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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - III, Privartana Yoga


8 Privartana yoga: When two planets exchange houses, they gain strength and behave as if they are in his own houses. There are three categories:

(i) Maha Yogas: Mutual exchange of any two of the 2L, 11L, Kendra/Tikona lords give rise to 28 yogas promising wealth, status and physical enjoyment.
(ii) Dainya (misery) yogas: Exchange of 6L or 8L or 12L with rest of any house lord (except mutual exchange of 6/8/12L causing Vipareet RY giving financial prosperity and status) leads to wicked nature, persistent trouble from opponents and ill health (30 yogas).

Khala (combination for fickle & wickedness) yoga: eL exchange with lords of houses other than Trik houses ( 8 yogas).

9 Neech Bhanga Rajoga

10 Lagnadhi/Chandradhi yoga

11 Mutual exchange or conjunction of LL and Moon sign lord.

12 Amala yoga: (symbol) or (symbol) in 10H from Lagna or Moon.

13 Gaj Kesari yoga: (symbol) and (symbol) Kendra to each other.

14 Subhakartari yoga

15 Parijata yoga: dispositor of dispositor of LL in a good house.

16 Sakata yoga: (symbol) and (symbol) 6/8 or 2/12 to each other (cancelled if (symbol) is in Kendra to Lagna)

17 Kaala-sarpa yoga: all planets on one side of the nodes.

XI Interpretation of yogas:
1) Yoga formed in any house give auspiciousness of that house. 9L+10L

in 12th may not be fully effective but increase signification of 12H forever.

2) Bad placement of yoga planet or ill placements of their dispositors may not give expected results.

3) Placements of nakshatra lords of yoga planets modify the results of yoga.

4) Strength of yoga planets or their nakshatra lords affects the results of yoga.

5) Friendliness of yoga planets modifies the result of yoga.

(6) The results are experienced in Dasha/Ad of yoga planets supported by helpful transit/Ashtakvargas.

XII Judgement of horoscope: Rules for interpretation: A planet, malefic for a particular Lagna, if strong it is harmful and weaker it is better is the result. The rules are given below:
1) Functional benefic do good to houses owned by them when in 2,11H, Kendra or Tikona and spoil and houses owned by them when in 3,6,8,12,H.

2) Functional malefic do bad to houses owned bythem when in 2, 11H, Kendra, Tikona and cause Vepareet Raj Yoga (they are took weak to cause any harm) when in 3,6,8,12H.

3) Natural benefic (strong (symbol), benefic associated (symbol), and (symbol)) do good to the houses with which they are associated and do good to their Karkattwas (significations) when in good houses i.e. 2,11H, Kendra, Tikona and bad to their Karkattwas when in 8,12H and gradual good in 3, 6H.

4) Natural malefics (weak (symbol), malefic associated (symbol) and (symbol)) do bad to houses with which they are associated and do good to their Karkattwas (significations) when in good houses i.e. 2,11H, Kendra, Tikona and bad to their Karkattwas when in 8,12H and gradual good in 3, 6H.

XIII Judgement of horoscope – other points for considerations:
1) A horoscope with planets in visible half (7H to 12H) is stronger and gives more auspicious results than planets in invisible half (Lagna to 6H).

2) Separative planets: (symbol) 12 and dispositor of 12L are separative planets and their influence causes separation.

3) Directional strength: (symbol) & (symbol) in 10: (symbol) & (symbol) in 4H; (symbol) & (symbol) in Lagna and (symbol) in 7H acquire directional strength. They are weak in 7th from them. Also (symbol) & (symbol) loose much of their strength in 5H or 9H.

4) Well aspected LL and 8L in 6H or 12H give long life.

5) A planet owning two houses, when aspecting one of the houses owned by it also improves significations of the other house.

6) Interpretation from moola-trikona (MT) sign:
(i) A planet ill placed from its MT sign is adverse for the house even if it is OH. E.g. (symbol) in Scorpio for Aries Lagna does not give yoga for 8H significations.
(ii) If the MT sign of a planet falls in good house (2/11H or in Kendra/Tikona) and the planet is in good house counted from MT sign, it gives good result. If MT sign is in bad house (3/6/8/12H) and the planet falls in good house from MT, it gives bad results, but if the planet is placed in bad house it will give good results. For example – Sagittarius Lagna,  (symbol) in 5H give excellent result as it is badly placed


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