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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - III, Signatures of Planet


i.e. 3H from its MT sign in 3H from Lagna.

7 Conveyances:

(i) Personal: from 4H/4L, (symbol) & (symbol) and 10H/10L.

(ii) Commercial: from 3H/3L.

8 It is generally observed that when 5H house is strong than 10H affairs suffer and vice versa. If 4H is strong than 12H affairs suffer and vice versa.

9 Any house or planet connected to LL becomes strong.

10 Aspect of any planet on its OH is always benefic.

11 A house hemmed between two malefics (Papakartari) or malefics in 5/9H or 4/8H from any house destroy significations of the house. The principle also holds when these reckoning is made from house Karaka.

12 A planets maleficence or beneficence also depends upon whether its dispositor in malefic or benefic.

1 Parameters:

(i) House (Bhava)

(ii) Bhava Lord

(iii) Dispositor of Bhava Lord

(iv) Bhava Karaka:

(v) Planets posited or aspecting.

(vi) Nakshatra Lord of Bhava Lord/Karaka.

(vii) Bhava Karaka in own Bhava affects person represented by the Bhava and not other significations.

(viii) Navamsha & Nav. Lord of concerned planets whether Vargottama & see its Navamsha placement.

II Steps:

1) Analyze from Lagna, (symbol) Lagna, D9 & related varga.

2) Study PAC of Bhava in Bhava Chart.

3) Study Bhava Karaka – natural significations.

4) Bhava, its Lord & Karka are strong:

(i) In benefic sign, aspected by/conj. With strong benefic, its lord, friendly planets.

(ii) Subject to shubhkrtari.

(iii) Benefic planets in 4, 8 & 12th from Bhava.

(iv) Benefic planets in 5th/9th from Bhava.

(v) Association conj./aspect of LL.

(vi) Placement of Lord of Bhava in Kendra/Tikona & not in 3,6,8,12th from it.

5) Yoga from Rasi Chart.

III Signature of Planet:

1) Influences of strongest planet are Signature of Planet.

2) Portray the characteristics of that planet most strongly in their mental temperament.

3) Planets having chief influence:

(i) Planet in Lagna/10H

(ii) LL/10L

(iii) Strongest Planet in chart (when LL//10L weak).

IV Auspicious fructification:

1) When a planet is:

(ii) Strong: Exalted, OH, FH

(i) Benefic:

(ii) Association, aspect, ownership.


(iii) Well placed:

(iv) Kendra/Tikona, 2/11H, benefic Vargas.

2 In Dasha/AD result will pertain to:

(i) Karkattwas of planets

(ii) Sign & house owned

(iii) Planets position in a sign & house

V Timing of fructification:

1) Fructification during Mahadasha according to standing in the Rasi/Navamsha chart.

2) AD Lord will have real say during his AD according to his position in the chart/Navamsha.

3) Antardasha effects:

(i) It DL is good and:

i) ADL is also good than good effects of both if they are related: i.w. when:

(i Mutual exchange,

(ii Conj./mutual aspect

(iii Mutual Kendra/Tikona.

ii) If ADL not related to DL only DL’s effects would be felt.

iii) Bad ADL related modifies DL’s effects.

iv) Bad ADL not related to DL only good of DL with traces of evil.

(ii) DL in the house owned by ADL becomes his tenant & its traits get changed according to ADL’s nature.

VI Effects of planets as Dl/ADL:

Strong, benefic and well placed – (symbol): Birth of children, power, authority, fame, favor from elder/Govt., success in ventures, good health.

Weak & malefic – Health problem, bilious, heart disease, eye, skin trouble. Loss of wealth/reputation, imprisonment, ill father, quarrel.

Strong, benefic and well placed - (symbol): Tranquility of mind, success comforts, child birth, marriage, gain from lands, building, Govt.

Weak & malefic – Sleeping disease, drowsiness, anxiety, diarrhea, jaundice, anemia, blood impurity, danger to mother, loss of property & loss through female.

Strong, benefic and well placed –  (symbol): Success in litigation; defeat of enemies, birth/prosperity to brother, and gain from land/mineral.

Weak & malefic – Failure in litigation & ventures, quarrels, brothers illness, property dispute, accidents, bilious, blood impurity, fever, BP, eye defect, appendicitis, throat problem etc.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): Fame, education, knowledge, honor in sports, business gains, astrology, astronomy and maths.

Weak & malefic – Skin, anemia, mental, neurosis disorder, quarrel with friends, education failure, business loss, maternal death.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): Increase in wealth, expansion in activity, name, fame, respect, promotion, birth of child, vehicle, marriage, and knowledge.

Weak & malefic – Loss of children, scandals, failures, intestine disorders, appendicitis, fainting, ear trouble, liver, diabetes, cancer etc.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): Marriage, conjugal harmony, birth of daughters, luxury, comfort, conveyance, honor success wealth.

Weak & malefic  Ill health, death of wife, immoral, loss of vitality, venereal, kidney, urinary, eye diseases.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): High position, authority influence over masses, gain through servant, and gains from land/agriculture/cattle business.

Weak & malefic  Ill health (chronic), death of elderly, trouble from servants, losses, rheumatic complaints, colic, debility, injury ill health to wife/infant.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): Wealth, gain, success prosperity, promotion, respect, diplomatic/political assignment, pilgrimate

Weak & malefic – Loss of wealth, wandering, quarrels, ill health, contagious disease, death in family.

Strong, benefic and well placed (symbol): Gain, gains through evil actions, well-being, prosperity, Moksa if death in (symbol)’s dasha.

Weak & malefic – Losses, ill health, disgrace, imprisonment, thieves, leprosy, chronic/incurable disease.

Note: A strong position of LL of D-Chart & Significators (i.e., Bhava Lord & Bhava Karaka of D1) in concerned D-Chart with favorable D/AD & helpful transit bestow fructification of Bhava of Rashi Chart provided it is not weak in Rashi.


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