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The Navgrah Mantra

Navgrah Mantra is a combined Mantra for all the nine planets. This is an extremely useful & beneficial Mantra, since it’s recital, on the one hand, strengthens benefic planets and increases their positive influences and on the other, propitiates malefic planets which not only reduces their malefic affects but also start blessing with their benefic effects., instead Navgrah Mantra is recommended for all, particularly those whose benefic planets (mitra grahas) are weak and therefore unable to deliver. The malefic planets in their case are quite potent to do maximum damage. Navgrah Mantra should be recited life-long to ensure that one always gets optimum benefits from all the planets.

Fruits, honey and spiced rice of various kinds are offered during pooja. The mantra for recital is:-

Om Suryaye namah| Chanderaae namah| Budhaye namah| Bhomaae namah| Brahaspatiaae namah| Shukeraae namah| sanieaae namah| rahuaae namah| ketuaae namah| navgrarahaee namah||

||Navgrah Shanti Mantra||

Om Brahma Murari Tripurantkari bhanu shashi bhumisuto budascha|
Guruscha shukro shani rahu ketva sarvegraha santkara bhavantu||

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