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Health and Medical Astrology

Health is wealth and this version is accepted by all. Normally for Health problems we have to and must get to medical help. But it has been seen that even medical men fail to diagnose the particular disease and even there has been difference of opinion among the doctors whether the native is suffering from heart problem or some other problem. Be that as it may, both astrology and medical science can work together for the benefit of humanity at large. Few years back I had participated in a Dental Health Mela and after analysis by the doctor and astrologer, the news item was headed to say that both ‘Horoscope and Stethoscope’ can work together.

2. Astrology also covers all parts of the body and the Horoscope become indicative about th ill health of the native either as a whole or with regards to particular disease depending on the planet afflicting the particular body part. The ill health in general is indicated by the following:

- Weak lagna- rising sign,
- Planets rising in bad Nakshtras,
- Planets having no strength,
- Planets getting to bad positions in ‘Chalit’.
- And other related matters when a study is made of the Horoscope in totality

3. If doctors and astrologers combine together, they can serve better the patients thus resulting in great service to the natives.

4. Among remedial measures, astrologers suggest some Mantras (Meditation or Remembering the God or other deity) and so that doctor and patient normally do. Doctor would pray to the God for success in his operation and the patient would pray for early recovery etc. What the Astrologer would do is the same by helping the native to ward of the malefic influence of planets.

5. With reference to the rays of planets and their influences, I would say that a light became when passes through a prism alters its course, and that this ‘behavior’ is different in different prisms. In just the same manner the adverse or bad effects can be corrected by using certain remedial measures including previous gems. The rays of a planet at a certain angle are benefic to a person and the same rays become malefic at a different angle IF you can correct the angle artificially, you can, to a great extent, avert the bad effects and get some protection.

6. Suppose you are reading a book that your lamp is kept just in front of you, you may naturally feel irritated, as the light reaching the book is insufficient and also glaring to your eyes. Now alter the position of that lamp and take it to your back. Even then you will not feel comfortable. You will feel satisfied when it is kept to your side. You have corrected the angle of the lamp to give you maximum comfort. Similarly with regards to planets you cannot physically alter their positions but you can alter the angle of rays by using certain suggested remedial measures. Our ancient Rishis were quite aware of this and used to prescribe suitable “upayas”- remedial measures to lessen the bad effects of stars. This basic knowledge they had attained through their power of yoga and God gifted institution. The ancient Hindus had mastered this great art of controlling planets instead of being controlled by them.

7. Metals and herbs have the same properties as the planets, and hence their use in “upayas”. It is said that in the beginning, the whole universe was a blazing mass, and that when the mass at a certain stage, disintegrated, the universe was evolved with earth, Moon, Sun and other planets and stars. When all these planets were part of a single body, every planet must contain some matter akin to other planets. This knowledge apparently malefic made our ancient Rishis to search for such metals and herbs which would be useful to correct the effect of certain planets in certain angles. From times immemorial such remedies were being prescribed, but in recent times some disbelief is evident due to the wrong prescriptions given by quacks and pseudo experts including fake astrologers.

8. Please remember that it is physically impossible to alter the positions of planets. The only thing that we can do is to correct either the angle of rays emanating from the transiting bodies, or correct the vibrations of one’s own body. Both these methods are equally helpful. it is an established fact that everything in the universe is in constant motion and that it is constantly vibrating also.

9. Medical science has practically established beyond doubt that every brain produces these waves, when properly tested and that the encephalogram so produced will be different in each individual at different times. That shows these vibrations are subject to the circumstances prevailing including the mental attitude, and even voluntarily also can be altered, by means of constant practice of yoga.

10. Your mental vibration also to the Palm and Hand. It has been seen that by merely changing their signatures by dropping or adding one or two words, people have been benefitted. This is because all the written and spoken words have their origin in vibrations. That is how you create impression on others when you speak, every word has its own wave length, and as ‘such different types of reactions are produced’. So, now it is clear that by correcting the vibrations emanating from you, you can, to a great extent, alter the course of events in your life.

11. In the same way the Tantra Sastra tells us about different ‘sounds’ allotted to different Deities. And by content repetition of such prescribed sounds- Mantras, your vibrations become one with that of the ‘sound’ and as such an affinity is produced and you may be rewarded accordingly depending on your dedication and devotion. This method has been prescribed by Sages of the past and can find reference of same (Mantras, Sounds etc.) in Vedas and other Shastras including Tentra Shastras.

12. Meditation, recitation of Mantras and by means of ‘spiritual force’ diseases can be treated and also your mental vibrations can be altered. Such force can be transmitted to you in the form of a drink, ring, precious stone, or a mere piece of metal. But if you can yourself develop your will- power and can do Japa or sit in Samadhi, you can achieve great mental equilibrium, and a peaceful mind. There are certain mantras which when repeatedly uttered, actually bring you in tune with the Deity or planet whose favor you seek. Further it is said that some such mantras were given by Lord Shiva himself to his consort Parvati, who for the benefit of human beings made known to the Sages through the great Sage Narada.

13. The evil influences of planets can also be corrected by the use of certain metals and stones.

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