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December 30, 2016

For new year eve i am going to Vrindavan. Pray to the source to expand my mind, that i am able to get over my various FEARS and try to do activities that encompass / help others - my NEW YEAR wish for myself.

I do not shun work , success , money , love and entertainment as they are intrinsic needs and we all desire them.

I will pray for all to get more success with wisdom , emotional & mental happiness and that you work for others inclusive.

Have a great NEW YEAR EVE ahead - enjoy & love !!!!

With love, affectionately yours,


Indicative Astrology

Mars & Ketu are in Aquarius. The house where Aquarius falls in your horoscope - there will be pins & pricks. If Aquarius is your 6th 8th or 12th from Lagna / Ascendant - the impact will be more in terms of loosing competitive edge / health (6th), anxiety & fear (8th) & losses / expenses (12th). Take care for a month please. Efforts pay.


27 December 2016

All of us or mostly folks are procrastinators - be truthful. The brain that clearly thinks & works is put on the back burner by us.

The MONKEY in us wants instant gratification.

It is only when there is PANIC that the monkey runs away and the rational brain starts working.


Thought for today.


Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO)

Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO). Whatever is OUT will go IN you to react .The serials, friends and information that you choose to hear makes you to react subconsciously and react. INTENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CONTENT. If Manthara would not have been there RAMAYANA would not have happened (Kekayi loved Ram more than Kaushalya) & same for Mahabharat if SHAKUNI did not play his role. So important is what YOU CHOOSE to listen or have around you. Your acts may impact others also to ACT - REACT - DO NEGATIVE THINGS. My thought for today.


Election Uttar Pradesh

Looking at the charts of SP / Akhilesh , BSP / Smt Mayawati , BJP / Shri Modi & also other factors like commencement of election time & also other charts my analysis is :

1 ) Akhilesh Yadav will retain power but with an alliance . The face off between father - son will not get resolved.

2 ) Smt Mayawati has a strong horoscope but that of BSP does not hold promise. She will be there .

3 ) Shri Modi's horoscope is strong but BJP chart does not show a win . Also alliance with other parties may not fructify.

My assessment based on factors is Shri Akhilesh will retain power with an alliance .
The above is based on my limited knowledge & charts I have erected.


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