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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Unknown: He suffers from eye diseases, lives till middle age, his father dies, the person suffers from urinary infections, has few sons, has gastric disorders, has a happy marriage, and will die by the sword. If Mars is auspicious, the person will be healthy, long lived and have a harmonious life at home. If it is malefic the person is in great pain due to urinary infection. If Mars is strong, then the person lives long.

My Thoughts: Barring Baidhyanath all astrologers have ascribed only malefic traits to Mars in the Eighth House. These apply only to masculine signs. The ones mentioned by Baidhyanath apply to feminine signs. Though Kashyap has listed twelve types of death none seem particularly significant to me. The matter of death and how it comes are dealt with at length in my book on Saturn.

My Experience: If Mars is in a masculine sign, the man’s wife or servants tend to publicise domestic matters to the neighbourhood. After marriage his father in law is poverty stricken. The man is a debauch. His face is pock marked. Many astrologers have dealt with the issue of children here, possibly because it is in the fifth place from the spaces reserved for the father and the mother. Ordinarily the Eighth House has nothing to do with children. There many be many children if Cancer is in a feminine sign, or Scorpio or Pisces dominate the Eighth House. If it is in a masculine sign there are next to no children. In Taurus and Virgo there are few children and none in Capricorn. Since this is also the House of Wealth for the man’s wife so she is poor. This makes it very difficult for the husband to manage finances. But Mars in a feminine sign brings him great luck. He gets a wife who is an excellent speaker and loves him a lot. But this happiness does not last long. With Mars in this position the person can be an officer who does not get caught despite taking many bribes. The person has a habit of eating like a glutton till the age of 30. In later life he suffers from Malaria, anaemia, impotence, blood pressure etc. He dies in peace. In Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces the person practices yoga. In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius ascendants he is a politician. But long life is not a correct prediction for Mars in the Eighth House this occurs only if its links to the Sun and Moon are flawed. In this placement of Mars the person has a strong desire for sex at 4 in the afternoon.

Mars in the Ninth House

Acharya: Dharmeshdhavaan. He is a sinner.

Gunakar: Dharmesampativaan. He is wealthy.

Kalyanavarma: Akushalakarmaa dweshyaha praanivadhaparo bhavennavamasansthe. Ddharmarahitostipapo narendrakritagauravo rudhire. He does not excel and this angers people. He is destructive, violent, unreligious and sinful but still gets prestige from the king.

Parashar: Parabhavmanartha cha dharma paparoochikriya. He is defeated by people and commits acts of destruction and devastation.

Baidhyanath: Bhoosunau yadi pitranishtha samhita khyaataha shubhasthaanage. The father is indecisive. The man gets prestige.

Garg: Kuje raktapatanaam hi bhavetpaasupaji vrittihi. Bhaagyaheenashch satatam naraha punyagriham gate. His unfortunate has a love for murder and corpses.

Aryagranth: Navamabhavanasansthe Ksheniputrestirogi nayanakarasheereeraihi pingalaha sarvadaiva. Bahujanaparipurno bhagyaheenaha kuchailo vikalajanasuveshi sheelavidhyaanuraktaha. He is very diseased, his eyes and body are reddish yellow, he is always surrounded by people. He is unfortunate. His clothes are shabby. He is talented but suffers many different ailments.

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