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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 21


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Jayadeva: Seemayuto bhoopatimaanayuktaha sasvo vidharmo navame dharaaje. He has respectable strength, is revered by the king, wealthy but unreligious.

Jaageshwar: Sabhaume vishaadhyagripeedaa. Kusheelaha kuleelaha param bhagyaheenaha pade raktarogi krishaha kroorakarmaa. Prataapi tapejjamakaale yadi syaanmaheeje yadapunyabhaavam prayaataha. He suffers from poison and fire. He is debauched, ill mannered, unfortunate, cruel, victorious, lean and one whose feet are infected with blood disorders.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Hinsavidhaane manasaha pravrittirdharaapate gauravatosapilabdhihi. Ksheenam cha punya dravinam naraanaam punyasthithaha kshonisutaha karoti. He is violent, respected by the king, does not do good deeds, and has no wealth. At the age of 27 his good luck begins.

Kashinath: Dharmasthe dharaniputre kukarmaa gatapaurushuaha. Neechaanuraagikroorashcha sankashtashcha prajaayate. He is cruel, wicked, impotent, one who keeps the company of lowly people, and suffers a lot.

Mantreshwara: Nripasuhridapi dweshyostaataha shubhe janaghaatakaha. He is the King’s friend but people hate him. He loses his father and hurts people.

Punjaraj: Aarau bhraatrinaashapradau sthaha. Dwabhyaam heenaha. Two brothers die.

Ram Dayal: Auresagnyaadivishaarditaha sasahajaha. He suffers from fire and poison but has many friends.

Vasishtha: Dharmasthithaa bhoomiputraahaa kurvanti dharmarahitam vimatim kusheelam. He is unreligious, stupid and ill mannered.

Gopal Ratnakar: His father’s happiness is destroyed. He has to work for a living. He is cruel and travels in a boat to execute his trade.

Gholap: He is authoritative, a poet and has no enemies.

Hillajaatak: Bhoosuto navamagashrachaturdashe vatsare dishaati taatanaashnam. At the age of 14 his father dies.

Yavanmath: Respected by the king, famous, one who sleeps with other men’s wives, fortunate and one who lives happily in his village.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He is harsh, ambitious, a liar, a traveler, suspicious, one who is harmed by his wife’s relatives, has marginal faith in religion. Is skeptical about spiritual matters. If Mars is malefic the person is arrogant and has no control over his mind. In a fire sign he is generous. In earth or water signs, the person has a slightly good nature. If Mars is in the Ninth House in an air sign the person is a habitual law breaker.

Unknown: His father dies early. He is unfortunate. If Mars is auspicious then the person will have an extra marital affair with his teacher’s wife. His good fortune only begins in a foreign land. If Mars is auspicious the person does good deeds and he can rule. Here is an example of a person whose good luck started once he went abroad.

Date of Birth 12-6-1896 at 9 a.m.


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