and only with a few trusted people to keep strength & unity. Rahu also has a role in this Nakshtra & RAHU is the planet of today (it thinks and does things that are out of the box).

The above is also sustained by the Nakshatra of Sun and Moon in Bharni makes him a person, who will keep a log of things & people - help / act fairly. I am not discussing other factors as the Moon in Bharani may not be very good for Mother but that is NOT the theme of this article.

This makes the horoscope very strong and much more than what it looks by a first glance or more also!

RAHU IN 10TH & that also alone make it very strong. In Gemini it is as good as exalted. Mercury (the depositor of Rahu) is in the second house in the house of Libra (its friend and also signifies a guru, trying to balance things and joining matters/issues) which is 5th form Rahu and the 10th house.


Dasha is of Rahu-Venus is till June, 18, 2018 (excellent) and then Rahu-Sun till 13/03/2019 and then Rahu-Moon till Sept, 2020 & Rahu-Mars till  Sept, 2021.

You would observe ANTAR DASHAS of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars operate till September, 2021. Venus & Sun & then Moon & Mars is in an EXCHANGE which I have explained above.

The exchanges will give their impact and take him to dizzy heights and also getting more spiritual with an understanding of what that is the meaning of UNION with the ULTIMATE (the SOURCE).

Involvements of 8th and 12th in the exchange, is the reason, but analysis is only on the tenth house (power, prestige and the impact of Rahu in Gemini IN Mrigasira which gives a great understanding of direction & purpose & chasing things - searching new horizons is a continuous process - RULED BY LORD SOMNATH as the DIETY).




Nakshatra -  A pointer only.

They are the heart of astrology. The ruler and the signs are important but more important is the deity that  defines the operative part of the Nakshatra.

For the Nakshatra you planet say the Atmakarak is placed you can by making that house where the Atamakarak is placed can map the destiny. Look for the exaltation, debilitation & above all the mooltrikona signs form that point - the houses depending upon the lord - ship  will map your destiny.

Say Anuradha is the Nakshatra where your Atmakarak is placed & the sign is of course Scorpio. Then the most important thing will be issues of home, property, mother, domestic issues followed with communication, travel, siblings etc. Saturn the lord of Anuradha rules the 3rd and 4th house from Scorpio. Then look at the exaltation, deblitation, the cycle, the padas /Navamshas ( D9 ) in relation to the constellations -  to get more clues that I will deal in stages. 

As we go deeper we must understand that Moon gets deblitated in Scorpio so the Kartatwa / Cancer & Taurus signs will also show an underlying negative current.

Apply this to all planets with respect to there Kartatwa to  get an understanding of the energy's that can effect you.

This is to make you interested in this concept but do not apply without a thorough reading.

Astrology is all about you communicating with the external energies that impact you,


Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Analysing Dasha!

While analysing DASHA - look at Mooltrikona sign (results of that) with lordship, then the depositors status, nakshatra lord, placement in Navansha and if the planet is conjunct MOON & in the NAKSHATRA of MOON it will give good results. This is generic and you need to DWELL much more - basics only. 


Rahu rules in Kali-Yug!

RAHU rules in KALI - YUG. Politicians can do well ONLY if RAHU is STRONG. A billionaire is born if Rahu, its depositors and planets connected to Rahu are strong. Rahu rules the waves & rays ( invention - unconventional - out of box in any field - ruthlessness). Rahu is a KARMIC PLANET along with Ketu of course.

An Astro-tip on Marital Life

Sun - Rahu conjunction within a 7 degree orb or so is not good for married life. Leads to divorce like situations. If afflicted by Mars then it can lead to disputes (legal & otherwise). This impacts when in 7th house the most or in Ascendant. If sun - rahu conjunction is in the 4th then the native will be emotionally cold and have a dual personality in showing his emotions with the partner. He would be normal in behaviour when in society but cold when alone. Test this.


Saturn in Transit

Whenever Saturn in transit & moves over natal Venus - orb of SIX degrees either side - (8th & 12th house form ascendant to be excluded - hear also it will give money but in a different way) - it will GIVE MONEY FLOW to native. The quantum will depend upon the strength and placement of Venus & other parameters. But YES money will come.


When Planets are in Conjunction!

