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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 19


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Kashyap: The person dies in the following manner in Aries – battle, caught stealing cows, suicide, murdered by enemies, stung by a cobra, trapped under a falling boulder, betrayal by a woman, drowning in a well, trapped under a collapsing wall, of sexually transmitted disease, by poisoning, attacked by thieves.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Vaikalyam syatretrayordurbhagtvam raktata peedaa neechakarma pravrittihi. Budhoraandhyam sajjanaanaam ch ninda ranghrasthaane medineenandanashrachet. Bad eye sight, ugly face, blood disorders, tendency to wickednesss, blind faith, tends to insult friends and suffers losses at the age of 32.

Kashinath: Rudhirartho gatanishchayaha kudhirvidayo nindhyatamaha kujesashta me. He has blood disorders, dysentery, is indecisive, has had thoughts, is unkind and insulting.

Jaageshwar: Shareeram krisham kim shubham tasyam kosher param swasya vargo bhavechcha trutulyaha. Prayaase krite naashamaayaati kaamo yadaa mrityugo bhoomijo valvilagnehe. His body is lean and he is poor. His own people become enemies and despite repeated attempts he does not succeed in any manner. He remains unmarried.

Mantreshwara: Kritanurdhanosalpayuhu chi dre kuje jananinditaha. Baby body, poor, long life and shamed.

Punjaraj and Ram Dayal: Their predictions are not clear.

Aryagranth: Pralayabhuvanasansthe mangale ksheenaneeche vrijjati nidhanabhaavam neeramadhye manushyaha. Shanakanakacharaarkaha servadaa chaiva bhogi karapadagasunilo mrityulokam prayaati. He gets wealth, gold and silver in abundance. He dies of gangrene in his hands and legs caused by leprosy. If Mars is malefic the person may drown to death.

Vasishtha: Sarve graham dinakarapramukha nitaantam mrityusthithaa vidadhate kila dushta budhita. Shastraabhidhaataparipeedi tagaatrabhaagam. Saukhyairviheenamatirogagarna roopetmaa. His mind is evil, he suffers from injuries caused by weapons, is unhappy and diseased.

Narayanabhatt: Shubhastasya kim khecharaahaa kuryaranye vidhaanespi chedashta me bhoomisunaha. Sukha kim shatryute satkritospi prayatne krite bhooyate chopasarge. If Mars is alone in the Eighth House then other auspicious influences in other houses are rendered useless. His friends become enemies and no matter what he does the result is only devastation.

Gopal Ratnakar: He has few sons. He suffers from eye diseases and lives only till middle age. His father and paternal grandfather suffer. His maternal uncle dies and the person visits prostitutes.

Gholap: He is unreligious, insulting, and suffers from ailments of the vatha system. He is a fool, coward, ill mannered, one who cannot feed his wife and children. He is a sinner, lean, spendthrift, suffers from blood disorders and eye infections. He is afraid of his enemies.

Hillajaatak: Panchavisho tathaa varshe mrityukartaashta maha kujaha. He dies at the age of 25.

Yavanmath: He is diseased, harassed by his wife, anxious, injured by weapons. He is a good examiner.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He does not benefit from marriage. If the Sun and the Moon are in a malefic combination the person dies suddenly. If Mars is alone in this place, the death is not early. He could be shot dead. If it is in a water sign he could drown, and if it is a fire sign he could be burnt alive. If Mars is in an air sign he could die of psychiatric ailments. Good luck comes only if Mars is an earth sign.

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