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Learn Vedic Astrology - Advance Level - Muhurtaas


Vedic Astrology – Muhurtas

I Nakshatra classification and muhurta:

Nak. Group 1. Dhruva (Fixed ) Sunday
Nakshatr as – Rohini, U. Pha, U. Bha, U. Ash
Use – Good for works of fixed nature – foundation laying, digging well, house building, upnayana, agriculture, starting service. Also all acts of Mridu nak.

Nak. Group – 2. Chara (Moveable) Monday
Nakshatr as – Swa, Pun, Sra, Dha, Sha
Use – For changeable activities – riding a vehicle, horse, journey. Also all acts of Laghu Nak.

Nak. Group  3 Ugra (Aggressive or Kroora) Tuesday
Nakshatr as – Bha, Mag, P. Pha, P. Ash, P. Bha
Use – Aggressive activities like killing, cheating, fire, theft,  poisoning, sale or purchase of arms, surgical operation etc. Also all acts of Tikshana Nak.

Nak. Group  - 4 Mishra (Mixed) Wednesday
Nakshatr as – Vis, Kri
Use – Good for fire works, welding, melting, gas works, fabrication, Agnihotra, preparing medicine etc.

Nak. Group  5. Kashipra or Laghu (Short or Dynamic) Thursday
Nakshatr as  - Ash, Pus, Has, Abh
Use  - Suitable for construction, starting a shop, selling, sex, starting education, making or wearing jewellery, fine arts. Also all acts of Chara Nak.

Nak. Group – 6 Mridu (Gentle or friendly)
Nakshatr as – Mri, chi, Anu, Rev
Use – Singing, learning music, making or wearing cloths, playing games, making friends, making or wearing ornaments. Also all acts of Dhruva Nak.

Nak. Group  7 Tikshana (Ferocious & biter) Saturday)
Nakshatr as – Ard, Ashl, Jye, Moola
Use  - Good for starting tantric acts, (to harm others), killing, black magic, aggressive deeds, train and control of animals,, violence and sacrifice directed towards self (Hatha yoga).

II Nakshatra Triads form Birth Nakshatras: 3rd, 5th, 7th Nak from birth Nak are avoided in all auspicious occasions (Nak. Shuddhi).

1 Janam Nak is avoided in marriage of first born, conception, journeys. First Triad is particularly malefic. It is benefic for upnayana, marriage of boy or girl (not being first born), mundane, coronation ceremony.

2 If it is necessary to carry work in 3rd, 5th, 7th Nak from birth Nak (Malefic Tara) give following donations:
(i) Vipat: Gur
(ii) Pratyari: Salt
((iii) Vadha: Gold
(iv) Janam Tara: Vegetables

III Birth Nakshatra and Paya: Paya is according to birth nakshatra as follows:
S. No. - 1
Paya or Pad – Silver (Rajat Pad or Paya)
Birth Nak – 12 Nak from Ardra
Result - Best

S. No. - 2
Paya or Pad – Copper (Tamra Pad or Paya)
Birth Nak – 9 Nak from Jyestha
Result – Good

S. No. - 3
Paya or Pad – Gold (Swarna Pad or Paya)
Birth Nak – 3 Nak from Revati
Result - Medium

S. No. - 4
Paya or Pad – Iron (Loha Pad or paya)
Birth Nak – 3 Nak from Krittika
Result  Bad

IV Panchak: When Moon transits Aquarius and Pisces (2nd half of Dhanishta to Revati nak) it is called Panchak. It is avoided for cremation, traveling to south direction, weaving cots, accumulating woods, grass and thatching of roof.

1) If any body is cremated in Panchaka - ``Panchak Shanti’’ be done properly, otherwise it leads to five deaths in the same family. Alternatively may be there are five bad incidents in the same family. To ward off the panchak evil cremation is done with five Putlas (Pindas symbolizing the Putlas or five male or female figures).

2 Baana: It is also a Panchak but it is based on  (symbol)’s longitude. There are five types or Baana or Panchak as follows:

V Bhadra: When Vishti Karan prevails it is Bhadra period. Bhadra will be there in 1st half of 8, 15, 22, 29th and 2nd half of 4, 11, 18, 25th Tithis in a Lunar month.

1) Bhadra Niwas: Bhadra resides in various Lokas as per (symbol)’s sign as follows:
(i) (symbol) in 1, 2, 3, 8 signs: Heaven
(ii) (symbol) in 4, 5, 11, 12 signs: Earth
(iii) (symbol) in 6, 7, 9, 10 signs: Patal.

2) Bhadra is inauspicious in Loka where it resides. Therefore it is adverse when (symbol) is in 4, 5, 11 or 12 sign.

3) Auspiciousness of Bhadra: It is auspicious for Jaat Karma, barter transaction, cooking, Yagna, presenting something to the King, Propitiation of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Hari Talika Poojan and Holika.

VI Auspicious Tithi, Vaar and Nakshatra Yoga:

1) Ravi Yoga: When (symbol)’s Nak is 4, 6, 9, 10, 13 or 20th from (symbol)’s Nak it is Ravi Yoga. It is benefic and has power to destroy all malefic effects.

2) Amrit Siddhi Yoga: It is a Tithi – Nakshatra Yoga. Events started during this Yoga are completed without obstruction. Following combination give Amrit Siddhi Yoga:

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