When planets are in conjunction please give importance to the NAKSHATRA they are placed in - they colour it - make the planets behave differently. Take the QUALITIES OF THE NAKSHATRA - THEY ARE PARAMOUNT.  EXAMPLE - In Cancer if planets are in conjunction in PUSHYA & ASHLESHA, the results will be different form BOTH being in PUSHYA. Remember the DITIES & THERE IMPACT are more important than the Nakshatra Lord.


Doing Astrology this is one thing that i have learnt!

We are looking at a life & one should NEVER JUDGE it (life). Each is right in his/her path. Moral codes, mischievous actions and the attitude to death/life, varies and all are RIGHT.

In HUNDU tradition when the IDOL of MA DURGA is made it HAS TO HAVE the MUD FROM THE COURTESANS HOUSE. This says & depicts a lot of things if understood in perspective. 


Planetary Compinations!

Murderers and Killers/impostors/frauds as well as saints have more or less the same planetary combinations UPFRONT as Saints / preachers / those into temples & spirituality in a BIG way .

In both cases it is the MOON ( mind ) that has to be afflicted by malefic / RAHU which makes your mind LOOOK things differently and ACT differently with a sense that you are doing RIGHT.

It is a very DEEP analysis which is required to DISTINGUISH form the REAL PEOPLE SEARCHING THERE HIGHER SELF to those doing it as a result of insecurity / fear / frustration / want to be different & so on. 

It is all a PLAY of MOON - MALEFIC - JUPITER / SATURN / MERCURY but to conclude the ACTUAL SAINTS form those that are a combination of WOLF - SHEEP or those who are sure that they are RIGHT in there approach to HUMANITY, is not an easy task. 



Moon as a planet!

Moon as a planet promotes lust, relationships , preference to a lady other than wife and has themes of Live In Relationships / sex before marriage / ill legal children or conceptions when in conjunction with other planets in signs/nakshatras.
Moon was responsible for having an ill legitimate relationships with Tara (wife of Jupiter who go attracted to Moon AS Jupiter was busy with work ) and produced Mercury (ill - legitimately & this is the theme of live in etc today). Tara came back to Jupiter after he was helped by Indra & the child got the name of Jupiter (theme of adoption).

Moon also was more attached to ROHINI and the whole story of curse - then Shiva (Somnath) helping Moon. Depicts the jealousy in relationships, multiple relationships, preferences and attractions that are not as per rules.

The placement of moon and conjunction with Mercury, Saturn and Rahu must be watched. The Nakshatra is terms of Characteristics MUST be taken into consideration with the CONJUNCTIONS. Do not have the SPACE to explain that but example Krittika promotes adoption, Mrigashira relatioships and of course Ashlesha is POISON & so on - just sporadic examples.
Moon - conjunction, Nakshatra, lordship of the Nakshatra lord, pada and Navamsha ETC - all must be analysed to look at this aspect.
We astrologers at times understand the hidden secrets and keep quiet and that is what is told in Shastras. Astrology is about getting connected to some force and that force tells to the person in front of you . It is all a KARMIC PLAY - even the astrologer you visit and the predictions. Astrology is spiritual and one must cultivate the connect to COUNSEL.


My Observation

saturn irrespective of being ret or direct will create some issues for the house 12th to its placement. There will be pins & pricks there - the extent has to be seen by other things. Give your practical observation.


When the sixty catches up with you.

Age (old), weak and wrongs, now stare at me more than ever. Help the old, weak and confess your wrongs when you have the strength - that will make you happier within when the sixty catches up with you.


My Query



Planet Jupiter - Do not ignore!

It is treated as the BIGGEST benefice - planet BUT remember....

Jupiter in matters of relationship is NOT so great . It is said to have thrust himself on the WIFE of his elder brother who was pregnant and was kicked by the child in the womb .

In MATTERS relationship with CHILD & having undesirable unions - keep an eye on the placement of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the ADVISOR to INDRA ( we also have Indras today ) & spends most of the time in his duties neglecting HOME .Jupiters wife had relatioships with MOON.

Jupiter is the STORE of wisdom & strategy BUT these themes cannot be ignored especially when it ifluences a planet as Nakshatra Lord or its principal diety ( Pushya Nakshatra as an example).

It gives to the house that it is aspecting THE WISDOM & RULES that will be appropriate / as per DHARMA

The same may not be the case for the house it is placed.

One has to look at the Nakshatra, placement, aspect & conjunctions also.

JUPITER - MOON conjunction gives rise to GAJKESARI yoga. It is good for wealth/name if other astrological conditions satisfied BUT my experience is that it will BRING about some kind of SCANDAL.




The Nakshatras ruled by JUPITER are PUNARVASU, VISHAKHA & PURVA BAHDRAPAD - all are about material prosperity, bouncing back and enjoying pleasures.

Jupiter must not be only connected with SPRITUALITY & like, AS IT IS by a lot of astrologers.



Will Surely Get Rich!

Those who have MORE planets ESPECIALLY MOON or SUN or ASCENDANT with others in the Nakshatra of Ketu and Ashwani, Moola and Magha are SURE to get rich .


Rattling of some shalokas and talks that suit does not make you religious. It makes you elite.

Evaluate those in religious sects.  They follow a dressing code or some rituals at TIMES so that they are different (fashion statement).

Rattling of some shalokas and talks that suit does not make you religious. It makes you elite. The DIRT within must be seen. The baser instincts must change. Compassion, Gratitude & Giving are the root of religion (being human). Disciples spend in making the SECTS /ASHRAM /FUNCTIONS richer. Do not use RITUALS & DRESSING to become elite or different. Follow compassion, gratitude and giving. Also i do not say that all sects are bad/negative. My thought for this week. 



Mars is the planet of energy (guts / push). When debilitated Mars is with Rahu and aspected by Saturn & if in the chart of the opposite sex, she must CULTIVATE the power to SAY, 'NO'. This conjunction IS NOT GOOD in a woman horoscope even if MARS is not debilitated for matters of marital happiness.


My Daily Thought!

Life is all about keeping yourself moving, feeling grateful for the sunlight & making yourself happy (happiness has to be found with the resources you have) - else after you stop working you could be in a pit of darkness. You are 'YOUR BEST FRIEND'.

Astrology Principles That Must Not Be Ignored!

Sun: we all say it is a King, benefic, ego, righteous & the soul etc etc.
Remember Sun is the KING. The Kings are trained in the art of cheating , deception and gambling. 

Sun has these qualities - never ignore.

Also in relationships Sun can develop a likening for others wife's (there is a Puranik story) as well gets into Relationship with ladies who deceive or trap him (the King).

These get displayed depending on placement, sign, Nakshatra & other factors.

My Astro tip for today.


Fight in UP Election!

Looking at the charts of SP / Akhilesh , BSP / Smt Mayawati , BJP / Shri Modi & also other factors like commencement of election time & also other charts my analysis is :

1 ) Akhilesh Yadav will retain power but with an alliance . The face off between father - son will not get resolved.

2 ) Smt Mayawati has a strong horoscope but that of BSP does not hold promise. She will be there.

3 ) Shri Modi's horoscope is strong but BJP chart does not show a win . Also alliance with other parties may not fructify.

My assessment based on factors is Shri Akhilesh will retain power with an alliance.

The above is based on my limited knowledge & charts I have erected.


The 'BHAWA' is Most Critical to all YOUR Actions!

The 'BHAWA' is most critical to all YOUR actions. You may feel emotional when you sweep at a temple BUT there could be some one else on the temple who is WORKING - RECITING ( KARMA & KNOWLEDGE ) but his BHAWA could be to earn money and put his child in the english medium school. The BHAWA is most important to your happiness. If directed to the world and its desires it is RUST - RUSTIC . 


Being religious is not spirituality

Religion means doing mantras - worship - following a rigorous regime to please God. This only is an ego booster. The individual thinks that, "he/she is different" & stands protected. It only enhances the feel that, whatever they do is right & a false sense of pride.

Spirituality is in Gratitude, Giving & above all the feeling of COMPASSION. Cultivate these & such emotions are private to you.

So do your prayers, eat together and cultivate compassion (it is the highest form of religion). Love to all. My first thought in 2017.


Being Religious is not Spirituality!

Religion means doing mantras - worship - following a rigorous regime to please God. This only is an ego booster. The individual thinks that, "he / she is different " & stands protected. It only enhances the feel that, whatever they do is right & a false sense of pride.

Spirituality is in Gratitude, Giving & above all the feeling of COMPASSION. Cultivate these & such emotions are private to you.

So do your prayers, eat together and cultivate compassion (it is the highest form of religion). Love to all. My first thought in 2017.


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